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Legion breakouts
« on: April 20, 2018, 05:46:01 PM »
I was re-reading the series again and I was trying to figure out the breakouts for some of the smaller sections of legion and their equivalent current counterpart.

We have File leaders, and Spears which I believe were a group of 8 mean.
However, the spears to files to centuries is the part that I am a little confused on.

This was the Roman legions breakouts based on my googling but I am curious what the Alera variations are:

 1st Cohort   800 ppl   5 Centuries
 2nd Cohort   480 ppl   6 Centuries
 3rd Cohort   481 ppl   6 Centuries
 4th Cohort   482 ppl   6 Centuries
 5th Cohort   483 ppl   6 Centuries
 6th Cohort   484 ppl   6 Centuries
 7th Cohort   485 ppl   6 Centuries
 8th Cohort   486 ppl   6 Centuries
 9th Cohort   487 ppl   6 Centuries
10th Cohort   488 ppl   6 Centuries