Author Topic: How rich are they now?-SKIN GAME spoilers  (Read 2139 times)

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How rich are they now?-SKIN GAME spoilers
« on: April 18, 2019, 08:57:35 PM »
My question:
I am a fan of your work and while reading the here to in linked comic/what if article written by a funny yet surprising overly qualified cartoonist. I came to find it correlating rather strongly with a question I had about Skin game. How much are the diamonds worth that were brought back from the caper in the underworld?
My calculations of the Diamonds:
Judging from the less than explicit dimensions of the backpacks and that the one that was brought back was somewhere between Ĺ and ĺ full of diamonds, there is some wiggle room. Based on a quick search of camping back packs 60 to 70 Liters is about what you would expect from the volume of a full backpack. 40 Liters of Diamonds (or 4 shoeboxes of 10 Liters) of perfect quality (expect no less than the best from Hades) per the article would be around $4 Billion (assuming about 4 shoe boxes) and weight around 12 lb (with 6,666 Stones per box thatís 2.94 pounds per shoebox of diamonds.)
FYI one can of coke weights about the same as 2k carats of diamonds, Also, See article regarding trying to optimally store tiny round cut diamonds
How to get Liquid?:
Divided by 5 would still be much more that was expected per the details of Skin Game. Sold a bit at a time, considering that is coming from a mortal that is (I guessing in her 30ís) and we are talking about per box somewhere around 5.3 thousand diamonds, she would want them all sold in the next 70 years. So each person would likely be able to sell 6 diamonds per month making about $1.9 Million a month, faster with contacts in the criminal underworld or with the White Court. Considering Harry and murphy would have half that much and would likely get much less than they are worth, how rich are these individuals (Carpenter Family, Binder, Miss Valmont, Harry and Murphy) now?