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DF Reference Collection / Re: Re: Questions for Jim 2012 style 2
« on: July 19, 2012, 01:42:28 PM »
Reposting the questions of the old thread:

On Changes why Lea and the Eebs call Mouse a demon and Uriel call him little brother?

Does all Archangels purpose is to maintain free will, like Uriel. Or each one have one based on his title? Prince of Hosts, The Thrumpeter, Demonbiner and The Watchman (Uriel)?

I don't know if this is a discrepancy or I just missed something but the talk of weird counting made me think of it so I thought I would bring it up.

In Dead Beat, when Mort does the red ink trick to show where necromancy has been used around the city, Harry clearly lists out seven locations.  Then both Mort and Harry say "six" (Harry then concludes that there are six Necromancers in town which I didn't get either but probably is a side issue).  Why did both Mort and Harry say six when there when seven locations were just pointed out on the map?  As I said, I don't know if it is a discrepancy or if I am just missing something but if I am just missing something please tell me because it is bugging the heck out of me.

Don't remember right now, but one of the locations was the greaveyard wasn't it? That would be Mavra. It explains Harry saying six, but not Morty..

Here is a possibility.

SK: Elaine says that Justin got to her the day she stayed home sick from school, which she says is about 2 weeks before Justin sends "That Demon" (HWWB) after Harry.

(click to show/hide)

What do you all think?

I'd say that she stayed home sick at two ocasions. First as 2 weeks before HWWB, when she was really sick, and justin used this chance to enthrall her. And then 2 weeks after, when Justin was sure of his hold on her (she mentions in SK that after a time she stopped fighting), he had her pretend to be sick, so she could help him prepare Harry enthralling, once Harry is stronger and a lot more stuborn than Elaine, and this is when Harry come earlier.

Well, this is at least how, assuming that she is not lying, confused or someone time traveled to change it, I read this situation. It explains hwo she was not lying, and it works with Harry memory. Of course, she could also be evil and be lying to Harry.. I just don't think so personally.

DF Reference Collection / Re: Mouse's Origins
« on: June 15, 2012, 06:50:03 PM »
I think it is in context of the guarding of and promotion of goodness.  He is a minor spirit compared to Uriel, but both are in the same business, more or less.

I had the same line of thougth, both are guardians. So maybe the little brother, was in the brothers in arms meaning of brotherhood.

Just wanted to add on another point to the OP:

Consider that if the original Denarian plan was only to abduct Marcone, there was no reason for them to base themselves on Demonreach.  Any quiet, out-of-the-way place would suffice.  When Mab dangles Archive-shaped bait in front of them, they all of a sudden need to prepare a long-term holding cell for her -- a strong confluence of ley-lines. 

If one of Mab's goals is to introduce Harry to Demonreach, this is the perfect setup.  Under her original plan, once the Archive escapes being captured at the Shedd and has some fun playing with the Denarians, Ivy and Harry could go together to the island to free Marcone.  As things went down, it didn't quite work out that way, but everything still ended favorably.

By the way DR contested Mab hold over Harry in GS, I don't think she wanted them to meet. I like the idea of Harry screwing up and getting Ivy caught the the aquarium better.

Not everyone sees something wrong with the idea of being an immortal superhuman goatman. :P

Well, it's a crazy world...

Really interesting post Knnn. I got say I agree with it.

Just that the fake attack on Gard and Hendricks, they didn't sacrifice the denarian on purpose, I think Harry and Thomas surprised them with their competence.

The first are just the newer gruffs, those most recent from being Changelings.  They attacked Harry simply because Mab declared that she had chosen him as her emissary.

Recent changelings?? Really?? Someone would choose to become a goatman??

I used to be hurting for a Molly short story.
NOW... I Hunger for a Molly POV Trilogy;D

Well, it's a pitty GRRM is not our bitch..

Ducks and run for closest for nuclear bunker...

(Ok guys, it's only a joke, it's not an example of my view on readers/author relationship)

Many many years ago after I read the Lord of the Rings, I could never stand to read about tiny elves or fairies again. I have to thank Jim Butcher for giving them back to me.

Same with me.. Althougt I got used a little elves after reading the Artemis Fawl series when I was 16 or 17..

I think Jim just writes really compelling wizards. And medical examiners.

And pets..

Mister, Mouse and Toto kicks ass!

Are you talking about the last pic I just added?  I tried to direct-link to CMcG's page, but its flash or something.  I re-linked to PB, so it should be up now.  Just a regular pick, not edited.

Yep, it was the one we were talking, and it just looks like a young jack chan movie..

The ones you did were better.

Oceans: The ultimate defence against dwarves looking to chop you off at the knees.

Just find a cat and you will be safe, Shecky wouldnt dare to harm someone under the protection of our feline overlords..


True, I'm on the wrong continent for starters.

Just to make things clear, I'm not trying to antagonize you because you pulled Shecky ears on his tardiness, my whole idea was to make a joke on Shecky and his claim that he is a dwarf (whitch he even make jokes on himself, reason I do them too, but if you ever feel ofended Shecky just PM, and I'll stop right away). Thats why I used the cut him "short" and that it would be hard to cut him long ways..

Cenwolf got the joke..

I don't have the authority to give him two weeks off, sorry.
But you can forgive him his 2 days tardiness?

Noted, if I ever have to cut him I'll do it long ways.

I think you will find hard to do it..

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