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Newbie orientation: Open for everyone!
« on: February 06, 2013, 03:14:22 AM »
First of all, some comments about the forum in general:

a)   You need to have 100 posts to be able to change your avatar
b)   Avatars should be not bigger than 150 x 150 pixels.
c)   In this section (Bar), threads are locked every 7 days and after a time they disappear. In other sections, the policy is that threads are locked every 30 days.
d)   WoJ means Word of Jim. That is, things that Jim Butcher has said
e)   MAEN: means “Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night”. We use it as a greeting, as we have people from all the time zones.
f)   The owner of the forum is Iago. He is awesome and he has the last word and the Fist of God. So you know, don’t argue with him
g)   The goddess of this forum is Priscellie, we usually worship her in her own thread, mainly with food.
h)   The moderators are the most powerful beings here, but they usually let us play in the Bar.
i)   Ms. Duck is a famous forum member who has strange theories about the books and is famous for her poetry…that most people follows with a bottle of Brain Bleach.
j)   Many posters have avatars or signatures mentioning Bob. That Bob was not the Dresden Files character, but a beloved and most respected member of the forum who is no longer in this world. His widow, Frogge, is still one of our most lovely members.
k)   We have a pun dumpster, a pun truck and pun related things, so puns are under your own risk.
l)   Sometimes we have theme weekends (i.e. tv characters) and change our avatars accordingly.
m) We have sections for pretty much everything: fanart, just art, advice for new writers, Dresden Files RPG, and so on.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DON'T POST ANY OF YOUR ORIGINAL WRITING WHERE JB (Jim Butcher, who is a member of the forum) CAN SEE IT.

Now: In some threads of the “Billy Game´s Den” section, we like to roleplay. Some of us have “forum personas” like balrogs, or wizards and sometimes what happens with them in some threads transpire to other threads. This is intended as an orientation guide for those who are interested. You don’t have to read all of this.

We have a thread called Unionizing Antiminionizing thread, or something like that (it changes, as it is not sticky). Here is the thing. Some…beings here like to force/seduce other members into minionhood. This Union is a group oriented to help. We are an important group and our members will not be recruited.

Some tips about here:

The punch has rampire spit in it. Chiroptera is a recruiter for the Red Court. She succeeded with Magnus, Grey Knight and Me Grimlock King (IIRC). Also, DocChaos, who is now a rampire, but it's not Chiro's minion.

Fireworks, a balrog, wants to rule the world. He has a lot of imps, servants, minions (NPC=non-player characters), etc. But I think only Annie Wilkes is her minion (forum member) now.

Also, Sir Huron Stone likes playing with explosives. If you see him running, RUN FASTER!!!
We have some historical threads:

a)   Hellfire Bar. The bar of Hell is owned by Persephone (of course) but as she is not around anymore, the bar is ruled by Warden John Marcone, her…closer associate. He is a VERY powerful being and a crimelord in the normal world. If he is not around, his delegate is Garrat, a wind god (who looks more or less like a gargoyle). The bar is accorded neutral territory, so no attacks, or recruitments there. Also, as it was historically a place to relax, the idea is to reduce the conflict. If you feel the need to fight, there is a saloon where physical fights are allowed and no real durable harm occurs. Sometimes, you can see in the Hellbar WJM sister, Lady Silver: Serenity. And she likes to have fun

b)   Weird (in the Bar section): It is a place where we speak about everything we want, but mostly out of character (ooc). The legitimate ruler is Pharaoh. Another VERY powerful being who is seldom online. The physical location is a volcano. SHOV; Secret Hollowed Out Volcano

c)   There is now a General OOC Thread we use to discuss general RP ins and outs . Feel free to use it for any long discussions related to Roleplaying.

Here is a link to a sticky thread with our characters bios (well, most of them, anyway),36866.0.html
If you have any doubt, feel free to ask. You can do it in Weird (Bar Section) or the OOC thread for RPG (Billy game’s den section). You can also open a thread in the “Story of Us” section.
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