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Kemmlers Heirs
« on: December 22, 2022, 12:38:06 PM »
Throw away line I just came across in Ghost Story:
"The Corpsetaker had once been part of the White Council sometime back before the French and Indian War."
Closest thing we've got to an identifiable date on Corpsetaker
Combine with Sir Stuart and wojs on eb langtry and LtW around the same time.
Some of evil bob and corpsetakers defences are clearly fomor based as well.

We know from luccios wild West story grevane was atleast around then.

Kemmler lead the Society of Thule I imagine in their search for Cthulhu they may have come across the Fomor while searching for 'The Deep Ones'

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Re: Kemmlers Heirs
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2022, 05:42:07 PM »
The Fomor were a nation of assorted outcasts, with Kemmlerís death those associated with him would have sought sanctuary with other powers. The Fomor are a good candidate. Corpsetaker clearly had an association with them, through Listen.

Nameless, who worked with Kemmler (rather than for like the heirs) sought asylum in Winter, but he appears to have been alone and his motives may have been to undermine Winter. If Nameless isnít Cowl (as Cowl scorned the Heirs and they scorned him) then his entry into Winter would have ultimately been to spy for the Fomor and the Heirs, that connection alone would have led the Heirs to be welcomed into the ranks of the Fomor. The Heirs however were largely wiped out in Grave Peril except Corpsetaker who met their final curtain in Ghost Story, but Nameless was still around at up to and beyond Battle Ground but had been expelled from Winter Lands following the events of Proven Guilty.

Did Nameless and Corpsetaker work together after Proven Guilty? If Nameless couldnít provide up to date intel then Corpsetaker had nothing new for the Fomor  which is why they were meh about helping Corpsetaker get a new body. Nameless isnít even inferred in Ghost Story (but neither is Cowl). Nameless would have a tremendous help to Corpsetaker powerful and resident in Chicago in claiming a new body, but apparently not called upon (another reason to think Nameless is Cowl, and his penetration of Winter was for the Black Council and not directly the Fomor).

I have always thought Listen was working for Cowl/Nameless rather than the Fomor, he was a double agent, not bound by Winter Law. In that case he may have been running interference for Cowl/Nameless with Corpsetaker ensuring Corpsetaker wasnít properly aided by the Fomor. The reason? Nameless is a Demi -god of Discord and is using the Fomor.