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Maybe. It's one of them, but Marcone's a vanilla mortal, not a practitioner, and therefore not a serious threat to rob.

I agree, it is one of the first things I said after reading BG. Fired him of the Council is stupid. To start with, it allows Mab to ask him things she couldn't have asked while he was a Council member. They are afraid of Mab controlling him, but now they are doing things easier for her.

And Harry himself TRIED to control himself when he was a warden. Now, he has no reason for that.

It is like you have a dangerous animal in a cage. You are afraid the animal escapes, do something bad and you are blamed for that. So you decided your best course of action is...set him free. Now they won't blame you. But there is still a dangerous animal in the wild.

It makes him fair game to eliminate as both Warden (so the post can be filled by a sycophant) and more importantly, he's not sporting the Eye but must have the Eye. It's an excuse to axe him and rifle his stuff to find it for the Council.

Power corrupts.

I think Nemesis needs to be able to offer something- to alter your nature outside of what reality allows.

It can't or won't possess people who fundamentally accept who/what they are.

Be an interesting twist re: Thomas. It would mean as much as he hates his Hunger...deep down he feels he wouldn't be Thomas without it. Or he loves being super-hot.

DF Spoilers / Re: Demonreach and the NeverNever
« on: Yesterday at 03:29:51 PM »
I personally favor Demonreach being intended for the original Darkhallow in conjunction with the Blackstaff to siphon off the taint- think of it as a cleansing ritual for the power inside. Recall that power has purpose- every nasty in Demonreach isn't doing its appointed job.

Kemmler could have been trying to adapt the ritual- or bulk himself up to withstand doing it on the island without the Blackstaff.

DF Spoilers / Re: Vadderung in The Good People
« on: Yesterday at 03:28:03 PM »
I personally lean towards Vadderung being Balor originally; hence Ethniu's solicitation

DF Spoilers / Re: (BG Spoilers) LTW Conservation of Speed w/ Mass Shift
« on: December 31, 2020, 05:40:11 PM »
Adding the mass changes acceleration but velocity is maintained. The only acceleration after the change is provided by gravity.

Mass doesn't change acceleration at all. Momentum needs to be conserved, though, so unless the new mass is already accelerated to match, the same momentum is distributed over more mass, resulting in a slowdown.

EDIT: If you're interested, the relevant equation is the force of gravitation between two bodies.

F=m1a=G*( m1m2)/d^2

This means the acceleration due to the gravitational force is


That's invariant from the frame of reference of m1.

Second edit: It's essentially a 100% nonelastic collision

DF Spoilers / Re: little apocalypses
« on: December 30, 2020, 08:34:28 PM »
Battle Ground started with There are 9 occurences of the word Apocalypse in that book. One of them seems to be an emphasisand another explains the nature of it

Sounds for me, or the readers, the right interpretation would be

Apocalypse is a frame of mind while witnessing multiple apocalyptic events starting from Ethniu until the culminating Big A events & the end of the series.

So, if
a freaking Titan started the Apocalypse by destroying a city so she gets to rule the entire world is the start of little apocalypses,

what else would count as little (as I think most of us agree BAT would consists of attempts on cosmic annihilation which means they're Big)?

Harry was staggered because Nicodemus said the same thing to him. Either Nemesis knows too much, or he's worked that closely with it.

DF Spoilers / Re: New microfiction on the site
« on: December 30, 2020, 08:32:43 PM »
Granted, but there's this weird fandom desire to want to see the Librarians as helping Harry.

I mean, they might- but that would be because of their agenda, not because they recognize Harry's inherent good-guy-ness, or something of the sort.

This isn't Snow Crash, he's not Hirohito Protagonist.

DF Spoilers / Re: (BG Spoilers) LTW Conservation of Speed w/ Mass Shift
« on: December 30, 2020, 08:31:10 PM »
Actually you can get mass from the nevernever as explained in skingame. You can temporarily store it there as well if I remember wok correctly.

Yes, but that mass should be created with potential, not kinetic, energy.

From a physics standpoint, the sparrow would slow down as its momentum and kinetic energy is shared with the new mass, which would then begin falling itself.

Of course, if LTW is smooth, he could time the change so that the elephant is nearly still from the extra mass, but so close that its new acceleration from gravity is still a considerable hit.

Or use extra magic to add matching velocity to the new mass as its added, that would also work.

DF Spoilers / Re: New microfiction on the site
« on: December 30, 2020, 08:28:47 PM »
I think that this will draw the Librarians directly to Harry and hopefully he'll become a n informal liaison between the the Magical and Mortal worlds. Maybe he'll even get Tilly(transferred) or someone like him as a regular contact and Bradley(also transferred) in charge of SI.

You realize this is a happily-ever-after scenario? And those don't happen in Dresden?

DF Spoilers / Re: Lara Raith killed Malcolm Dresden
« on: December 30, 2020, 08:27:40 PM »
I thought it was heavily implied that Lord Raith used an entropy curse just like he did in blood rites.

On Margaret. We know nothing of Malcolm, aside from at the moment of his death someone was ready to disappear Harry so thoroughly that the best of the Warden field agents- Morgan- couldn't find him 12 hours later.

I lean toward the Leanansidhe, myself, but the Merlin is possible, in an attempt to create a WC controlled starborn weapon- or, in other words, Harry wasn't being groomed as DuMorne's personal enforcer, but as a wizard-warrior against threats like Drakul, possibly because such preparation would fly in the face of the Laws and the volatile Blackstaff.

Yeah, sort of, it was not gift I think, he bribed them. What Harry did was bribing them to some effect because he valued their past & future help.

The cause of fealty for wyld faes is probably different than what we know of the courts. Although from their lack of creepiness nature, I'd tend to think they'd have to be descendants/creatures from Summer's side, Toot toot & co were independent IIRC since they were ignored by both sides (perhaps no one thought they'd be useful for anything), it's likely that their fealty is theirs to give, that for any type of (independent) wyld faes it's just a matter of being left alone or end up at the mercy of Winter or Summer sidhes' will. So unless given or taken, nothing binds them, which means no obligations to pick court sides, unlike faes who were born from the bloodlines of both courts (or maybe just sidhes, creatures don't have that much freedom).

But I strongly suspect it's deeper than just transactional level of bargains, once they pick/get picked they can't switch to any other side.

I don't think you can bribe the Fae, you can bargain.

When Harry entraps Toot, he offers him a bargain: Give him information, and he'll release Toot.

It's an exchange of value. The Fae seem to be something like TFM fundamentalists in this regard- they have to keep their word. Mab frequently talks about balancing the scales.

I rather think that Harry's open-ended, non-negotiated gift of pizza means that the scales were balanced at the rate of how the Little Folk value pizza, not how Harry values pizza or pizza is objectively valued. If you bargain poorly, that's on you, and that's how the Fae grow; either clever bargains or loaning out renewable resources.

As to the alignment of Wyldfae, this is explained by Toot himself in Summer Knight. When the Courts move to war, the Wyldfae find themselves drawn karmically to whichever Court is closest to their most recent behavior (the line is something like "if you've been doing mean stuff recently, you go to Winter")- the dewdrop faeries are normally Summer aligned, but Toot's group at that point are loyal to Harry.

Reading Summer Knight, it's not clear if the dewdrops were in the bag with the boxcutters, or Harry was able to summon them. Mab specifically notes that "it is rare for a mortal to be able to Call the Fae"- note the capitol? I think, even this early, that the Summer and Winter Courts sent out a call to the Wyldfae to join the court most closely aligned with their loyalty- and the proto-Guard showed up at Harry over *either* Court, and he was able to "Call" or summon them to him to defeat Aurora.

Mab had several similar caches around Chicago (and probably other potential sites) pre planning (it strikes me Lea is a muse, so artworks like the Bean would be especially easy for Winter to infiltrate.)

Even Mab was surprised by the number of Little Folk Harry mustered, it didn’t alarm her it made her proud of Harry, which he immediately wiped out jumping off the Castle. She provided arms and armour for the Guard only note, she envisaged some role for them, but they are Harry’s or command

As regards the Malks, never seen a cat jumping for butterflies in mid air? A Malk can probably jump 20- 30 feet in the air and take out the squids easily.

Molly provided the arms, I had thought

DF Spoilers / Re: 1066, Hastings, Stamford Bridge, and the Outer Gates
« on: December 30, 2020, 08:15:04 PM »
If Harry was born in 1973 that means the prior Starborn were born in 1307 and before that in 641. Was the prior Lady killed during a Crusade?

I like the Loki got infected first theory and the Raven banner being Mother Nature's walking stick.

You're a little wedded to 1:1 time mapping here.

The existence of "slow" and "fast" Nevernever zones means you can't just say that "A starborn would have been born around 1307, so they were active until 1607, assuming a lifespan of 300 years for a wizard."

Rashid killed the Mad Arab circa 800AD- he's not particularly old subjectively (he is old), but he is objectively old- phrased differently, he's not 1300 years old, but his birthdate in objective time was around 1300 years ago. From his point of view, he's only a few centuries old at most.

Nip into a slow zone for a day, come back, and find that 20 years have passed. Great for ensuring longevity, horrible for maintaining friendships. The only reason restriction seems to be, that food has to be real food to not turn into gloop once back in the real world.

So say at the Gates 1 day=5 days. If Rashid comes back to get food every two days from his point of view, then he's seeing people in the real world with a 10 day gap- easily enough to keep track of what's going on, slow enough to massively extend his life, because 200 years becomes 1,000 years.

DF Spoilers / Re: 1066, Hastings, Stamford Bridge, and the Outer Gates
« on: December 30, 2020, 04:58:24 PM »
Mab could have been relatively new to the Queens Mantle (50 years) hence Korbs insult about pimpley faced and consistent with your time -line having previously been the Winter Lady.

Faerie may have existed before the organisation into courts, everyone was Wildfae, the Fates and Hecates power was poured into the 8 Mantles, but that was not likely the end of the power put into them, my guess a number of Fae were sacrificed on the Stone Table to add to the power of the Mantles, to create a structure which could interact with the mortal world easier than that of the God’s (hence the creation of the Knights Mantles and the step down in power from Mother Queen Lady). Add to that two new players in the Courts powers structures the Unicorns again more power required to create them, and they seem to be specific as amplifiers of the Courts Mantles. What were they originally? Greek mythology doesn’t include them and they are the Scottish heraldic animal which would be consistent with the Fae geographically. The Scottish Coat of Arms was supported by two Unicorns- prior to Napoleon did the two Courts work together in putting the Scottish King James on the English Throne?

Oh and “1066 And All That” much better title for this thread.

Maeve left nearly 200 years of backlog. Plus, Ladies can't have kids. So Mab being queen is at least that far back.

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