Author Topic: Questions Specifically for Jim, Part 3  (Read 53677 times)

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Re: Questions Specifically for Jim, Part 3
« Reply #495 on: May 07, 2011, 02:35:43 AM »
Well, to be fair, it kinda sounded like Jim was joking when said he wanted to call it Dead-- although I can definitely see how he could like the idea and want to use it. If I'd picked up a Dresden book with that title, knowing how Changes ended, it would've made me laugh. The change also would've helped drive home the idea that the changes in Changes were permanent, and things weren't going to go back to normal just because that book ended.

I like Ghost Story for a title too, though, so either one works for me.
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Re: Questions Specifically for Jim, Part 3
« Reply #496 on: May 17, 2011, 02:09:08 PM »

Back in January at MarsCon you mentioned that since a couple of the Dresden short stories weren't available to include in Side Jobs, you were considering a second short story anthology.  You asked the folks present for stories people would like to read/questions we'd like to have answered.  I had a thought on this yesterday.

I'd like to see a short story told from Molly's perspective.  It would take place after Changes.  By way of introduction, she'd need to talk a little bit about how she'd had a crush on Harry since she was a young teen and how she was too embarassed to go to him as soon as her magic started to come in and how her crush has evolved into something deeper.  She could also talk about how she felt about
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in Turn Coat and
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.  I don't know what the major conflict could be, but a discussion with Michael, Charity, and Fr Forthill about
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would fit in nicely, don't you think? 
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Just an idea, some threads I'd love to see woven together.


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Re: Questions Specifically for Jim, Part 3
« Reply #497 on: May 21, 2011, 05:48:01 AM »
I have a question about the Dresdenverse for Jim- okay, I have a whole boatload of them, but here's the one I'd most like answered.  The White Council uses the term 'mortal wizard', rather than 'human wizard', lots of times to describe it's members and areas of influence (mortal practitioners in White Knight, a few other places).  This doesn't seem too confusing- like the Fae, older wizards probably never get out of the old speech habits, and word things accordingly.  However, this raises my question- what does this mean for animals?  They would certainly qualify as 'moral'.  Outside of the Dresdenverse, there are legends about animals who wield magical powers (Native American legends of the coyote, Japanese legends of kitsune or long-lived cats, etc), and while these could easily be explained in the Dresdenverse as non-mortal creatures (the White Court of vampires seem to have several similarities to kitsune, for instance, and I can't help but think there was some hint towards this with the name Inari, but it's entirely possible I'm just reading too far into a coincidence), we do have in Terra West an example within the Dresden universe of an animal gaining magical abilities.  Terra reminded me of something on the level of the Alphas- she's learned enough magic to do one trick really well- but this would imply the possibility for animals to gain even more power (through whatever means Terra did).

So, finally, my question is, if an animal was able to gain enough magical talent, would it be eligible for entry to the White Council as a wizard?  Would it be subject to the same Laws of Magic, and would those rules carry over to members of it's species as well (would a bear wizard be considered a warlock if it used magic to kill another bear, or would it be allowed to mind twist humans into leaving it alone since they aren't bears)?  I am quite sure you won't come out and tell us if any of the wizards currently in the Council are actually animals- if there are any, I'm sure there's a point to that that will be revealed quite dramatically later, and if there aren't any, well, why ruin an opportunity to keep us guessing- but I am curious as to the possibility of it from the way the terms are worded.

I also can see a certain irony in the possibility of a bat wizard having been involved with the war against the Red Court.

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