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So, yeah. Down goes Murphy. I am less than happy, although it was predicted, even by myself. At least she brought down a giant before having to go. I would have liked her to stay at least another book, to give Harry at least a full year of a blissful relationship.

She has not come back as a Valkyrie (yet...), but she was taken to Valhalla to be an Einherjarn (despite being catholic and noticeably so in this book). So, that point of objection to her not coming back as a supernatural being is pretty much kaputt.

I personally don't believe that she is really out of the series yet, since Jim doesn't like to discard characters that easily. IMHO, she'll be back, maybe next book, maybe in a few, as an "exception to the rule" (because fictional rules are made to be broken) and either as a straight Valkyrie or as an Einherjarn.

Otherwise than Murphy dying, the book was overall really good and enjoyable and felt much more as a "full book" than Peace Talks did. I think the only real points of objection I have are that Harry didn't have a private talk with Ivy (he can be forgiven, due to having his hands full with a demi-god, but still, man... you haven't really talked to her for years. At least introduce her to Maggy) and that we didn't get a scene of Langtry talking with Harry and having to deal with Harry being the Winter Knight, the Warden of Demonreach, etc.. The White Council is a bunch of dumbasses and Harry really probably is better off without them. I'm very much looking forward to what comes next.

DF Spoilers / Kincaid microfiction "Goodbye"
« on: March 10, 2020, 05:12:12 PM »
Oof. And I'm pretty sure Harry hasn't called once since coming back. He's just like that, not calling on his friends for years on end.

DF Spoilers / DragonCon
« on: August 30, 2019, 04:34:12 PM »
I hope Priscilla brings some spare batteries for her camera. That's a lot of panels Jim will be participating in!

Of course the Q&A, the one with Michael A. Stackpole and the one with David Weber are the most important ones to record.  ;)

DF Spoilers / Murphy in Peace Talks (WoJ spoilers)
« on: August 08, 2017, 10:48:18 PM »
So, two years ago Jim hinted on Twitter that he was writing Murphy's funeral.

It could have been a joke, but if Murphy really dies in Peace Talk, I would postulate that the most likely reason is to raise her as a Valkyrie. It seems to soon to end her and Harry's fledgling relationship, but, IMO, there are just too many things which would fall into place to not make this at least a very likely proposition:

- It solves the aging issue for her relationship with Harry
- It gives her a new purpose in life, after losing her old one, when she left Chicago police
- There has been foreshadowing for it, her training with the Einherjar and getting close with Odin's organization
- It is a source of future conflict, when her working for Odin comes into conflict with something Harry is doing

Maybe this is a bit too obvious, though. A lot of people thought that Karrin would be the next wielder for one of the swords and Jim trolled us in that regard. What do you guys think?

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