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Re: Magic wood(spoilers)
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I agree the soul of the ship is from the power crystal , Both folly and Master Ferus both commented on Predator's ship core before the upgrades got finished, and Grim said at the beginning of the book that every ship sound differently . I would also wager that with Predator's ship core being so much "older" that her consciousness may be more defined. thou that would also beg the question does the spire of a consciousness ( a slower one like Ents from LOTOR) with all the power the seem to manage to maintain their systems. I think ships would have closer bond with their ships spirit consider their partnership and function.  Though as forcaste of a possible plot point for the next books, if Predator ever gets into fight and get overall damage, I could for see crew making a comment about the Predator 2 feeling just like the old ship  if the are able so salvage her core for the new one. Thought that would feel a bit like Mass Effect 2 if i'm honest. still be interesting to read. know Jim he is never above blowing stuff up.