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DFRPG / Can Stunts affect Magic?
« on: March 15, 2011, 11:43:53 PM »
So I have been thinking can Mortal stunts effect magic cast. The reason this has come up was fro
 Two of my players who are focused practioners.

One is a Pictomancer and the other a pyromancer.

Here are the questions

Pictomancer: can I use crafting (for magic paintings) instead of lore, so functions like a trapping change.
Pyromancer: can I use a stunt like "angry youth" to power attacks but only when my anger is fueling my pyromancy attack (power)

What do people think ?

DFRPG / Re: City Creation - Miami
« on: December 06, 2010, 04:00:06 PM »
Hi Buscadera,

That is truely awesome.....

I will (if its ok) GMs writes to nick awesome Ideas from a fellow GM  ;D

One thing I would like some advise on is some basic geography/history. Obviously I have been doing some research on Miami but what do/how do locals divide up areas in Miami, want to make it easy for my group whos images of Miami are TV and Film inspired.

Also I have been looking at some of the history that could make awesome locations and the ones that have immediatly found interesting are, the bermuda triangle, the coral castle (moved the same way as the pyrimids by one man!!!) Stiltville (houses on stilits in the bay I believe, now a national park) and a Myan stone circle found under a development sight (ohh and alsa I read some where that they had been building in Miami along ley lines for good fortune!!)

could you give me advise (especially on the geography and how you as a local would define areas of Miami)

Thank you again for the cheat sheet its awesome , also and this is the final question for now, is the Mayor the real mayor of Miami???

Cheers again

DFRPG / City Creation - Miami
« on: December 06, 2010, 02:37:33 PM »
So looking for some help from people who live and know Miami Better than I as a Brit would :)

The reason we are using Miami is because we have other UK locations for our other RPG games, and have had previous games based in those locations that would be hard to displace.

A Restless City

The Point (Point of the bermuda triangle) where the Supernatural and Mundane Meet.

A city under seige from all sides.

OK logic behind these.
The restless city is a reference to both the restlesss spirits (the dead and Loa, and other spirits)

With a little creative lisence the city is a point on the bermuda triangle, making the boarder between this world and the nevernever thin and liable frothings to pop through .

Finally a city under siege, this represents the natrual the city stuck on a thin strip of land between the evergaldes and the sea, the influxing immigration population, the spirits of the loa and other creatures (
(click to show/hide)
Andyway any thoughts. or guidence would be appreciated

DFRPG / Re: Items adding aspects
« on: December 02, 2010, 11:42:43 AM »
Actually I have a question for the more knowledgeble and wiser wizards on the forum  ;D

I was thinking of something that would have a similar effect for my character.

In this case a Ghost Cloak/Phantom Shroud (he is an Ectomancer)

Anyway I wanted (much like boots as nibble as a mountain goat) for the effect to get out the way, which I was going to use a block effect for, but also and again this would apply to the boots and why I thought the question fitting, I wanted to be able to use the same item to have a movement effect for zones and borders, in the case of the boots I would see this as being able to run quick and maneuver on small ledges with mighty leaps (in the case of my cloak it would be walking through solid objects etc), my question is can you dual effect one enchanted item, or can you have an either or like effect on an item to represent something that is slightly more versitil?

DFRPG / How to build a Grimoire or Magical Codex
« on: December 02, 2010, 10:24:53 AM »

Ok I have been trying to get my head arouind something and can't.

Have looked through the books (alot) and need an answer for, can I build a IoP that is both a focus and a bonus to a skill, or allows for adding maneuvers, not supernatrual powers

The reason being is the item needs to be really flexible but will have no inherent powers of its own, none, squat, nada.

However as a Grimoire/or Magical Codex it will allow the character to add to his checks by using the Item for help within certain frames of reference (in this case the Dead)

The Characters Aspect is: Keeper of the Book of Last Requests, and basically he makes deals for the dead to interact on there behalf on the mortal plane. However if he ever needs a favour returned he can go back to one of the deals he or his family have made in the past an claim on it. (note as an aspect as well the player can be compelled to pay up on deals his family have made in the past for gain with no payment)

Any help would be appreciated as I have hit a mental brick wall for good ways to reflect this and it will be an intrinsic part of the character so want it to feel right

(note he is a focused practioner (ectomancer), with dead speak, from a long family of "mediums" back to the victorian age when the book was created)

DFRPG / Re: Licensing question in regards to "Quickstart" Rules
« on: July 13, 2010, 08:22:55 PM »
Acually this would be brilliant does anyone know if a quick start type guide for players exisits out there,

to get heads around aspects, skill ladder, fate points, actions, declerations, maneuvars etc

this would be really really hand (ignoring, supernatrual powers and stunts and magic)

Ok want to expand this example a little, as have an email conversation to one of my potential players and he has a fair and interesting question of what happens next from the example.

So his character reaches the little girl and the thug has been able to get her.

He then wants to do the following shoot the steam pipe next to the thug to tag the manuever blinded. all seems fair so far. he then tags it for free to dodge the stumbling thug with little girl in his arms (-1 as might is lower than athletics), in the next turn can he tag blinded a second time (would not work if only a fragile aspect right?) to allow him to do a stealth/athletics role to slip into the shadows to escape the thug?

Ahhh someone else who worships at the temple of beer (hummm i wonder is a beeromancer possible :) )

Ok sorry just thought of something else, is an aspect sticky/fragile which ever, compellable.

For example if you sticky and aspect of on fire onto oil drums could you compel to explode?

My god you people know your stuff... If only my GM brain worked a little faster, curse the fact it has been pickled by beer......

Ok one more and I am pretty sure that I understand this.

A character decides to hurrle himself in front of a small girl to save her from evil villians and opens up with gunfire to creat a blocking action.....he also needs to reach her one zone over.

Would this count as a guns manuever with a -1 for supplemental moving 1 zone, and the little girl could then use the block action to increase her chances of defense from being grappled by the villian.

I think I am begining to get this....

What would I do without you wonderful people  ;D

excellent, can someone point me to the team work roles, I appear to have missed that in my reading d'oh  :-[

OK then here is my follow up question, and thank you for the previous answer papa gruff :)

Situational modifiers.

Lets just say that my group is fighting a group of black Templars that are in full plate armour. How would you work the fact that the suit of armour is slow and clumbersome.

Is it an Aspect of the Armour do players make a decleration that the helmet restricts vision. How does that work as a reaccuring fact. eg one player declares that said knights helmet restricts his vision to help his sneak past the knight. Another player wants to do the same. Can they both declare the same aspect? or does the second player have to tag (which seems a little unfair) and spend a fate point. Is there such a thing as a continous situational, or free taggable aspect.

Does that make sense?

ye gods I am dumb....  ;)

Of course so they will keep getting over his stress trake forcing another consequence which can be free tagged....

I now believe I begin to understnad where i am going wrong.

On a slightly different tangent. But still rules based. I have a group of all mortals who hunt creatures of a supernatrual nature.....(Think "if you can find them....")

Anyway Crafting allows you to build items of quality for example, but can you use craft to build items for effect as you do for magic crafting as long as it is within reason.

examples could be:

A grenade pack that lets of light (effectivly fufilling the Catch of Vamps/think blade)
A drug cocktail that acts like Harrys coffee potion
Memo armour suit that is flexible but has better armour rating, like Harrys Duster (Batman suit)

basicly can I make potions and enchanted items that are not magical in nature but would level the playoing field of mortals.

A could cannon example would be Kincaids Pig sticker....

DFRPG / Re: Fate 3.0 Rules Questions Negative spin and Consequences
« on: July 12, 2010, 10:13:48 PM »
Thank you for your help deadman  :)

so just taking one more quick pass at this. could I make an NPC decleration, assesment that the gun is jammed, forceing the player to do a manuever (gun skill check to remove the offending round) to clear the gun for firing. Would this also be the way I could assess/declare out of ammo on a player, or a player on an NPC? (something like counting the rounds).

For the ribs thing would you then say that the fee tag they get in combat first time is enough. Lets just say for example that my player has created the ultimate toughness meat head and has inhuman toughness and is waring armour (i know this is getting extreme but just trying to make a point) and the gang of NPCs want to make the most of kicking the snot out of the player. They get a free tag for the next atack from one mook. But as low level NPCs they don't get fate points so how does the fact that the player has craked ribs/broken spine/benfit them in combat surely it must?

I can't believe if the player has been really kicked in that he has taken the consequence that after the next shot he can defend himself normally. or would you compel him not to defend hmself because of the pain, or would you recommend he conceeds, or some other variatin, just need a veiw point on what to do.

DFRPG / Re: Fate 3.0 Rules Questions Negative spin and Consequences
« on: July 12, 2010, 09:54:47 PM »
Ok, I understand the concept of faulty equipment having that tag, if i was from a failed role to find said equipment or haggle for it. How ever what about a gun jamming type senario. or a weapon malfunction. Like a flame thrower. How do you tag/aspect/compel for that.

Again I completely get the whole concept of leg type injury lowering zone movment. Or a Arm injury raising the difficulty for a might check. But in regard to the crack ribs, thats going to hurt like hell and lets say our goons attacking do not have any fate points to compel against the player for +2, does that mean the player gets off scott free. as in yep i have craked ribs but theres no penelties for mean even hough he has just taken it as a serious consequence!!!!!

DFRPG / Re: Fate 3.0 Rules Questions Negative spin and Consequences
« on: July 12, 2010, 09:42:40 PM »
Ok then my brain is suffering.

and maybe its because i am trying to learn fate so i can teach my players.

How would a FATE GM who actually knows the system deal with things like faulty equipment, would you even be in that position.

How do things like compels work on an injured player, eg i have broken ribs and still the player wants to fight, what do i do compel him for a minus to his dice pool, i don't feel thats in the spirit of the game. So would i compel him to lie there groaning in pain. i need some help here as i think i am not understanding the system properly.

i have read all the examples but obviously still don't get it.....

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