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DF Reference Collection / Re: A Fallen scorned (GS spoilers)
« on: September 13, 2011, 08:30:49 PM »
I see no reason to suspect Uriel would tell Harry if he had more intervention planned.

Sorry neuro, but in your view of Uriel you see no reason for him to do anything and everything according to some master plan he hides from everyone because in true hes not such a nice guy...

I personally belive that since these Lasciel actions, would be all part of the final whispering with the objective of getting Harry suicide, and that Harry was the object of the cheating and such information would be important to Harry making a fully informed and free decision in the end of GS I feel Uriel as guardian of the mortals free will would feel comppelled to share it.

DF Reference Collection / Re: A Fallen scorned (GS spoilers)
« on: September 13, 2011, 07:51:33 PM »
Well the main problem I see with this theorie is that those actions were all Lasciel plan to prepare Harry for the suicide would allow Uriel more counter-balance than only the seven words.. And he speaks nothing of it...

Just a thought, but Tera was normally a wolf from what I gather, and if she gave birth to a human, it would make sense to me at least that like Harry with little Maggie she might try to put him somewhere he will be safe and insulated from her and MacFinns world.

So while I can't see her willingly abandoning her child, I can see her being forced into the situation.

Assuming she knew Macfin curse was hereditary it would have been pretty stupid of her... I still belive the run away, forced was more likely. Hey and just because we he never said it, it dosent mean he dosent know what he is/will become.

Yes, but he never said if it was relevant with his age, or if that was the moment his father died...

But it open one more theory that the first transformation is related with emotions of risk to ones life....

Well at least Jim has a lot of options..

Someone asked him that at DC and he said something about it being due for him in... bah can't remember exactly but he said that he thought it would get released in July.  He sounded very un sure though, like that's not his purview, he's just the creative type that spends all day eavesdropping on his imaginary friends and then writing down what they say.

LOL That must be a fantasy writers problem. Well July is not so far away... And there is a lot of releases in the middle. New Saxon Chronicles, New Gentleman Bastards, Memory of Light, probally a new Witcher book, + plus Fool Moon portuguese edition (witch will compell me to read all the other in english again after i finish it).

I think i can surive untill there.

Thx Serack.

I got say that Serack theory is really sound, but you can never be 100% sure on TDF. But I'll tie my boat with his in this one. Since he seens to be in Chicago for a while (Time enough to joing a gang and make some friends he care about, and beside he says something about the last 6 months got much worse.) the only things left unexplained is why no loup-garou rampage on full moon. But  there is a lot of possible explanations for that(age, wolf-descendence, own secret circle).

Well, will have to wait for the next book or maybe more untill this is comfirmed. By the way any WoJ on possible release date for CD?


Tera and Macfinn or whatever his name was offspring... cursed with the Loup Garou but part wolf anyway. Tera looked NAtive American right?

Tera is a wolf who learned to shapeshift in to human.

Emphasis added.

Those are weasel words.  Everything Chauncey says after them can totally legitimately be truthful reporting of legends Chauncey knows full well are a pack of lies.

Really interesting point.


The hint:  He's cursed.

P.S. Toe-mas took a flip video, and will be posting the entire signing on youtube asap.

Loup garou??

Well, that fact the Macfin died was something that was bothering me a lot, since it never said he had offspring.

"Chauncy smiled, a rather intimidating expression. "MacFinn is a member of an ancient family line from an island known as Ireland. His family has a notable history. Sometime in the murky past, legend would have it, the man known as Saint Patrick cursed his ancestor to become a ravening beast at every full moon. The curse came with two addenda. First, that it would be hereditary, passing down to someone new each and every generation. And second, that the cursed line of the family would never, ever die out, lasting until the end of days."

So it fits very well... Althougth Ill agree with who wasked why can he hear dead people??
And by the story on GS it seens he has been on Chicago for a while, where are the murders at full moon? Does he have a circle too?

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