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« on: October 12, 2017, 03:16:43 AM »
I finally branched out and read all of Jim's other books, and like the Dresden Files, they are all awesome. I really loved the Codex Alera series, but my only gripe is never seeing Araris get to really kick some ass! Jim did a great job of building up this mysterious character, and when the time came to really see him in action...Tavi is the one who duels the lethal Phyrgiar! Other times where Araris could have fought, he is either knocked down by a pirate's boat, a wall crumbles on him, during another raid Phyrgiar gets the drop on him and stabs him through, or the vord Queen turns his metallic skin cold and he can't move! I must say, Araris was my favorite character, but I kept waiting for an epic battle with him...and it never happened! But hey, the books were still great and I will reread them after I go through the Dresden files again! Keep up the great stories!

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Re: Araris
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Going toe to toe with the Vord Queen and beating her at the blade doesn't count? What about mowing through Immortals or the Vord-taken-Canim?  The fight with Aldrick was impactful, too.

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Re: Araris
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Yeah, I was thinking about the fight with Aldrick too.  I thought that was great.
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