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Dresden Files: Books in the series
« on: October 03, 2006, 01:11:58 PM »
The Books:
1.  Storm Front
2.  Fool Moon
3.  Grave Peril
4.  Summer Knight
5.  Death Masks
6.  Blood Rites
7.  Dead Beat
8.  Proven Guilty
9.  White Night
10.  Small Favor
11.  Turn Coat
12.  Changes
13.  Ghost Story

The Short Stories:  Listed here!

The Short Story Anthologies:
1.  Side Jobs

The Audio Books:
The Books:
1.  Storm Front
2.  Fool Moon
3.  Grave Peril
4.  Summer Knight
5.  Death Masks
6.  Blood Rites
7.  Dead Beat
8.  Proven Guilty
9.  White Night
10.  Small Favor
11.  Turn Coat
12.  Changes
13.  Ghost Story

The Omnibus Editions:
Omnibus editions of the books are also available, published by SFBC (Sci-Fi Book Club).  The texts appear complete and unedited.
1.  Wizard for Hire contains Storm Front, Fool Moon, and Grave Peril.
2.  Wizard by Trade contains Summer Knight and Death Masks.
3.  Wizard at Large contains Blood Rites and Dead Beat
4.  Wizard Under Fire contains Proven Guilty and White Night

(written by Priscellie)
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