Author Topic: Worldbuilders 2015 - Calling All Paranetters  (Read 3819 times)

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Worldbuilders 2015 - Calling All Paranetters
« on: November 11, 2015, 04:51:25 AM »
Worldbuilders 2015 is underway and accepting donations.  This year they've made a point to mention that teams can be made.  There's no prize or anything, but I thought it'd be cool if Butcher's fans were represented.

In that sense, we've created a team called the Paranetters, which can be selected when making donations.  The page for the team is here ( 

For details on Worldbuilders and Heifer International, head over to Patrick Rothfuss' blog.  He's got a breakdown of all the prizes available to individual donors, deals on purchases that will go toward the drive, and discounts for other vendors contributing.