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DF Reference Collection / Re: mythological figures we'd like to see
« on: January 08, 2013, 01:43:42 PM »
Ok, I'd like to see The Curupira (but a more original version not the current "good guy" one), he probally fit well as a more darker member of summer...

I doubt anyone will know who this one knows without googling..

DF Reference Collection / Re: mythological figures we'd like to see
« on: January 08, 2013, 12:28:32 PM »

Don't feed the duck!

The number of theories and long post alredy eat too much of my time for you to motivate her.

If Love Hurt didn't happen after Turn Coat, I'd say Peabody was the perfect suspect..

Now, I'm not sure about Elaine, but I think she is on the level, she came really close to die on WN fighting against an outsider plan..
As for Luccio, I think the Gatekeeper took the oportunity to give her a good scam after the events on TC.

DF Reference Collection / Re: A Badelynge of Quackiness, Part Two
« on: December 14, 2012, 06:31:05 PM »
but everyone understands this thing:


Baradur colapsing?

DF Reference Collection / Re: A Badelynge of Quackiness, Part Two
« on: December 14, 2012, 03:44:12 PM »
Ms. Duck and Knnn. I have no idea of phisics like you guys doing, but I got something your not considerating, that might or not affect your calculation.

Mab was there since december, so she was there since high winter, wouldn't it cost her less energy to maintain the low temperature it was alredy present during winter, than to "cool down" the temperature on may?

DF Reference Collection / Re: A Badelynge of Quackiness, Part Two
« on: December 13, 2012, 07:07:54 PM »
Um, Mab is the winter Queen. One would think that messing with winter/cold is a natural part of her and her court.  Such affinity to it gives credit to the idea that it has a facility when dealing with cold. In another words, it probally takes Mab a lot less power to get snow in Chicago in May that we puny mortals would need with technology or even a regular bunch of wizards who dosen't have this affinity. 

I just think that there is no evidence that it is costy for Mab to mess with the weather. For her it could be pretty easy and effortless. And her apparance at the end of GS is more for oposing Summer who wanted her out of there than for making it snow.

DF Reference Collection / Re: [CD spoilers] Proven Guilty
« on: December 13, 2012, 03:43:49 PM »
About the Eldest Fetch: he made Harry attack the well. So his loyalty depends on Mab's intention: did she wanted Harry to pour summer fire in the Winter well? If yes, then Eldest was a loyal minion. If no, then he was an infected traitor working for Nemesis.

I find entirely plausible that Mab wanted Harry to hit the winter well, so his power over outsider magic would weaken nemesis hold on Lea, allowing Mab the chance she need to heal her, or just to speed things up. She just didn't plan for him to use Summer Fire.

One point: i wouldnt trust what Mab says about why she took Molly, if i were you. man was being elusive again. shes very good at not quite answering the question you ask.

the idea that Mab took up Molly because Harry trusted her has a major hole- Mab started the operation before Harry trusted her. ergo, shes either not telling the entire truth or she can see the future.

I think Mab have many plans going at the same time. That she saw potential on Molly, or just noticed Sandra Marling (BC/Nemesis) interest on her and wanted to know twart them and to know why they were interested in the first place. So she strikes to bunnies with one stone in kidnapping Molly, get to check her and bring Harry to Artic Tor.

DF Reference Collection / Re: [CD spoilers] Corruption WAG
« on: November 29, 2012, 03:48:21 PM »
I liked the WaG, especially the 7 law and merlin, and if you think that it was an artifact used by a mortal (Morgan Le'Fay) that corrupted the Lea and Maeve it gives even more strengh to this idea. We only got learn what corrupted Aurora..

DF Reference Collection / Re: The identity of the Mothers [CD spoilers]
« on: November 28, 2012, 09:45:07 AM »
We do have a WoJ that Mother summer once retired, and the current one is the replacement, so I'm not sure we need to find a third one, for the mother to be the fates..

Dosen't matter how many times I read this thread, I always find it awsome and the reference to a thomas/harry relationship hilarius.

A Wild Ass Guess (WAG) is an estimate that is based upon experience, similarity and 'windage' and does not have immediately verifiable data that could be used to substantiate the estimate.

1) Toot-toot will probally be one of the most present sidekick for Harry on the book, in the terms of helping hima round Faery and etc, together with Lea and Sith who should also give Harry some tips on how to act on Winter. But I think that for the blow everything moment, Harry will recruit some of his old friends. I'd say Thomas & Molly and Bob probally.


a. Butters. He might not be the first one to actually see Harry. But I think that there is a big chance that he figured out Harry is not dead. Especially if the info about a new WK reach him. And if Bob return to him or not.
b. Harry will quote Gandalf the White.
c. As an individual, I'd say Molly as a group/entity, The White Council.
d. Molly reaction will be the most touching, althougth if he reveals himself during a JLoC meeting Karrin's reaction should also be good, I think she would go in to shock.

3) The Winchester will probally his new "destruction toy" but I think we gona see that his mother ruby will prove much more usefull on general during CD.

4) Not sure who the immortal gona be, but he will be related to the Black Council and participated attack on Artic Tor. I'm thorned between Thorned (pun intended) and that imortal guru shapshifter from Ukraine

5) How to complete the quest Mab gave him. He will be faced between doing what she asked the easy way, giving her what she asked, and doing it his way, also acomplishing her objective. Ie: Prevent the groofs from bothering her Trolls on the border, easy way kill them, hard way negotiate some kind of deal and end with more obligations..

6) Harry will meet fix in a situation that will be obvius that Fix could kick Harry ass due ot his experience as SK and Harry relutance to hit a friend, but conflict will not happen at that moment, at least fully. Another conflict may rise later on the book or a next one where Harry will kick Fix ass.

7) We will lean the true, or most of it, about the attack on the artic tor and some of the BC objectives.

We will discover that the reason Mab emprisioned Lea is because she was possed by an outsider and that Mab orquestred many of the events on PG to bring Harry to the Artic Tor and hit Lea with his outsiderbanish on the fountain, weaking the entity giving Mab the advantage she needed to heal Lea. But she didn't forsee him using Summer Fire.

We will discover that it was Mab who fixed LC, probally filling up Lea obligation.


Harry will get punched by Murphy.
We will discover what Happened to the Bob/Evil Bob fight.
We will meet the Gruffs
Some new information about the Parasite will be revealed, Harry might realize that is Lash who is back but I think the realization is more likely on the next book.

On another subject, I should get extra credit for not having read the 2 CD sample chapters. I mean I'm on a disavantage here.

I find the suicides on Love Hurts really repulsive, especially the brother and sister one..

I mean, to have their mind/feeling tampered to belive something is good, to feel really good doing it, but on unaware level to know that is fundamentally wrong. I can't not imagine how low they would probally think of themselves for doing what they were forced to do, and even lower because they liked doing it. And not being aware that it is not their fault they are acting like that? That they aren't a terrible person.. 

And than the conflict inside their minds push them to suicide, and if they were christian, they would have died thinkign they were condemning their souls..

I don't think you can torture someone much more than that. Or of an act of evil much worse than that.

I think Linda Randal death on S.F and when Harry find Kim dead on F.M too strong moments.

Also Charmicael death on FM, and I find particulary strong, but short, Elaine betrayal on SK, I mean Harry wanted to trusth her so much and she sells him to Aurora outside the Mother cabins.

Molly trial is also one of the strongest moment on the series.

I'm not sure if it has been mentioned, but:

On Backup, Bob tells Thomas that the sorceres/witch didn't kill him because she wouldn't be able to hide the stench of black magic from Harry so soon after casting it. On SF, Morgan confront Harry at Sells lake house after Harry summons Toot, even grab his shoulders, and acuse Harry of killing two person (or it's people?) the night before. Had Harry really comitted such act, he would have the black magic feel on him, and Morgan should know such thing..

So there is a discrepancy, or one day is enough for the stench to go away, or Morgan dislike for Harry was so big he was disregarding evidence of Harry inocence?

I think the last option is unlike Morgan character, as shown at the end of the book. The way Harry describe Black magic foulness, I think it would last little more than a day. So I think it was something Jim hadn't decide so early in the series. 

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