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DF Spoilers / New Dresden Files podcast interview.
« on: December 05, 2020, 12:57:46 AM »
There's a whole lot of details in this one.

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DF Spoilers / He's gonna do it.
« on: December 01, 2020, 08:25:24 AM »
On a quick glance through Peace Talks a realisation struck me.

Some of you right remember a certain gag from chapter one of Storm Front, I come to tell you that it's probably gonna happen once he's trained with River Shoulders.

TM: Harry practices a good amount of parkour in this novel, what kind of other special skills do you think you'd wanna throw at his way in the next couple of books?

Jim: Oh gosh, he should probably learn how to keep his mouth shut but I don't see that happening probably because that never really happened for me either. I got beat up a lot when I was a kid and I had the bad taste to be the smallest kid in class and and one of the smarter kids in class and I might not have been able to keep my mouth shut. Let's see, as far as learning other stuff goes, I wanna see him start to learn shapeshifting because that will be hilarious.

Tigermonkey q&a that has been deleted

That's right, Harry Dresden will soon assume his greatest role yet, the Lizard of Chicago.

DF Spoilers / Evil Bob
« on: December 01, 2020, 05:19:57 AM »
As you know Bob's evil twin has been absent since Ghost Story's climax where he and Bob briefly clashed before Bob ran away. At that time he was looking for a new master and since Harry turned him down he probably went shopping elsewhere.

My guess is that he ended up with Cowl, no hard evidence, this is just a guess made by looking at who Cowl has with him. He has an "evil" Molly (which would have been really blatant if DB & PG weren't switched) and he's heavily implied to be the one giving orders to My Shadow from Zoo Day. Why not complete the set with an Evil Bob?

DF Spoilers / The Bodies
« on: November 25, 2020, 07:29:18 PM »
We know from the end of Battle Ground that the US government decided to conceal the events of Battle Ground. A large number of the corpses like the Octokongs and various other creatures dissolve into ectoplasm and other forms of goop on death which would help a lot in any coverup. There's at least one giant exception though.

Flesh and blood exploded from the Jotun in a cloud of aerial chum. I could see Svangar’s cracked and blackened collarbone and his freaking spine through the hole in his neck. The Jotun staggered, his shoulder smashing into a building, raised his axe one last time—and fell as it dropped from his suddenly nerveless fingers.

The giant’s body crushed two cars and knocked over a streetlight as it came down. One outflung hand landed not three feet from my toes.

And suddenly the street was silent and very still.

I got up and walked toward her, taking slow steps, wide around the fallen Jotun.

This body (and the bodies of the other jotun) doesn't really seem to be dissolving into ectoplasm which means it's gonna be lying there right when a legion of journalists arrive on the scene (and they'll have started moving the moment Chicago ate an EMP) followed by a bunch of emergency workers with smartphones. How exactly is this story going to get buried when there's at least a dozen pieces of proof requiring construction equipment to move lying around? Photos and videos of the corpses would be all over the internet with no hope of suppression within the hour.

DF Spoilers / The Next Book's Title
« on: October 23, 2020, 09:04:59 PM »
As we are all aware (and if you're not, what are you doing in the spoiler section?), there's a whole lot of political and character drama coming up after the end of Battle Ground, not really the sort of thing that should happen off screen. It turns out that Jim agrees with this because apparently Mirror Mirror isn't the next one. Fresh from the Legendarium podcast:

Jim: ...I'm gonna have to add another book in. I've gotta write, it's gonna a take a novel to deal with the aftermath of what happened in Battle Ground. I think the next novel is gonna be called Twelve Months and it's just gonna be about Dresden-well it's gonna be about more than that because it's a Dresden Files book with the usual insanity but the actual story is Dresden coping with all the damage he's taken over the years. You know that as a writer I'm not a fade to black guy in the Dresden Files, it doesn't happen very often, but it has happened. And every time I've the fade to black and that has happened, for the most part, it fades because Harry's pulling the curtain, because he doesn't share the really bad things with anyone, not even the reader. There are /bad/ things that have happened to Dresden and when bad things happen to you it's cumulative, it adds up. If you don't face it and deal with it it keeps adding up and adding up until it starts causing you psychological problems and difficulties with your friends and issues with your family. If you're out there in the middle of it you've got to be dealing with it, and he hasn't been. And we're gonna have a book about why, and the effects of the things that have happened over the years and the cumulative effects and how you deal with them and get over them.

Todd: Especially now that he's a father, that makes it especially emotionally charged.

Jim: Yeah he can't afford to just sit somewhere and feel sorry for himself or to drive himself to the brink of exhaustion and starvation trying to find a solution to his problems. He can't do that anymore, he's a grown-up, he's got a lot of things he's handling. And yeah, Maggie's the big one, kids change everything. If you've got a kid there waiting for you you can't be the guy that's sitting on the floor wailing poor me, that's not gonna work.

Todd: It's something we've covered in several episodes, how Harry takes all the guilt on himself and how that's not healthy. To see you say that we need something to deal with it, is that something that's been in the works for a long time or is that something that's come across organically kind of as you've written through seventeen books?

Jim: No, I wasn't planning to do a book about trauma and dealing with it, on account of I was busy not dealing with any of my trauma. But yeah when you start learning about it it's like "hey, this is something people need to know." And the idea's gonna be "look, I'm gonna show Dresden coping" and coping isn't always a particularly pretty thing or a noble thing. Nobody's pretty when they're in pain but it happens to all of us at some time or another, horrible things come along. And you've gotta deal with it and how do you deal with it. So partly this next book is going to be Dresden figuring out how to deal with things that are not slobbery monsters trying to chew his face off, those he can manage, he's really good with those, that's doable no problem. All these other issues are a different thing and..

Todd: And he has a wedding to prepare for.

Jim: Yeah, no kidding.


DF Spoilers / Polishing Harry's Staff
« on: October 16, 2020, 01:34:17 AM »
I think one of the more unexpected things that Harry will get from his marriage to Lara is some lessons in how to handle his staff based on two bits in Peace Talks.

I snapped my staff at her in a simple thrust. She parried easily and countered with a hard beat that came so fast that it nearly took the weapon out of my hand. I recovered the weapon and my balance, retreating from a strike that hit the mat where my bare foot had been an instant earlier. The blow landed hard enough to send a crack like a home-run hit through the room.

“Hell’s balls, Lara!” I said.

“Pain is the best teacher,” she said. “I don’t pull hits. You shouldn’t, either.”

The training scene showing that she's more skilled than Harry in quarterstaff fighting.

But the old man had learned his quarterstaff in Britain, long enough ago that it had still been a common weapon in widespread use, and his teachers had been masters. His own staff caught mine in a parry, and he followed up with an advance and a circling sweeping motion that would have taken my weapon out of my hands if I hadn’t disengaged properly.

He came at me in a blur of attacks. If we’d been on solid ground, he’d have knocked my punk ass out cold.

Ebenezar may have been boosting himself with kinetomancy but the fact remains that he still hands Harry his ass in a quarterstaff fight the moment he gets off the ice. Harry needs to go back to school for yet another reason (especially after that showing in Skin Game).

So yeah, with those two quotes in mind I think there's some foreshadowing for Harry getting better with a staff/spear in melee.

But most importantly, it opens the door for some silly puns.

DF Spoilers / Muskogee Chat
« on: October 03, 2020, 12:30:06 AM »

And yet another interview came out recently, all that's left now is tracking down a video of the Mysterious Galaxy one. I decided to jot down some notes on the ones that I found interesting.

  • The one powering the circle in Small Favour was probably a subsidiary instead of Lucifer himself.
  • The thing about being a necromancer is that you can make your own friends. Sounds like Darkhallow Harry would have been fully independent besides a more goth Molly. Would have been a lot of conflict with Odin as a result of this choice.
  • He wouldn't be friends with Nicodemus no matter what even if Changes went with Lasciel.
  • Harry probably should get a round table for the castle, it'd really mess with the Merlin. The idea is in Jim's head now.
  • Jim refused to answer a question about Nemesis' limits on possession/infection.
  • Ferrovax's dragon form is going to appear because why tease that idea without showing it?
  • Mister and Bonea are at the Carpenters for all of Battle Ground.
  • Currently looking like it'll be 22 case files + BAT
  • Morgan might get more stories later so he won't answer about Morgan and Archangel and another repetition of how Harry's view of Morgan was skewed. The Archangel guys were the kind of guys that sparred at full speed and Morgan was in with them.
  • Where the WC got the blackstaff will come up so no more details in interviews.
  • The Forest People are massive introverts who thought that Victorian clothing was the regular clothing. When it came to picking their representative it was basically a wave of "not it!"s until River Shoulders was the only one left. Since they're close to nature so they don't change much compared to humans.
  • The clashing with Odin in the darkhallow version of Changes would be because bringing useful people back from the dead would be getting awful close to stepping on Odin's toes. And of course he'd be fighting the White Council all the time in this version of things.
  • Potions went away because Jim was sick of writing the potion making scenes.
  • He says something **** teleport yet when talking about the dragon book.
  • The most dangerous thing in Demonreach is kind of a tossup (some are more longterm awful some are immediate awful). The examples used are a thing that eats people then divides into two which goes on to eat two more people and become four as a potential world killer and something that makes everybody sad enough that they stop eating. More info about the prisoners to come in later books.
  • All the water dragons ended up in Asia mostly.
  • We'll probably see more Kincaid before very long.
  • There's the vengeance mission coming so Drakul will appear again before the BAT.
  • Might not be any Jade Court shown at all in Dresden since they get by thanks to staying at home.
  • Einherjar don't usually get a choice but Odin has to make a deal if they've got a claim from someone else.
  • Jim finds it hilarious that some of his stuff is being used for college lit classes.

DF Spoilers / The trip back
« on: August 16, 2020, 12:41:44 AM »
Figured I might as well ask and see what people think before the Battle Ground sample chapters come out and answer the question. As of the end of Peace Talks there's still an hour long trip back to the docks right over a lake the Fomor are operating out of. Do you think anything will happen on the way back?

The Bar / It's a Weird world
« on: June 25, 2018, 12:46:39 PM »
And only getting weirder as we learn more.

DF Reference Collection / Questions for Jim 2012 style 2
« on: July 19, 2012, 01:03:21 PM »
Quote from: Priscellie
Jim will also be doing an AMA ("Ask Me Anything") on Reddit's /r/fantasy section on November 20th.  The AMA will be posted that morning, and folks will have all day to come up with questions and "upvote" the questions of others, so the best ones bubble to the top.  Jim will start answering questions around 7pm or 8pm Central.


Before you ask a question here you should probably take a look at the Dresden Files Word of Jim Compilation to see if the answer to your question has already been recorded there, and then take a look at the list of questions below to see if someone has already brought it up.

Ok, that out of the way.  The purpose of this thread is primarily to discuss good questions to ask him at any Q&A sessions he might participate in during the Cold Days release. 

This Origional Post, and possibly the first few responses, will be dedicated to listing out the questions that stand out for easy reference.  After the Cold Days release there will be a split showing which questions were generated by the Cold Days reading.  Also, if someone does get an answer to one of these questions from Jim, the answer will probably be placed here as well.

Ok to the Question Bank:

Legacy Questions: (I have great questions from previous versions of this thread saved on my HD and will list them in this first section)

  • Does the Archive's body function like a wizard's does, with the same increase in potential lifespan?-AcornArmy

  • When the Senior Council fights Outsiders, how are they able to hurt them? Is it just a matter of throwing more power into their spells, or are they able to fine-tune their magic somehow, so that it hits the Outsiders more solidly than normal spells do?-AcornArmy

  • Did the Red Court(when they still existed) summon Outsiders into the Nevernever, or is any kind of Outsider-summoning limited to mortal wizards?
    (This one I got from the RPG source books, because they suggest that the Red Court summoned the Outsiders into the Nevernever during Proven Guilty. It seems to me that that would still be pulling Outsiders from beyond the Outer Gates-- assuming that the Outer Gates exist somewhere in the far reaches of the Nevernever-- which is something that we've been told only mortal wizards can do.)-AcornArmy

  • how many members of the accords are there. If he cant give a number then how about a percentage of how many we have already seen, like we have seen 1/2 of the total members to date or something like that. Landing

  • what happened to the old gods such as the Mayans, was it the WG that got them to disappear or are they just being quite or did some of them never exist in the first place?Landing

  • Do all gods in the dresdenverse share the same origins or do they come from different beginnings? For instance where some of them actually fake gods that people just imagined, were some of them powerful vamps or fae or other beings of power that were worshiped, were some of them created by the beliefs of their followers, were some beings from before the start of time kind of thing?Landing

  • Do the winter and summer courts have to be in perfect balance with each other in every way? if one sits down does the other have to stand up, or is it only in important ways that they have to match each other? Can one court make a move that the other does not have to balance?Landing

  • This is a bit of a selfish question since I have been one of those that has given him a gift in the past   (,16699.0.html)
    What kind of gifts have people given you since you mention getting them all the time from people, and what was your favorite?
    Landing (Editors note:  If you give something to Jim at a signing, it probably has to be something he can carry home in his luggage)

  • Assuming no other significant change in Thomas and Justine's relationship, can Justine turn her anti-Raith protections off and on depending on whether the last person she slept with was Thomas?Vairelome

  • Does the loup-garou curse require that its host reach a minimum age before forcing the change, and if so, what is it?Vairelome

  • Did Abby survive?Vairelome

  • Since it's unlikely to be a plot point in the future due to events in Changes, I suppose it's an appropriate question for this thread: what is the true origin of the Red Court? Are they actually originally native to the Nevernever (and were a Nevernever "species" before they encountered humans) or did they begin as "altered" humans? If the former, were they different than the Rampires we know before they first encountered humans (and since then have copied human traits)?

    And when did they originate/first encounter humanity? PG suggests the Red King is 4000 years old, but Changes says that Arianna is older than human written language (which would make her at least 5000+; Sumerian cuneiform writing originated sometime before 3000 BC) and that she was turned by the Red King - so is younger than him.
  • In Dead Beat, Bob says that Kemmler was put down for the last time in 1961.

    It so happens that on October 30th, 1961 (Halloween Eve), the Russians supposedly exploded the "Tsar Bomb", the largest man-made explosion ever, somewhere in the Arctic Circle.

    Is this:

    1.  A coincidence

    2.  Exploded by the Russians as attempt by the mortal authorities to cover up the destruction caused by the supernatural energies involved in taking Kemmler down.

    3.  Actually the result of Kemmler's Death Curse?
  • Changes Question....
    (click to show/hide)
  • What can be soulgazaed besides humans?  Could Harry soulgaze Mouse?
  • A question for Jim regarding the Barabbus curse.  How many times can Nic mandate a death with the curse?  Are there any limitations on who can be targeted and how many times a person can be targeted?  Inquiring minds want to know, though mostly just I want to know.
  • Was the fact that Lea’s kiss on Thomas’ neck in Grave peril burnt him significant?

  • Jim, you mentioned that wizard "Listens-to-the-Wind was of the Illinois. That was a sizable confederacy
    made up of a number of cognate tribes: Peoria, Kaskaskia, Michigamea, Cahokia, and Tamaroa, to name
    the five most populous. Listens-to-the-Wind also spoke about the annihilation of his tribe because of his
    refusal to intervene.

    As one who has studied the Illiniwek in depth, I concluded that Listens-to-the-Wind spoke of one of three
    battles: the devastation of Kaskaskia (Village) in 1680, the extermination of the Tamaroa sub-tribe shortly thereafter,
    or the siege at Starved Rock.
    Did LTW refer to one of these three historically recorded events or something lost through the ages?

    This is the link to my Illini web site and the pertinent sub-unit: Scholarly citations are provided.
    Editor:  This is a bamph question.  -Serack
  • Has Jim said if Rich (Murphy's Ex/Brother-in-Law)
    (click to show/hide)

    I'd like to know if anything happened with Rich.  I mean, yes Jim has only used him in 2 books, but I'd figure he & the other members of the Murphy clan might come back into play eventually

    Of course, my evil half
    (click to show/hide)
  • First, if Stoker and Lovecraft were "on to something", what about Mary Shelly?  Do Dr. Frankenstein's experiments exist in the DV and if so what happened to his Monster?

    Second, who is Peter Pan?  NeverNever, Neverland, is there something going on here?
  • (response to above question)
    This is basically the question I wanted to ask, but I'll expand a little bit...Are there any other notable "fiction" authors who got killed for their works?  My short list includes Aesop, the Grimms, H.G. Wells and especially Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.  The "between worlds" place featured in "The Magician's Nephew" sounds awful Neverneverish.

2012 Questions:

  • What sort of "cosmic" purview are the Dragons in charge of?Quantus

  • What's the deal with Mother Winter's dentures? -Quantus

  • Can Ivy get information from a Human that is in the NN?  (since basically all other forms of magic seem to be blocked by it) -Quantus

  • You said that the Blackstaff is passed to somebody who knwos what it is, is crazy enough to take it up, and can be trusted with it.  Trusted By whom?  The previous Blackstaff?  The Senior Council?  The Staff itself? -Quantus

  • Is Mouse a Temple Dog or an actual Foo Dog? -Quantus

  • Harry didnt get in Council trouble for Sue given the circumstances, and it wasnt a particularly Guilt-inducing event, but my understanding is that any use of Necromantic energy should carry some level of Taint (of the kind the kind the Blackstaff protects against).  Is that the case, and how much did that get him, compared to say when he killed Justin. -Quantus

  • Can the Sight be fooled?  That angel in changes was able to shut it down before the Sight hurt harry, but could a being of sufficient power actually hide from the sight? -Quantus
    Addendum:Related, but was the disguise of Father Vincent, that Quintus Cassius had, related along these lines?  (Since it was able to at least fool Wizard senses.)-KevinSig
Editor's note: It actually happened in Ghost Story not Changes Quantus.
  • On Changes why Lea and the Eebs call Mouse a demon and Uriel call him little brother?-Paladino

  • Does all Archangels purpose is to maintain free will, like Uriel. Or each one have one based on his title? Prince of Hosts, The Thrumpeter, Demonbiner and The Watchman (Uriel)?-Paladino

  • How old is Rashid in terms of years lived (not how many years ago he was born)? -TheCuriousFan

  • How old is Margaret in terms of years lived (not how many years ago she was born)? -TheCuriousFan

  • Does being a witch affect how long you are fertile (hopefully this settles the fertility threads once and for all)? -TheCuriousFan

  • What were the other massive incidents Ebenezar referenced when talking about his acts as Blackstaff (we know he did Krakatoa and Tungska as two examples of massive incidents) and why did Ebenezar cause each of these incidents? -TheCuriousFan

  • When was the last time Vadderung pitched in, and how bad did it get?  (this based on Eb's comment in Changes) -Quantus

  • Assuming Harry is in his late 30's in Changes, how old does he look?  Has his wizard aging started yet, and has he not realized it? -Griffyn612

  • Murphy's role in the story, has it been planned since the beginning or has it evolved naturally over the course of the series? Is her future planned now?

  • Did Lasciel whisper in Harry's head more than once over the course of Changes? -Vairelome
Editor's note: We haven't confirmed she whispered at all, it's just really likely.
  • Does Harry still owe Mab a favor, or was that wiped out by the Winter Knight deal? (I thought it was obvious that the favor was no longer in play, but apparently there are other people who think differently) -aShorty21

  • Is it possible for Harry to be free of the mantle of Winter Knight without dying? -aShorty21

  • was Sue a black court? -Ms Duck

  • Do all faeries/sidhe have a weakness to iron and if so has it always been that way or is it like wizards and technology where things change every century or so? -Second Aristh

  • Approximately how many different merlins have there been since the original Merlin? -Second Aristh

  • Are any supernatural powerhouses (e.g. Odin) sandbagging their own power levels in order to interfere more directly in the world? -Second Aristh

  • Is the 'Ancient' part of Ancient Mai an honorific or some sort of title/office like the Gatekeeper?
    Same question with Thorned Namshiel? -Second Aristh

  • Have we already seen Cowl in another identity, or is he concealing his face so that people don't recognize him as the guy who runs the omelet station at Edinburgh, or something we've never paid attention to before, and thus never seen?

    Or does he just find cowls to be terribly comfortable? -Peregrine

  • Active Vs Passive thought.  Which do you use?

    There's been a number of discussions we fans have had, on this matter, & wouldn't mind if you could clarify it for us.  First, the matter of the Wizard's sight.  The way I read it, the memories are extremely vivid, but like all memories, require an association to bring it to the forefront of the mind.  (That's how I read how Turn Coat worked, at least.)

    Others seem to think, its the constant "Can't sleep, clown will eat me" sort of 24/7 deal.

    Likewise, I'd like to know if Ivy works in the same way.  I personally think the Archive works via association.  Others seem to think that its like Ivy's watching 1,000,000 news channels & reading the news tickers of each & every one.  At the same time.

    I mean, I know you've said that Ivy doesn't have any filters to protect herself from the Internet, but I'd assume she's have less issues as long as she distanced herself from things that had associations with Rule 34. -KevinSig

DF Reference Collection / What has Harry endured?
« on: February 10, 2012, 08:52:10 AM »
Second attempt at making this thread, hopefully I don't get "Waiting for approval" with this thread too.

This thread is here to act as a place to list the various traumas (not just physical injuries, things like Sight trauma or having a friend die in front of you also count as traumas here) great and small that Harry has suffered over the course of the series.

Before Storm Front:

His father dies.

Getting put into foster care.

Getting abused in foster care.

Training from hell from Justin.

Betrayal by Justin.

Fighting HWWB and watching Stan the clerk get ripped into three pieces.

Whatever happened to him with Lea (some think it was "just" torture, some think torture and rape).

Being forced to kill Justin (and from his POV at the time, Elaine).

Injuries from fighting Justin (there was a binding of Electric Eels that worked by causing extreme pain for example)

Getting dragged into Edinburgh for trial.

Storm Front:

Looking at the crime scene at the start of the book.

Beaten with a baseball bat as a warning to avoid the Sells case.

Getting slugged by Morgan.

Getting attacked again with a baseball bat so Sells could get a hair sample.

Looking at Victor's house and everyone in it with the Sight.

Getting shot by Helen Beckitt.

Fool Moon:

Soulgazing the leader of the Streetwolves.

Death of Kim Delaney by him not giving her the information she required.

Getting shot in the shoulder by one of the FBI agents.

Getting nearly choked unconscious.

The shock of using magic without words or gestures on Macfinn.

Left foot nibbled on by Loup-Garou. (a few cuts and tears and a lost boot but no serious damage)

The rampage of the Loup-Garou through SI.

Overused his magic to the point of being unable to use it for a while.

Beaten unconsious by the Lycanthropes after throwing himself out of a car.

Boot to the side of the head from Parker the Streetwolf.

The pain from struggling to hex one of Marcone's cameras.

The Soulgaze with Denton (what is it with him and Soulgazing nutjobs in this book?)

Kicked in the shoulder wound and tossed in a pit by Benn.

The pain from instinctively trying to throw a fuego at the Loup-Garou as he got Marcone free.

The pain from launching the spell to kill the Loup-Garou.

And Fool Moon is the current winner of the most injuries and pains tally unless you count Changes and Ghost Story as one giant two-book chain of traumas.

Grave Peril:

Bad head injury.

The Nightmare taking a chunk out of him for magic.

Forced to poison himself to escape Lea.

Being partially chewed on by the Ramps.

Possibly implied gang rape.

Getting beaten badly enough that he was dead enough to leave a ghost.

Susan being turned into a half-vampire and leaving him to join the Fellowship.

Summer Knight:

Forced to stab his hand and then getting the wound frozen.

Grum was beating the crap out of him until Lea intervened.

Seeing the Queens.

Death Masks:

Tortured by Nicodemus.

Seeing Shiro die a gruesome death.

Susan leaving him for good.

Blood Rites:

Shot by Lara.

Aftereffect of using the bear belt buckle (apparently so bad he has not used it since).

Hand gets cooked.

Shaken by finding out Ebenezar is the Blackstaff.

Dead Beat:

Wounded and nearly killed by Corpsetaker.

Pain from binding the Erlking (apparently comparable to the burning of his arm).

Tortured and nearly killed by Cassius.

Guilt from killing Corpsetaker and Cassius.

Proven Guilty:

Seeing the kid die in the beginning.

Hit and run attempt.

In Proven Guilty Harry realized his macho antics of doing an extended beat down on the alien looking Fetch, may have contributed to the death of one of the Fetch's victims.

Looking at the psychic injuries of people attacked by the Fetches with the Sight.

Forced to dislocate all the fingers in one of his hands when Madrigal tries to sell him on Ebay.

Being forced to relive some memories like his hand being cooked by Lash.

White Night:

Seeing those two sixteen year olds get killed by the Ghouls.

Getting either a bullet bouncing off his duster leading to a concussion or hitting a chunk of ice on the head leading to a concussion.

Getting beaten up in the duel with Vittorio Malvora and Madrigal Raith.

The incapacitation by Vittorio's attack.

Lash sacrificing herself for him.

Small Favour:

Nose broken and two black eyes from first Gruff attack.

Mab freezing his eyes in socket.

Brush with hypothermia after the subway.

The agony from holding in a lot of magic for a while at the aquarium.

Failure to save Ivy at the aquarium.

Nearly drowning at the aquarium.

Nearly choked unconsious by Namshiel.

Watching Michael get shot by Tessa and nearly die.

Beating from Nicodemus while choking him.

Another brush with hypothermia in the waters around Demonreach.

Pain from hearing Mab speak in her own voice rather than through proxy.

Turn Coat:

Looks at the Naglooshi, Shagnasty with the Sight.

Seeing Kirby die and Andi badly wounded.

Wounded by Shagnasty at their fight on Demonreach.

Stabbed by Peabody.

Finding out his relationship with Luccio was the result of psychic manipulation.

Thomas getting broken down (apparently the worst thing Shagnasty could do to hurt Harry in the long run) by torture.


His office is destroyed.

His thigh and several ribs are broken.

His car is destroyed.

His house is burned down.

Broken back.

Killing Slate and becoming Winter Knight.

Bashed around by bolt of lightning from Arianna.

Blown out eardrum from the Red King's scream.

Being forced by circumstances to kill Susan.

Being forced to give away his child (and from his POV, probably never see her again).

Being shot and killed.

Ghost Story:

Nearly getting destroyed accidentally by eternal silence.

Getting eaten by the Lemurs.

Seeing Murphy and Molly pretty much fall to pieces without him.

Guilt from how many people got killed because he went and saved his daughter.

The pain after just waking up in his body.

Short Stories:

Restoration of Faith:

Beat up by the Troll.

Framed for kidnapping Faith.

Something Borrowed:

Jenny Greenteeth's attacks on the Wedding.


Injuries from fighting the three thugs.

Injuries from fighting the Grendelkin.

Day Off:

Smoke bomb exploding in his hand.

The Warrior:

Shot in the neck (or was it shoulder?) by the rogue member of the Inquisition.

Last Call:

Getting beat up by magic-drugged Murphy

Love Hurts:

The depression from being forced to break the Love Spell.

This list may be split into two posts if it gets long enough.


Getting less sex than almost anybody.

Innumberable relatively minor cuts and scrapes.

All the other injuries he gets offscreen between cases (his medical file was apparently larger than some phonebooks as of Dead Beat for crying out loud, and that's just the injuries he's been to doctors for).

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