Author Topic: Feverthorn Jungle/CotS Hypothesis  (Read 3631 times)

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Feverthorn Jungle/CotS Hypothesis
« on: September 04, 2017, 11:03:14 PM »
Newbie here - first post ever! Just reread Codex Alera for the fourth time through and couldn't help but see what others thought. This relates to a quote from the Prologue in Book 6, First Lord's Fury.

From the beginning we learn that the croach didn't invade the Feverthorn Jungle. Aquitaine suspects it was "whatever the Children of the Sun [CotS] left behind has kept us out for 500 years...if we had more time, we could use that against them, somehow. I'm sure of it."

It's one thing to imagine what the CotS even are, but how to use whatever devices or enchantment they left against an enemy is a step further. 

I imagine if they really tried, they would have discovered that the CotS are not extinct, just wise enough to hide from Aleena attention, and that they may have been convinced to help the land of Alera itself to resist the croach. Though something tells me it would take more convincing than even the Icemen. Imagine if they didn't have to burn the land to the ground in retreat back to Calderon? It would have weakened the Queen herself to not yield the land to the croach, not to mention the effect on her armies. I imagine the CotS were not beings of great physical power and had abilities similar to woodcrafters, and perhaps even some fire. The CotS must have had a large empire if it "rotted back" to the Feverthorn, which is perhaps the center of their power. A great wood fury? Perhaps as old as Garados but not so homicidally senile? If only I could ask Alera herself... :D

If Aquitaine had the time, what do you think this would have looked like to turn the power of the Feverthorn onto the vord?