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DF Spoilers / Re: WC vs Harry who will bend 1st
« on: October 27, 2021, 02:42:21 PM »
Eh, I don't know. While the US government is doing a snow job on the whole Chicago situation, Battle Grounds pretty aptly describes how the residents of the city know what went down, which includes the police. While I don't expect them to be very happy with Harry, it would make sense that he earned some respect with the rank and file at least. Of course Jim will make Harry's life as miserable as possible, but we are now in a situation where the whole "the mortals are not involved" situation is pretty much bust.

I'm really looking forward to the next novel, because it will be the breather which allows Jim to put the whole situation into context for us, before Harry has to hare off to the next big adventure, which I think is gods rasslin', not Mirror Mirror.

DF Spoilers / Re: DragonCon 2021 Starborn or Star Born?
« on: September 12, 2021, 01:29:11 PM »
Kinda amazed that nobody asked a single question about Murphy.

DF Spoilers / Re: Harry and his 6 Naglooshii bodyguards..
« on: July 29, 2021, 12:59:13 PM »
You can be pretty sure that, after the battle of Chicago, all wards will be changed to exclude Harry and ward specifically against him. The anti-Harry part of the White Council has to be pissing their pants by this point and preparing a secret hitman team to take Harry out. Hell, I think most of his allies on the White Council will be at least more than a bit concerned about what he'll do next.

DF Spoilers / Re: Maggie's Classmates?
« on: April 29, 2021, 01:16:39 PM »
Marcone's hot secret teenage son, of course.

DF Spoilers / Re: Maybe Murphy won't be a Einherjar
« on: April 11, 2021, 06:51:00 AM »
But as I said, she needs to rest. She needs to get her head on straight before she does anything else. If she doesn't, she is just going to be on the same self destructive path that she has been on.

To quote a wise guy, "That's just your opinion, man". I don't think she needs to rest as a character. As for her self destructive path, that had clearly been dealt with already between novels. She was in a pretty bad spot in Ghost Story, but much better in Cold Days and Skin Game. I would count her issues with the swords separate from her behavious in Ghost Story, because her character arc in that novel didn't revolve around the swords.

DF Spoilers / Re: Maybe Murphy won't be a Einherjar
« on: April 10, 2021, 10:33:28 PM »
Her coming back as a Valkyrie has been my hypothesis all along. People say "she can't even come back as an Einherjar as long as her memory hasn't faded from living memory", to which I say a.) the source of that quote is not exactly trustworthy, given whom her direct boss is and b.) rules in fiction exist to be broken, like the rules of magic, which Butcher already said that Harry would break them all at one point or another.

DF Spoilers / Re: First December Dresden Drop (Spoilers BG and Beyond)
« on: December 03, 2020, 08:42:27 PM »
In regards to Murphy, there was a hint to people sad about her fate to "read on". So, yeah. "Until she has passed out of living memory" ain't gonna last.

He may be stronger with them, but take them away any he will become stronger without them. Harry needs to grow in strength. So take away support to make him grow and give it back in the end to make him even stronger after he has grown.

Agree to disagree. I think he grows way better with the support of his friends, otherwise he begins to wallow in arrogant self-pity.

Peak physical is where she was at in BG so no power up there. And Einherjar are not immortal, they died in PT and BG. Wereguild was paid for their deaths

Uh, not sure which two last books you read, but Murphy was far from "peak physical condition", after the mauling she got from Nicodemus. Einherjar are immortal in the sense that they don't age anymore. Not immortal in the sense that they can't die again. Well, it seems, in the Dresden-verse. No guarantees that they are not able to come back again and again, like in the Magnus Chase books from Rick Riordan. We have no absolute certainty yet on how they function in the Dresden-verse.

Einherjars have no powers, they are just kick ass warriors, but the giant had no problem with them, come to think of it, Lara had no problem with one of them either.

I'm pretty sure that she'll be restored to peak physical power as one of them and she also got some sweet immortality out of the deal. So, yeah, power-up achieved.

Only problem is that Jim said no power ups for Murphy. Valkyrie would be a powerup. So no Valkyrie powers for Murphy. And keep her out of the books for now. Harry needs to learn to think and work without her. He's almost always had her as an adviser.

She's an Einherjar right now already, so that "rule" of "no power ups" is, obviously, kaputt. As for the latter, I disagree. Having support by this friends is what makes Harry strong, especially if they are well capable of calling him out on his tendency to beat himself up emotionally and for his occasional arrogance.

I believe Jim described Valkyries as mortals with benefits so I think you have to start as a mortal.

Another indication about the nature of Gardís job offer.

Again, fictional rules are made to be broken. All I'm saying is that it is completely possible for Jim to write a believable way to bring her back and as a Valkyrie (or just the former as an Einherjar), even in the next book if he chooses so. More likely in the wrestling book, though, so that he can deal with the whole Lara thing in Mirror Mirror.

That she is an Einherjar now does not in any way, shape, or form mean she couldn't have become a Valkyrie before.

Or, y'know, after.

She also calls Odin "Allfather"  So he is, that might be why she jokingly said he likes them to call him "daddy" sometime.  A lot less formal, I agree she isn't a virgin, but I think it could go either way as to whether or not Odin is her father.

"Allfather" is basically his job title, it's widely used in the Marvel Comics version of him as well and I can tell you that the Valkyries are not his daughters over there.

As far as the discussion above, she was picked up as an Einherjar, there is nothing which says she can't "upgrade", if offered.

I think if she were a Valkyrie in training, Gard would have said it..

Or maybe Gard has some orders from higher up to be circumspect about it.

Yeah, I think the "Odin's daughters" is more brought up because some people want to rule out as many possibilities for a return for Murphy as possible. It's pretty clearly a misinformation Harry was operating under.

Also, who says she can't "upgrade" from Einherjar to Valkyrie?

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