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DF Books / Re: Just finished reading Peace Talks
« on: August 22, 2020, 08:45:21 PM »
I finished reading the 340 pages of PT and I was not happy with the ending.  After 5 years of waiting then this?  And now when Battle Ground comes out next month I need to shell out another $28 to finish reading it.  Not sure what's going on here.  After the 630 pages of The Aeronaut's Windlass for a nickle less, I feel a bit used.

I hope Battle Ground makes up for it in content.  And yes, I am waiting for the next book in the Cinder Spires series as well! 

Site Suggestions & Support / Allow MOD conact without logging in
« on: August 20, 2020, 04:29:01 PM »
I first registered way back in 2011 as aoresteen.  In 2013 I moved and changed ISPs losing my old email address (  In the meantime I forgot my password so when I tried to reset it, the reset email was sent to an email that has been dead for 9 years and I could not access it.  Catch-22.

So the only thing I could do is open a new account as aoresteen2.

The same thing happened to my Linked-In account.  They have an account recovery process that allows the user to re-gain access to the account.  I had to send them a scan of my passport to prove who I was.

So is there a way to merge my new account with my new account and go back to using aoresteen?


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