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DFRPG / Re: Real heavy weapons/armor?
« on: August 10, 2010, 04:26:07 AM »
The handle is also made of the same space-age metal alloy. Iron could hold, but I am not sure. But the handle also being just as dense actually improves balance by distributing the weight a bit more evenly.

Unobtanium I am guessing?

Problem is 2" diameter is squat for strength when trying to use it as a handle for a 1-2 ton weight ...

... plus the acceleration and the impact.


here is why:
Iron has a shear modulus of 82 GPa, Tungsten 161 GPa.
Basically that means if iron can't handle a 500# load then Tungsten won't handle a 1000# load.

Hickory runs 14.8MPa for shear or roughly 0.0146GPa IIRC.  That would put tungsten at maybe x10,000 of Hickory which means it SHOUL handle the shear, but Hickory has a MOE of 15.583 GPa as well although Tungsten is probably only running at 411 GPa which puts Tungsten at only 30x more resistant than Hickory and thus the 1000#-3000# head severely questionable compared to a 3#-6# sledge with a 2" diam hickory handle (aka, it may handle the shear, but there are other stresses involved as well).

Dresden is able to pull off what he does by obeying the laws of physics.  These include things like shear strength and exploiting the weakest (or least protected) points.

DFRPG / Re: Real heavy weapons/armor?
« on: August 10, 2010, 04:13:43 AM »
Its pretty tough to swing around a weapon that weighs a significant fraction of your mass.   I'd say over half of your weight and swinging that thing would send you flying off balance.


Heck, most zweihanders ran only 4-7 pounds in weight (ceremonial ones up to 16 pounds).
Battle axes tend to weigh under 6 pounds and even the Danish axes tended to weigh only 2-4 pounds.

You can purchase a Briar Axe from Lowes ... weight 4.6 pounds (36" handle).  I could see having a slightly heavier blade and it still being wieldable, but not too much heavier or the user would not be able to make an attack per second +/- (faster if striking for speed to distract, hook, or accomplish other such result).

There is a HUGE difference between being able to pick something up, being able to toss it a small distance, and being able wield it as a weapon and not get overbalanced by it.

Remember, E=MC^2 so once the mass is moving any appreciable speed it starts throwing you rather than you diverting its direction.

DFRPG / Re: Real heavy weapons/armor?
« on: August 10, 2010, 03:42:37 AM »
If all you have is a hammer:
Imagine a hammer with a handle two inches thick and a bit over three feet long, with a head two feet wide and one foot thick. It is a large hammer, yes? Were it made from iron, it would weigh about half a ton. Were it made from tungsten alloy, a material nearly three times heavier and several times tougher than steel, it would weigh about a ton and a half... and superstrong faeries like Ogres and Trolls would have no problems touching it. Being hit by it would be as bad as being run over by a mack truck going fifty.
What kind of weapon rating would you give that?


The handle is 2 inches thick and 3' long.

For an article I wrote I did a break test on an 8' pine 2x4 with good grain and it held (IIRC) 500+ pounds of people at the center but sheared when we bounced slightly.  Given that test I know that a pine handle 3' long would tend to shear if the weight was greater than say 600 pounds were at one end.  The strongest wood I know would shear at around 2000 pounds of weight and we haven't even talked about impact yet!  Hickory is much stronger than pine yet it is not uncommon break hickory handles on even a 6 pound sledge if the handle strikes rather than the maul or axe head.  So, you are talking about 1000#-3000# hammer head which would mean that a typical hickory handle would be more like 25"+ diameter handle to handle the load properly.

Toon physics do not aid in suspension of disbelief.

DFRPG / Re: What Is the Purpose of An Arcane Library?
« on: July 31, 2010, 03:33:08 PM »
That is how it looks, unless the developers come in and say I am completely off the mark.

Hope this helps someone else.
I know this gave me fits for a couple days tracking it all down
initially since I want to play a Thaumaturgist and NEED ways to get those complexities down!!

Thank you.  I had already located most of these but it is good to have them all gathered in one place! :)  Also, I figure my response is a good way to help your post stand out.

To reiterate and expand slightly, beyond the sections on spellcasting the following is a list of applicable pages on workspaces probably applicable to researching or building things using arcane labs & arcane sanctums including possible ramifications if they are insufficient:

  • pp.139-140 has basic information on workspaces (library, lab, workshop, arcane library, arcane sanctum)
  • p.141 has brief blurb on Research & Lab Work, etc, which may be of use
  • p.249 has information on preparation in Tools & Trappings.
  • p.312 has information of the affects of being Ill-Prepared (which is likely what having too low level a lab or library would cause)
  • p.320 has more on prep and workspaces.  In this case it is talking about workshops but still applicable. Also on Jury-Rigging.
  • I would also add pp.322-323 on Resources which includes info on the probable legality of items, etc.

So, hope that all helps some :)

DFRPG / Re: Programming Character sheets
« on: July 30, 2010, 05:52:35 AM »
Okay... I was thinking on handling this a little differently, rather than looking for Wingding characters... perhaps actual checkboxes, or at the very least an "X" or "x" in the selection column...

Wingdings "x" is a box with an "x" in it.  T"n" is a filled box and "o" is an open box, so x & o work instead of l & m if you rather.

DFRPG / Programming Character sheets
« on: July 29, 2010, 02:52:06 AM »
Given the "writable character sheet" thread is up to 5 pages I figured I start a whole new thread on programming character sheets.

Why?  Because a number of us may have some programming tips to pass on :)

Here is one:

Wingdings "m" creates a blank circle, Wingdings lower case "L" a filled in circle.
If you want check boxes you can look through the other Wingdings characters and select.

If you are making a character sheet in Excel or Open Office and you want to create a selectable list that can be automatically transferred into a character sheet you can use Wingdings m's & l's to indicate selection then use a numerical incrementation to pinpoint what values you want in, then the vlookup function to put things in the right spot.  Example:  You want to allow the players to be able to select three of the following 8 powers, but you don't know which they will select.  Below the player has selected powers 2, 5, and 7


.. 1  Power List
m 1 <power 1>
l 1 <power 2>
m 2 <power 3>
m 2 <power 4>
l 2 <power 5>
m 3 <power 6>
l 3 <power 7>
m 4 <power 8>
.. 4  <blank>

The cell for the powers (PowerLst) calls a table that includes the number list and powers (not the m's or L's).

So, the formula =vlookup(1;PowerLst;2) will yield <power 2> since that is the last call with a 1 and  =vlookup(2;PowerLst;2) will yield <power 5> and  =vlookup(3;PowerLst;2) will yield <power 7> in the example above.  Therefore a non-printable "Creation Worksheet" can be created without using any macros and yet you can still drop all the proper powers into the "Character Sheet" even if you don't know what the player may select.  Only requires the powers list and refresh costs to be coded.

Additional coding can be created to handle specialties (using a numeric), etc.

I hope this also serves to explain why it can take a while to do ... lots of typing.

Furthermore, since it would copy longer selections from the book it may be considered to be a type of infringement on EvilHat's copyright and thus why I would rather mention here HOW it can be done rather than distribute such a sheet.

Well, good luck, happy programming, and I hop others use this thread for other helpful character sheet programming suggestions as well as additional questions/comments of character sheets as well as other sheets (city, etc)  :)

DFRPG / Re: Writeable/Safeable Char. Sheet?
« on: July 28, 2010, 07:43:04 PM »
Not bad with the Open Office one either... but a fair amount of room for improvement

There is ALWAYS room for improvement.
The Open Office one was designed to mimic the book sheet.  I will see about cleaning up my advanced one today and sending it to Tsunami.

I hope others find the spreadsheets useful and use them as a basis to design better versions :)

Once I get this done and working (and then perhaps port it into OpenOffice), perhaps I'll work on a City Building workbook.

I got a few so I can send those in today as well :)

Edit: Copies sent

and here is an image of a revised Character Phases sheet I am toying with.  It would allow room for additional stories, likely usable for when Aspects change (to record the changes) when certain plateaus are reached.  Not "finished" yet because I am still debating what else should be tracked, etc.

DFRPG / Re: City Sheets - An Alternate View / Sheet
« on: July 28, 2010, 06:09:18 AM »
I wanted to say thanks for putting this in as an alternative to just having the City locations - I'm stating out New York City right now and having a huge problem breaking down the city. While most cities are vast, New York takes it to a whole new level with boroughs, counties, neighborhoods, and then locations to do... it's a big issue. So it's kind of vast and daunting. This new breakdown level will help a LOT.

I was running into the same problem stating out a fictional city based on Milwaukee so I well imagine :)

DFRPG / Re: Writeable/Safeable Char. Sheet?
« on: July 28, 2010, 06:07:50 AM »
If I may, at some point I may want to improve on this a bit, make it a bit more automatic, throw in some drop-down boxes for selections, and the like...

Good work on it though.

Purpose in the Character set was just to replicate what exists.  The next "hurdle" is to try and improve, to wit I already have a prototype for the "character sheet" so my next part would be to improve the Phases Worksheet into more of a Story Log so that new characters can be introduced and possibly changes (or at least milestones) recorded as stories ... possibly with Fate Point bonuses for doing so.

Will also try hand at the expanded character sheet request (above) as well.

DFRPG / Re: Historic Dresden Files
« on: July 27, 2010, 06:04:19 AM »
I am planning my game to be a "Roaring 20's meets Sky Captain" with gang warfare in full swing, dirigibles in the air along side older planes (fewer jets as larger percent of population & many captains of industry prefers boats, trains and dirigibles for some odd reason), steam powered cars, and so on, yet set closer to the "modern day" in many ways.

In other words, since Dresden is written in the style of Mike Hammer, etc, it feels more right in a similar era, at least when I am running it.  :)

DFRPG / Re: City Sheets - An Alternate View / Sheet
« on: July 26, 2010, 04:40:28 PM »
I don't think we need the 4 different mid levels down here, stuff is much smaller but I an see how in a large city that would be useful: New York/Brooklyn/Prospect Park Area/Rock Arch Bridge since each area has its own character around the location.

Well, there are neighborhoods and then there are neighborhoods.  I know of a local village of under 7K that has AT LEAST 3 distinct residential neighborhoods (likely more).  You have south of the highway, north of the highway, the highway business corridor, the industrial district, then the norther residential areas, the northern business areas, and the agricultural areas ... all in one village.  As soon as you are talking villages then the game would likely span a township (6mix6mi+/-) if not an entire county (often 8 townships +/-) which could lead to the County being the main "city", and then individual townships, towns, villages and neighborhoods in the middle and then locations in those subsets.  In some areas a neighborhood could be a single subdivision (newer, older, etc) or a commercial zone along a road and a district could be a few clustered subdivisions.

In other words I think 4 is a good number not because it applies universally everywhere but rather that it allows for more generic structures.  Hopefully they will be of use to some eventually.  :)

DFRPG / Re: Writeable/Safeable Char. Sheet?
« on: July 26, 2010, 03:57:57 PM »
Yeah, a couple of games are going on at high levels. 60 skills and between 16 and 18 Refresh seems to be typical "Ridiculously Deep" level, but each individual game will have it's own variants. Heck, a starting Submerged game will likely get there eventually...

If people send me (PM, post & link, etc) an expanded table of the caps, skill points, and refresh I can program them in. :)  I can almost make Excel / Open Office stand up and dance the jig given sufficient information (and I avoid Macros where possible so it stays more portable).

For a good example, look at the Kalamar Atlas and realize that other than cities & towns listed in the KoK CS and other published works ALL of the towns and villages in the Kalamar Atlas, including distribution by size, were all randomly named using the various Kalamar naming conventions and assigned populations (with naming conventions held and varied for population size) using a spreadsheet.  Might not sound that impressive until you realize that due to the cut off determined by Dave maybe 80% of the named villages (down to 10 population) were not used.   ;D   Yup, I am one insane Dwarf.

So, people can feel free to PM me what they would like to see on character sheets (what works, what doesn't) and I will look at the PMs and contemplate adding such to modified generic sheets.  It may take me months depending on work loads, but I am game for it at least for the anon.

DFRPG / Re: Writeable/Safeable Char. Sheet?
« on: July 26, 2010, 02:35:31 PM »
Can you tweek it to include Fantastic for the skills section?

Can I? ... Yes.

Why?  Has somebody developed character progression beyond Submerged?
(if so I would like to see the table :) )

DFRPG / Re: Writeable/Safeable Char. Sheet?
« on: July 26, 2010, 05:04:26 AM »
Just gotta figure out how to restrict certain files for anonymous downloads (like your sheet). I don't think it'd be fair to have everyone register for my site just to be able to download your sheet :)  (it's setup using Tiki-Wiki CMS, and contains all my notes not just for Dresden, but also my Doctor Who campaigns)...

I'll PM ya once I get it sorted :)

Well, until such time here is a sample ... an image of a character in an alternate format I have been tweaking.  I have a more pure version as well, but what's the point of posting THAT image? ;)

Sorry for the small scale as I had to shrink the zoom to fit it all in.
I condensed Aspects a bit to fit the power level stuff up there.  It is obvious I have to reexamine the nested IF-THEN-ELSE statements for Skill Cap and bonus as they are reading incorrectly (yah, this form has them set on automatic ... also counts skills, calculates points spend and available, and handles the Fate points all automatically, as well as calculating Stress based on input skill levels (next task is to automate that)).

I added sections for Items, Skill Notes, and expanded armor.  Will almost certainly tweak more as I go along.
Yep, Caricature is an intentional misspelling.

DFRPG / Re: City Sheets - An Alternate View / Sheet
« on: July 26, 2010, 04:51:45 AM »
OK, since that worked I am adding a blank for two Neighborhoods / Districts

This way people have a template and an example to follow if they wish.  I am now planning to remove Idea and Aspect and replace with "Themes" (with 3 lines for them).

Please feel free to post comments and such.  Hopefully when people start having websites we can start posting these spreadsheets and such.  If anyone at Evilhat wants copies to post officially please send me a PM.  Ditto for Jim.

Character Sheet design is an ongoing process with me  ;D

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