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DFRPG / Two Spirt Form Questions
« on: August 06, 2010, 08:05:26 AM »
One of my part-time players is getting her current character phased out and we've decided that an upcoming NPC ghost that will be at the center of a few different game nights will work perfectly. Most of the character side of things is worked out, and now I'm just doing the stating.

I'm working on the powers and Spirit Form raised two questions in my head.

1) Does Spirit Form allow ghosts to fly? The Insubstantial effect mentions being able to move through walls, so there is no problem with the moving through the ceiling part. I'm wondering specifically if it allows the "ghost" to fly up like the Wings power. The Insubstantial effect also says that "most" borders are reduced to zero, so I'm thinking that would include the borders above you.

For my games I would rule it lets you fly, but I'm wondering if others think there is any BS factor there that one player might call if another player took Spirit Form?

2) Does the Poltergeist upgrade grant telekinesis like ability? As the upgrade reads I'm thinking no. It says that Conviction replaces Might "to move heavy things", but beyond that it talks about manifesting with ectoplasm and physically interacting with stuff. That all seems to mean that you are becoming physical-ish and able to interact as such. The part that made me wonder was the section on the Chicago Library Ghost in Our World where it says, "Powers: Standard ghost powers, with emphasis on telekinesis (via the Poltergeist upgrade on Spirit Form)."

Again, for the purposes of my game I'm ruling that the upgrade lets you do telekinetic stuff. But does that seem like what was intended?

DFRPG / [Tool] The Fudge Roller: Dice Rolling Utility
« on: July 10, 2010, 05:56:11 AM »
Took a few days and worked up a page to roll fudge dice. It was fun to make and I was able to learn a thing or two along the way. Give it a try and let me know what ya think and feel free to offer some suggestions for additional dice colors. :)

The Fudge Roller

If, like me, your dice get lost faster then keys, sunglasses, or water-weight, no longer will you be forced to roll your virtual fudge dice with something that is either to complex to be worth the time or so simplistic it is a chore to use. The DFRPG Fan Resources Web-Site is proud to present The Fudge Roller, a dice rolling utility.

Unlike most dice rollers, clicking the roll button on The Fudge Roller doesn't simply display the next set of random numbers. Instead, each die tumbles, going trough several different values before settling on the final result. Much more natural and entertaining to be sure. It doesn't stop there either, how many times the dice will tumble is random and both the lowest and highest number of possible tumbles can be changed before each roll. As frosting on the proverbial fudge cake, there are over half a dozen different colors of dice to select from for that little extra flare.

As if that wasn't enough. A roll can be stopped at any time (usually desirable when you enter huge number of tumbles just for fun or didn't mean to roll to begin with). While rolling, a count is displayed of how many tumbles the dice have taken so far. When the roll is over, the totaled result is displayed for ease of reference. Last, though certainly not least, one or more dice can be locked down with a click so they don't change during re-rolls.

DFRPG / [Template] Undying
« on: July 08, 2010, 08:50:38 AM »
This template is for a type of character that I've used in almost every campaign since I was in high-school. The concept is based on a short story I read somewhere, I think it was on some BBS, but I haven't been able to find it with google, so it may be lost forever to me. The closest comparison I can point to is Jack Harkness from Torchwood in the Doctor Who universe, but without all the Doctor Who-specific stuff.

I'll quote the Template's first paragraph to give you the basic idea.
It is said there are two things no one can avoid, death and taxes. Well, Undying are the exception to the former. To say it again. They. Can. NOT. Die. If you cut off the head of an Undying and set that head on fire, all that you would accomplish is to create a burning head screaming in pain. They may not die, but they bleed and feel pain like anyone else.

Anyway, with much help from everyone in the Jack Harkness thread, I was able to cobble together what I think is a very cool Template. So here is a link to the web-pages for the Template and its one custom Power. Have fun, not being able to die (or being forced to live depending on your view point) makes a very interesting character and I've always enjoyed them. :D

Undying Template
Deathless Power

DFRPG / Sample Stunts
« on: June 11, 2010, 05:15:10 AM »
Stunts are something I'm going to need a lot of. My players tend to latch onto small things - draw a gun fast and train horses being two examples - and build great rp out of them. Stunts seem to be a wonderful (and it seems the intended) way to represent such things.

I'm going to post stunts as examples and to get feedback to make sure I'm following the rules. If anyone else has stunts they need help with or just want to post up feel free, it's always nice to see what other people put together.

Here are a few stunts for an upcoming rp. Its a small intro campaign in about 1878 and focuses around a gunfighter and a horse trainer.



Quick-Draw Artist: When a gun is easily accessible drawing barely rates an after-thought. No penalty is taken when a gun is drawn as a supplemental action (page YS:213) and any contest having to do with your ability or speed of drawing a firearm receive a +1 on the roll.

Dual-Wielding Gunslinger: A gun in each hand throws more lead down range, but you have to know how to do it. Normally, you may only take the damage bonus from one gun on a successful hit; with this stunt, you may add half of the second firearm's bonus as well (round up).

Disarming Shot: Why don't you just shoot the weapon out of his hand? Disarming (page YS:208) a target by use of a firearm gains a +2 (gain +1 instead if disarming with a gunshot is "a bit silly" in your story) to the Guns roll.



Animal Trainer (Specify): Go on, you know you want to whisper to it. Gain +1 when rolling Survival for Animal Handling or, where relevant, Riding (page 143) when dealing with a particular broad type of animal (birds, dogs, cats, horses) specified at the time you take this stunt. For efforts related to training the specified animal type, gain an additional +1 bonus or decrease the time need by one increment.

Strip the Flesh: Careful, don't sour the meat. Experienced at dressing a carcass, you gain +2 on Survival rolls related to acquiring usable materials from a body.

EDIT: Updated stunts as advised by posts.

DFRPG / Online Character Worksheet - Alpha
« on: May 01, 2010, 12:00:19 AM »
Worksheet to output Dresden Files RPG characters into various formats such as, TXT, BBCode, HTML, and XML. Currently, Character and Player Name, Template, Musts, High Concept, Trouble, all five Phases, the twenty-five canon Skills, up to ten Stunts, up to ten Powers, and general notes can all be entered into the form. The values of Skills and the cost of Stunts and Powers can all range from ten to negative ten.

The entered data can be automagically formatted into TXT, BBCode, and HTML output. The output in XML format is under development and the loading in of data from output XML will also be supported. In addition, the output can be of either the simple type, which includes only Aspects of each Phase and omits all unset values, or of the full type, which includes all data fields and substitutes a single question-mark for all unset values.

The page is broken up into different sections, similar to the official character worksheet in the source books. Each section is made up of a header and a body. The visibility of the section body can be toggled at any time by clicking various places on the header, allowing sections to be hidden when they are not needed, and shown when they are.

The Worksheet page is written entirely in JavaScript, so if you have JavaScript disabled then you will have to enable it for the page. There are no advertisements of any kind and all scripting is done to provide the functionality of the page without requiring the page to constantly reload.

This project is in an active alpha stage of development. This means that the page may change. New things may appear and vanish just as quickly, the layout or colors may vary, but this will not happen often as the majority of development and testing is done offline. If something does happen, and the page blows up on you (or its just not there), just wait a few minutes, a new subversion is probably being uploaded and tested.

Online Character Worksheet - v2 Alpha (v2.0)

I seem to have a lot of problems connecting to this site, and I like to keep notes, ideas, and progress on my project threads, so I started a temporary one elsewhere. It contains random details of the page, what I'm working on, and various example outputs and what they look like when displayed. I will update this post, and add a new post about progress, when I can, but the following linked thread is where you can find the most up-to-date info.

OCW Information

DFRPG Resource Collection / New Power Levels
« on: April 28, 2010, 11:51:19 PM »
I'm working on extending the Power Levels to cover each Refresh Rate from 1 to 10.

In the table below, the canon items are prefixed with a * character. The new items each list two names, the first follows the theme of water and the second follows the theme of transitioning from away from water to being "submerged".

I'm looking for opinions on which theme of names is better, as well as any advice or suggestions about the names, refresh rates, skill points, and skill caps. This is meant to be an extension, not a replacement, for the Power Levels, so changing the canon items is not an option. :)

EDIT: I've decide on a few of the names below, and have striked out the other name in those cases.
NamesRefresh RateSkill PointsSkill Cap
Hydrophobic and Proud or Under the Covers110Fair
Rain Doesn't Scare You or Out of the House210Fair
Playing in the Tub is Fun or Stuck in Traffic315Good
Almost Ready to Swim or Nearing the Shore415Good
King of the Water-park or Walking the Beach520Great
*Feet in the Water620Great
*Up to Your Waist725Great
Out of the Shallows or Into the Deep935Superb

Update (Friday, July 30, 2010): Tbora posted a nice Custom Power Level list on the second page of this thread. Though ideally an extended list wouldn't move any of the canon level names around, I totally understand the choice to do so since it makes the thematic path of the names up the levels tons easier. Good job and much thanks to Tbora. 8)

Here is the table for power levels I set up, because I could not really find a good way to work with the ones given in the books given what I was trying for.So I said to hell with it, and just built from the ground up.Hope you find it useful.

Custom Power Levels

NamesRefresh RateSkill PointsSkill Cap
Hydrophobic And Proud110Fair
Rain Doesn’t Scare Me210Fair
Playing In the Tub is Fun315Fair
Nearing the Shore415Good
Walking the Beach520Good
Feet in the Water620Good
Up To Your Knees725Great
At The Waist830Great
Chest Deep930Great
Neck High1035Superb
Bottom Of The Pool1240Superb
In Need of A Snorkel1345Superb
With The Fishes1445Fantastic
SCUBA Gear Time!1550Fantastic
Big Fish, Bigger Ocean1650Fantastic
Punched a Shark in the Nose!1755Fantastic
Wish I Had a Submarine...1860Fantastic
I Spy Atlantis!1960Epic
Swimming In Weeds2070Epic

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