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Supporting the Board
« on: February 22, 2008, 06:45:18 PM »
Hey, folks.

The recent outage was caused by this board going way over its fair share of CPU time on its server, again.  So I've gotten my provider to upgrade us to a "premium" server where we can use a fatter chunk of the CPU and memory without as much of a worry.  This has significantly increased the monthly server costs, but it's still well within the money the site takes in from advertising and store sales.

But that stuff needs to be sustained, and that's where you come in.

If you're interested in supporting the forums (completely optional, but appreciated!), here are the ways:

- Buy stuff from Amazon through the Jim Butcher Store.  Note!  Even if you aren't buying a book by Jim, clicking through to Amazon from the links on will tell Amazon that you came there from here -- and thus the site will get a small sales commission on whatever you buy, even stuff that's not books (so if you're eying that $500 exercise bicycle from Amazon, clicking through to Amazon from the store first is a big help).  Amazon's the biggest source of revenue supporting the site right now.  But the secondary sources are good too...

- Buy stuff from the Cafe Press shops (the t-shirts etc) from the Jim Butcher store.

- Buy the audio books of the Dresden Files from Buzzy Multimedia off of the Jim Butcher store.

- Click on the Google ads that show up at the top and bottom of any forum page (don't do it mindlessly, though -- click on stuff that grabs your interest, of course!).

If everyone does just a little of this, it will help sustain the site as it (and especially the forum) continues to grow.
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