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DF Books / The Butcher is tweeting
« on: April 30, 2022, 01:39:33 PM »

DF Books / Whatever happened to Jim's Twitter account???
« on: July 20, 2021, 06:48:43 PM »
... as it says above...

I know he didn't use it very often recently, but I sometimes looked at it.
Has he completely withdrawn from any social media or is it only Twitter? I didn't look anywhere else, that would be stalking  ;), but maybe someone knows.
Has there been anything from him in the last months? Online panels, interviews, pictures with the dog, anything?
I'm worried, he might not be OK ...

Cinder Spires Books / Olympian Affair - what's the current status?
« on: April 30, 2021, 03:09:38 PM »
So, has anybody found anything about how his advance is with Olympian Affair?
There has been no update on his website for 4 months. I've found nothing new on youtube.
I thought his progress with the book would be interesting to know. I mean like "is he still writing?"
"is he done writing and the editing process has begun?"
Things like that. ;)

DF Spoilers / Thomas [Spoilers PT & BG]
« on: October 26, 2020, 11:13:07 PM »

Or more specifically
Saving Thomas:

I would like to summarize what we have about possible methods of saving Thomas' life.

1.) Bigfoot method:

One or several of the Forest People would have to be convinced that they have to let Thomas feed of them.

In the Bigfoot on Campus short story Irwin Pounder is being fed upon by his girlfriend, a WCV and her first feeding wasn't lethal, because even as a halfling he was a lot stronger than any human.

Problem: they most certainly won't want that knowledge widespread. Especially not among the White Court. The WCV would hunt them down to gain a never ending food source.

2.) Method Demonreach:

Thomas is currently imprisoned on Demonreach. I remember a Word of Jim during the last months that certain aspects of a being can be freed from the prison while the rest of it still stays imprisoned.

This leads to my thought:
Can the human part of a WCV be freed from the prison and the demon part stay imprisoned? Can both survive that division?
As I understand, Thomas' Hunger is so overly starved that it only feeds from himself to heal the injuries. If the demon is imprisoned, Thomas human half could be freed to heal, maybe even to stay human for as long ad the demon is trapped in the prison.

Problem: He is not that old, maybe his human body will age until he reaches his biological age (45-50?). Maybe he could develop his rudimentary magical skills. OK, I see, this is not really a problem. ;)

This would be my favourite solution.

3.) Method Fae:

The Leanansidhe was able to make the RCV part of Susan and Martin sleep in [Blood Rites???].

Maybe she or another fae can do the same to a White Court Hunger Demon. Just as long as it takes for Thomas to heal on his own.

Problem: a bargain will have to be made.

But maybe Harry and Lara will have a say in their wedding gift by Mab.

I mean, it must be in Mab's best interest to have her spare Winter Knight intact.

What do you think? Any more ideas for possible saving methods. Any additional pros and cons?

Remember our discussions of the sample chapters of Peace Talks? The chapter in which McCoy tells Harry about the Council vote. We sort of thought, Harry would still be on the Council after Battle Ground.
Because the title "wizard of the White Council" is mentioned in the short story "Christmas Eve".

So, I read the short story as it is " printed" in my e-book. It is when Harry tries to assemble the bike and says to himself that it should not be a problem to [tadaaaaaa!!!!!!] "the Wizard of Chicago".
This confused me, so I compared with the older text, the illustrated one from the website. And in that version he indeed called himself "a wizard of the White Council".

I see you, Butcher! 8)

Do you think, Mr. Butcher hadn't decided yet in 2018, if Harry will be thrown out?
Or did he write "White Council" deliberately to not spoiler us readers?
Edit: or to mislead us?

So, I have finished the book. What kind of surprised me (though I thought something like this might happen one day, but was surprised that it happened so soon) was the marriage thing with Lara.
After thinking a while on how and if they are going to do that and what it would mean for future books and for Maggie, I had a revelation.

How sure are we that Mirror Mirror will be about parallel dimensions? Is there a WoJ that states this clearly and without doubt or was that just an interpretation that became "fact" over the years?
I can't find anything. The links keep redirecting me to Butcher's website.

I mean, I was asking myself, why naming the book twice "mirror"? Why not 6-letter-word +" mirror" or the other way around?

I have the feeling that this is becoming some kind of Snowwhite situation. What if "mirror mirror" is referring to the fairy tale and not to travelling through mirrors or mirror dimensions? Or not only?

I was thinking of "Mirror mirror on the wall...".
Lara is the beautiful evil queen. Maggie would be Snow white...
Don't know where this is leading, but it was just some idea in my head.

I would be careful if she offered me an apple. ;)

Hello, everybody.
I was wondering what the next chapter will be about. Up to now, in every chapter at least one new problem was introduced. Maybe some of you would like to speculate with me, what you think will happen in chapter 6? Let's see on Tuesday , if someone's got it right. :D

My guess is: Michael and Molly.

Harry goes to the Carpenters to take his daughter home. Molly comes, too. Molly, Michael and Charity have their talk about what Molly has really done since Cold Days. There will be guilty feelings from Harry, blaming each other for various consequences ... Maybe a fallout of some sort between Molly and her parents or Michael and Harry.
Something like that.

Now let us hear your guesses.

DF Spoilers / WAG McCoy [SPOILERS PT Ch4 + mf "Journal"]
« on: June 24, 2020, 07:07:18 AM »
Reading chapter 4 of Peace Talks, a maybe not so wild idea formed in my head.
Those who haven' t read the chapter 4 yet or the micro fiction "Journal". Beware: SPOILERS
I won't spoilerize them here, because it's already noted in the title.

Here it is:

In " Journal" Morgan wrote, that he watched over Harry, but he was away for a short period of time, and when he came back, Malcolm was already dead and Harry vanished. No traces, not even magical ones.
Having read ch. 4 now and how Eb reacted to Harry not having Maggie in a safe house, but raising her himself, and the implications how Eb might have done it with his daughter, I had the idea:
Eb knew about Harry from the beginning. To protect him and watch out if he ever becomes dangerous (mysterious star born) he instructed Morgan to watch over him.
And he had Justin in his mind as a teacher, if and when Harry's magic came.
But at the time he planned that, he didn't know yet what kind of guy Justin really was.
Somehow he got the impression that Malcolm's death would be coming soon (I don't want to believe, he killed him, so let's just say, he knew Malcolm was going to die or at least in danger of being killed).
Eb created a situation that sent Morgan away, so that he would have time to let Harry disappear. He had the power to do so. He was and is the blackstaff.
He created the dissapearing spell that way, that Harry could be found (by Justin) as soon as his magic came. To be properly instructed.
Only it didn't work out the way he planned, because Justin was a black sheep. Now Eb feels guilty about that.

If Harry's magic never came, he would have stayed hidden and protected. The way he created the protecting disappearance spell, Harry was protected until he could learn how to defend himself with magic. Justin was supposed to teach him properly.

I think he did a similar thing to Maggie sr.
Protecting her by hiding her, until her magic came, and then instructing her himself maybe with Lea's help to enable her to effectively protect herself from now on.

What do you think?

Edit: Yes, I know, in the microfiction Morgan said, Margaret asked him to watch out for her son, but I think, Eb had Morgan watch out for Margaret in the first place and knew she was pregnant, so he arranged that he watched out for the kid after her death, too.

The Bar / Weird? Pretty much.
« on: May 23, 2020, 08:35:08 PM »
Hello, all you wonderful weird people!!!

I started a new topic, because the last one has gotten pretty long, and invite all the weird folk to join and chat.

Weird? Probably. But just because you're weird, doesn't mean there isn't a bunch of other weird people about to chat with one another. ;D

DF Spoilers / Peace Talks cover art speculation
« on: August 20, 2019, 07:58:21 PM »
I just decided to create a new topic and just copied part of my text from another topic (about the colours of the covers).

What do you think, the cover of Peace Talks should look like, could look like or will look like?

I see it in the style of the previous covers: Mostly held in white.

Copied text from myself:

With the title in yellow or black.
In the background some kind of amphitheatre with lots of shadowy figures sitting and standing and Harry (with hat, because on the cover he always wears one) slowly walking towards them. With his back to the viewer.
This would be my cover.

Or more like the cover I could imagine the artist would paint.

Funny pun cover: Harry floating in the air like a yogi over a magic circle looking like a peace symbol. The chakras glowing in their special colours. Everything else in violet and pink. In the background fighting shadowy figures in angry red and grey tones, but Harry staying calm.

DF Spoilers / Changes and GS, CD, SG,... Kinkaid
« on: August 08, 2019, 03:03:56 PM »
Good mean everyone.

Does anyone know or is there a WoJ (because I couldn't find anything in the books), who paid Kinkaid for killing Harry in Changes?

Harry employed Kinkaid to shoot him (or did Molly make that call?), Molly invaded his mind to erase his memory. But who paid the mercenary?

Harry before being killed (with what money?)?


No one else knew.

Or does Harry owe Kinkaid still his payment. OK, technically he could say, mission not succeeded, no money.  ;)
Will we see Kinkaid trying to finish killing Harry, after years? Or was the mission: shoot the wizard in the heart and leave?

Sorry that I ask. All my books from Dead Beat onward are with a friend and her family, because I have succeeded in infecting the whole lot. ;)

DF Spoilers / Magic suppressing items
« on: April 24, 2019, 07:21:40 PM »
Hello, dear DF-Fans!
There is something I've been asking myself since the book (can't remember the title) where Harry is at the Larry Fowler Show with Ortega and the Priest. He is using a spell that suppresses bis magic. He has to concentrate a lot to keep it going.

And we know, there are at least two kinds oft thorn manacles (fae made and those with iron, Nicodemus used in Skin Game).

So maybe a wizard could make a magical item without thorns to keep a magic suppressing spell going, like for example the shield bracelet helps keeping the shield going.

That way a wizard could use technology if he wanted to. He would just have to activate bis suppressing bracelet/amulet/chosen focus item. Without pain.

What do you think?

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