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Three Hearts and Three Lions
« on: April 21, 2021, 06:44:58 AM »
Check out this passage from Poul Anderson’s book, _Three Hearts and Three Lions_. 

A signboard hung from the gallery above the door. 
Holger read the florid script:
“Martinus Trimagestus Magister Magicae - Spells, Charms, Prophecies, Healing, Love Potions, Blessings, Curses, Everfull Purses, Special rates for parties.” 

3H&3L was published in 1961. 
I am reading it because it was mentioned as a source for a lot of the tropes that ended up in D&D, but given how that wizard advertisement is almost the opposite of Harry’s, I wonder if the book had an impact on Jim’s writing as well. 

(If you have an active Audible membership, you can get _Three Hearts and Three Lions_ for free.  It’s a fun story, and the reader does a good job characterizing and separating the voices.  A few have accents so thick that you really need to pay attention to get what they’re saying, until you get to know them.)