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Cinder Spires Spoilers / [TAW SPOILERS] Let's talk religion
« on: October 07, 2015, 10:10:42 AM »
Hey all,

I've been through TAW twice at this point, and I thought I'd get down some of my thoughts on setting, because I'm loving it.  So, let's talk religion. 

There appear to be 2 major religious movements in the setting.  I'm going to start with God in Heaven.  This seems to be the primary religion.  It appears to be monotheistic and includes Archangels, which have been sighted in the real world by aeronauts.  These sightings are apparently credible, and (with other signs) indicate "dark times". 

Most interestingly, the Spires and their Builders seem to be part of it.  In Chapter 27, it's stated that the Builders laid out guidelines in the "High Manual".  These are treated as religious scripture - Habble Landing is remarked as "a place of disinclination to piety" for not following these rules, and for it's few small chapels to God in Heaven.  This is also evident from Lady Lancaster's prayer in the prologue ("God in Heaven, Archangels, merciful Builders, please"). 

We also know that the Enemy's goal is to draw out something that remains in Heaven.  This was part of the assault on the Wayist temple - Sending a message to draw "them" out.  Whether the message is the loss of life, the damage to the temple, or simply making it clear that the book has been stolen (and not just accidentally destroyed in the fire) is yet to be seen.  Although I'd lean towards the latter.

Finally, we know that the book contains names.  I have to assume, at this point, that Butcher is messing with us by using that specific word at the start of sentences.  "Names" or "names"?  Does it matter?  Anyway, names that are important in some sort of fight against Heaven or it's residents.  This could be the Builders, the Archangels, or God itself. 

There's also the Wayists.  We know a few things about them, although not as much.  They wear saffron robes, which is a fairly clear reference to Eastern religion (This is also evident in their philosophy).  I'm just going to quote wikipedia here

In Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism), the deep saffron color is associated with sacrifice, religious abstinence, quest for light and salvation. Saffron or "Bhagwa" is the most sacred color for the Hindus and is often worn by Sanyasis who have left their home in search of the ultimate truth.

Buddhist monks in the Theravada tradition typically wear saffron robes (although occasionally maroon—the color normally worn by Vajrayana Buddhist monks—is worn). (The tone of saffron typically worn by Theravada Buddhist monks is the lighter tone of saffron shown above.)

Throw in their focus on martial arts, and it appears that they're at least inspired by the idea of Shaolin monks. 

They also appear to have a reverence for books. 

DFRPG / Temple Dog Catch
« on: January 01, 2013, 03:04:55 AM »
Hey guys,

I tried searching this and didn't find anything, so I decided to throw a new thread up.  As it stands, OW doesn't give a Catch for the Temple Dog's Inhuman Recovery.  And while that's fine if they're only tangentially involved, I thought it'd be nice to try to nail one down for if players are trying to play them. 

Now, based on what we know from the most recent AMA, Temple Dogs draw their power from thresholds.  At it's most restrictive, this could translate to them only using their Inhuman Recovery when they're within, or near their "place of power" (as Lea puts it).  I imagine a lot of people would find this really restrictive - Especially if they're wanting to play something reminiscent of Mouse, who we know cheats.  They're wanting to play superdog, not the glorified security guard.

We could probably widen this a bit by also allowing it to work when protecting someone who shares a home with them.  This more closely reflects the way Mouse acts in the series, where he's able to pull out some pretty intense superheroics when his friends and family are in danger.  Unfortunately, this gets quite clumsy to phrase, which is a bit of a pain.

Thoughts on the matter?  I'd rather avoid dropping the Catch altogether - The book is quite clear that it's a pretty potent power. 

DFRPG / What do you wish you'd known when you started?
« on: August 12, 2012, 11:49:20 PM »
I'm looking at venturing into DFRPG.  I've gotten to the stage where I feel vaguely comfortable with most of the rules (I'm going to go through the spellcasting again), but I'm mostly curious as to what works and what doesn't.

Is there anything that's widely considered gamebreakingly powerful?  Character-gimpingly weak?

Any houserules that are basically taken for granted? 

I'm sure there's plenty more, but I'm about to go to bed.  Basically, what is it that you've learned over hours or even days of play that you can pass on to smooth my group's beginnings.

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