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DFRPG / Custom Fate Cards
« on: October 12, 2011, 01:14:12 AM »
Whipped these up last night for a game I am going to run with new players to the Fate system.  My thought process was that poker chips are fine for experienced people, but a card with "reminder text" of what fate points can be used for would be helpful.  I am curious what others think.

DFRPG / [Playdohmancy] 101 Magical Uses for Playdoh?
« on: June 29, 2010, 11:38:04 PM »
Simon reached into the small knapsack at his side and with drew a zip lock baggy.  It contained a single ball of play grey playdoh.  His colleague looked at him funny.  "101 wizarding uses," Simon grinned, "Stick around long enough you might see me use them all."


Simon pulled a small piece of playdoh from the ball he carried with him, and smashed it against the glass office window.  Modern electronic surveillance equipment didn't like his wizards aura.  But Simon had read about the basic workings and managed a spell that had a similar result.  Walking back to the parking ramp he fashioned the remaining playdoh into a rough bowl and forced his will into it.  Sound vibrated things.  Such as the Window, and such as the playdoh.  The small chunk on the window was "connected" in spirit to the bowl of playdoh he now held to his ear. 
"You hear the ocean?" asked his colleague. 
"No," Simon shushed.  "I hear the phone conversation. They are ordering lunch, but we will soon know more about them."


"We are going to loose them," Simon's colleague shouted.  "You will never be able to hit them with any magical mojo in all this traffic."
"Don't worry." Simon reassured the youth, as he pulled out his ball of Playdoh.
"That again?"
"Before they took off, I placed a little bit under the caps of their valve pressure stems." Simon stated, drawing in power and focusing on the ball of playdoh he held in his hands.  "Figured I could use it as a tracking spell.  But this will be more fun."  Simon began whispering words of power, words of fire, and words of destruction.  Once enough had collected at the points on the vehicle ahead of them, he released the link.  The small pops of energy ruptured the valves on all four tires and the speeding vehicle slowed to a stop.


Walkie Talkies
Targeting points
Trackable Item
Ritual Circle
voodoo doll

Anyone got any others?

DFRPG / Real World Events - with a Dresden Twist?
« on: May 13, 2010, 02:24:58 AM »
Earth Magic at work?  Wonder who got mad at who?

DFRPG / Opinion. Did I handle walking on air right?
« on: May 11, 2010, 02:53:36 AM »
First off I realize that Fate is a loose system and you go with what works at the time.  But . . . I always second guess myself after.

One of my players is doing a martial arts style character.  He has faith in KI powers so that is what drives his magic.  Simple enough to say KI can shield him from attacks (shield) and his punches can hit at distance (blast).  He took the focused practitioner, element spirit.

A point in the game came up where he wanted to pull off a wushu style move of walking on air to get to a second story window that was open.  I figured that he could jump 4 feet up to a shield of force/KI, then four feet to a second shield of force/KI, and a final four feet to grab the ledge of the window and pull himself in, which would also need a athletics roll at -2 because it was a second action.  1 action to create the steps and 1 action to navigate the steps.  I figured the Shields would need at minimum a Block:2.  His character could use 4 energy and control it without rolling so I allowed him to create the steps and simply take 1 stress.  Then he had to make a superb (+5) athletics check.  Which he succeeded at only because he spent a fate point and used one of his aspects.

It worked at the time.  However, thinking back on it, did I make it too easy, and would a Block:2 support someones weight?

Thanks in Advance!

DFRPG / Welcome to Fate - Introductory Adventure
« on: April 30, 2010, 12:17:20 AM »
First off let me just state that I have never played FATE, and in our group looks like I will be the Storyteller.  I am pumped!

So to that end . . . I am attempting to create a short Introductory Adventure.  Something that has all the basic items that can happen in a game, so the players can learn the system as well as teaching myself. 

Goal: Cover the basics in a short story, and then get into the more advanced pieces during the campaign.
Question: What are the major bits that need to be included?

Scene 1
Compels, Declarations, and Aspect Tagging. (How Fate chips work)
Scene 2
Social contest (indirect beat downs)
Scene 3
Physical contest with a single zone (direct beat downs)
Scene 4
Skill usage (I can do what?)
Scene 5
Free for all Climatic ending (The BBG confrontation, multiple zones, multiple avenues of contest, fear death instilled.)

But, What else? 

Thanks in advance,

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