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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
« Reply #165 on: November 26, 2011, 06:58:09 AM »
Alright, folks.

I gathered up every power I could find, stuck them into a list, and sorted them by type.

I think that this is the third draft of the list so far. It is 40 pages and 73 kilobytes long.

Dropbox link here.

Will post a copy to this thread, too.

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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
« Reply #166 on: November 26, 2011, 07:00:06 AM »


Description: Rather than one entity, your body is made from a multitude of lesser creatures, making you more difficult to harm.
Musts: This power comes with its own specific Catch (see page 185). If you suffer physical consequences, they must take into account the non-singular nature of your body; a demon with a body made from five-hundred-and-two stone crabs is unlikely to suffer a Broken Arm.
Skills Affected: Endurance, other physical skills.   
Chipping Away. Physical attacks cannot inflict more than one stress on you at a time; no matter how devastating the blow, it can only target a small part of your “body”. The effects of this power are applied after additions and subtractions from weapons and armour; wielding a sword will not appreciably increase one’s ability to fight off a swarm of bees (by the same token, bees do not classically benefit from wearing kevlar).
Specific Catch. Unlike other Toughness powers, Swarm Body comes with its own preset Catch, which offers no discount. The effects of this power are completely bypassed by area attacks; that is, those attacks that encompass a great majority of the target’s body. Diminutive insect swarms would be thus affected by sprayed insecticide, while a human-sized enemy would be vulnerable to flamethrowers or suitable evocations, and even larger swarms might require more extreme measures to seriously damage. Note that a clever maneuver might force a swarm into a confined space or formation, and thereby reduce the size of the attack necessary to harm it.

Description: You don't have a mind. Either you mindlessly obey others or you simply execute a complex program.
Musts: You must take an aspect to represent the thing that you use instead for a mind. For example, THE MERLIN'S PROPERTY or PROGRAMMED TO KILL.
Skills Affected: Mental and social skills
Note: This power requires excellent justification if taken by a character with positive refresh. Not for balance reasons, but for logical reasons. As such, this power is mostly unsuitable for player characters.
No Mind. As a mindless creature, you cannot be attacked mentally. Duh. You have no mental stress track and never take mental stress. You are not immune to social stress, but social attacks and maneuvers have no effect on your actions even if you are taken out. So unless someone wants to ruin your reputation or credibility, there's no point attacking you socially.
Incapable Of Thought. Not being able to think has its downsides. You may not use any skill trapping that, in the GM's opinion, involves thought.
Superior Instincts/Programming [-1]. The complexity of your program or your instincts is impressive. Select one skill trapping. Ignore the effects of Incapable Of Thought on that trapping. This trapping may be purchased multiple times.

Description: You are hollow. There's enough space inside you for a person to curl up in.
Skills Affected: None
Hollow. You may hide objects inside your body. This gives a +4 bonus to any attempt to conceal something.
Living Armour. You may place another character inside your body, if they are willing or helpless. While a character is inside you, you make their physical defense rolls for them. In addition, add your physical armour to theirs. Obviously, a character who is inside moves when you do. A character who is inside you may not take any non-mental actions without first escaping.
Size Limit. A normal-sized character with this power may contain up to one normal-sized human or an equivalent volume and mass of other matter. Diminutive size divides storage capacity by 10, while Hulking Size multiplies it by 10, Titanic Size multiplies it by 100, and Unthinkable Size multiplies it by 1000.
Bigger Inside [-1]. Multiply your storage capacity by 10.
Limited Freedom [-1]. Characters inside you may take social actions. This allows them to make maneuvers in combat.
Full Freedom [-1]. (Requires Limited Freedom) Characters inside you may act normally, with one exception: they may not move outside of you without first escaping.

Description: For whatever reason, people you grab stay grabbed without any effort from you.
Skills Affected: Might
Superior Hold. When you hold another character in a grapple, you may take a supplemental action to apply a Superior Hold to them. If you do so, you may continue to grapple them on subsequent turns without taking an action.
Swallow Whole. [+1] Gulp. You may only apply Superior Holds to characters smaller than you.

Description: For some reason, physical injury doesn't even bother you.
Skills Affected: Endurance, Discipline
Feel No Pain. You are immune to pain, and suffer no stress from attacks based on upon pain. You automatically succeed at any roll made to endure or ignore your own suffering. More importantly, your physical consequences cannot be tagged or invoked.
No Pain, Just Gain. It takes an excessive amount of punishment to put you down for good. You may take an additional mild physical consequence.

Description: You are not able to breathe air.
Musts: You must have the Aquatic power in order to take this one.
Skills Affected: Endurance
Not Amphibious. You can't survive outside of the water; if at any time you are not submerged you gain a "Suffocating" aspect. This aspect remains until you are once again able to breathe water. So long as you have that aspect, the enviroment makes a Fantastic (+6) physical attack against your Endurance each exchange. Once you concede or are taken out (falling unconscious), the attacks stop. However, the damage is already done; without medical attention and re-introduction into your necessary environment, you will soon die.

Description: You are very very very large. You are at least the size of a house, and at the very largest you stand as tall as a skyscraper.
Musts: You must have an aspect related to your size. Almost all characters with this power also have high levels of Strength and Toughness, but it's not actually required. Same goes for Long Reach.
Note: This ability is always in effect unless you can shapeshift.
Skills Affected: Fists, Weapons, Stealth, others
Very Easy To Hit, Very Hard To Hurt. You're a pretty big target, giving any attacker +2 to hit you when target size is a factor. But that increase in body mass means that you can soak up more punishment, adding four boxes to the length of your physical stress track.
Everything Is Tiny. You cannot interact meaningfully with any object of any reasonable size. You also cannot enter buildings or other enclosed spaces, with few exceptions. The GM is free to impose arbitrarily large zone borders on you if you try to pass through openings of limited size. However, you get +4 to all attempts to lift or break stuff on top of the bonus from Strength powers. Also, you get +3 to your Athletics when trying to cover distance with your enormous stride.
Big Is Frightening. You get +4 on any Intimidation attempt against a target likely to consider your size an advantage.
Very Easy To Detect Your Stealth is automatically considered to be Terrible -1 (-3) and you can never gain any shifts on a Stealth roll.

Description: You are incredibly, unbelievably, unrealistically large. You are at the very least larger than a skyscraper, and you could be up to city-sized.
Musts: You must have an aspect related to your size. Almost all characters with this power also have high levels of Strength and Toughness, but it's not actually required. Same goes for Long Reach, and for Physical Immunity to human-scale weaponry.
Note: This ability is always in effect unless you can shapeshift.
Skills Affected: Fists, Weapons, Stealth, others
Nearly Impossible To Miss, Nearly Impossible To Hurt. You're a pretty big target, giving any attacker +5 to hit you when target size is a factor. But that increase in body mass means that you can soak up more punishment, adding ten boxes to the length of your physical stress track.
Everything Is Miniscule. You cannot interact meaningfully with any object of any reasonable size. You also cannot enter buildings or other enclosed spaces, with very few exceptions. The GM is free to impose arbitrarily large zone borders on you if you try to pass through openings of limited size. However, you get +8 to all attempts to lift or break stuff on top of the bonus from Strength powers. Also, you get +6 to your Athletics when trying to cover distance with your enormous stride.
Big Is Terrifying. You get +6 on any Intimidation attempt against a target likely to consider your size an advantage.
Impossible To Ignore Don't even think about Stealth. You are literally visible from miles away.

Description: Your body isn't solid the way one would expect. It's made of either a stretchy, rubberlike substance or an out and out liquid.
Skills Affected: Might
No Hole Too Small. You can squeeze underneath a door if need be. You may ignore all barriers that aren't sealed.
Difficult To Grab. Your body isn't easy to hold. You get +2 to all attempts to avoid or escape a grapple.
No Internal Anatomy [-1]. You don't have the easily damaged organs that most people rely on. You have armour 2 against all attacks that rely on precision or piercing damage.
Living Rope [-1]. You can literally wrap your body around someone. It's quite helpful when wrestling. You get +1 to all rolls made to grapple or escape a grapple.

Description: For whatever reason, attacking you isn't safe. Maybe you're covered in spikes, or maybe your body flows with 10 000 volts of electricity, or maybe it's something else along those lines.
Damage Shield. Whenever a character makes an unarmed attack against you and misses, they take physical stress equal to the number of shifts by which your defence roll exceeds their attack roll. This might also trigger on some maneuvers, if the GM deems it appropriate.
Conductive Damage Shield [-1]. This power works against all melee attacks, not just unarmed ones.
Reflective Damage Shield [-1]. (Requires Conductive Damage Shield) This power works against all attacks, not just melee ones.
Dangerous Damage Shield [-1].This power inflicts two additional stress whenever it triggers.
Lethal Damage Shield [-1]. (Requires Dangerous Damage Shield) This power inflicts a further two additional stress when it triggers.
Mutual Damage Shield [-1]. (Requires Dangerous Damage Shield) This power triggers when you are hit as well as when you are missed. Treat the attacker's threshold shifts as negative shifts for the purposes of calculating this power's damage.

Description: Standing near you is dangerous.
Dangerous Aura. This power makes a Fair physical attack against Endurance (or Athletics, as decided when this power is taken) at weapon 0 against each character in your zone each turn. This power can be turned off and does not affect the user.
Extra-Dangerous Aura [-1]. This power makes Great attacks.
Super-Dangerous Aura [-1]. (Requires Extra-Dangerous Aura) This power makes Fantastic attacks.
Hyper-Dangerous Aura [-1]. This power attacks at weapon 2.
Mental Aura [-1]. This power inflicts mental stress and is resisted with Discipline.
Large Aura [-1]. This power affects everyone within one zone.
Vast Aura [-1]. (Requires Large Aura) This power affects everyone within three zones.

Description: You have very long arms or some other advantage that lets you punch someone from the other side of a room.
Skills Affected: Might, Fists, Weapons
Long Reach. Your unarmed and melee weapon attacks, maneuvers, blocks, and grapples have a range of one zone.

Description: You have some extra arms (or other limbs) which make you pretty darn good at multasking in combat.
Skills Affected: Fists, Weapons, Guns
Multiple Targets. You may make spray attacks with anything, within reason.
Mix And Match. You may use multiple different weapons in a single spray attack. Use the lowest applicable skill. You may also make attack-like (offensive, not navel gazing) maneuvers as part of a spray attack.
Flurry Of Blows [-1]. You may direct multiple attacks (or maneuvers) within a single spray at one character.
Excellent Coordination [-1]. For each purchase of this trapping, add 1 to the accuracy of each attack or maneuver within spray attacks that you make. This cannot increase accuracy beyond the number of shifts that you had to split up between attacks in the first place. This trapping may be purchased up to twice and is mutually exclusive with Superb Coordination.
Superb Coordination [-1]. For each purchase of this trapping, add 2 to the total pool of shifts that you may divide among attacks and maneuvers when making a spray attack. You may not apply more shifts to any one attack or maneuver than you had to split up before the bonus from this trapping. This trapping may be purchased up to twice and is mutually exclusive with Excellent Coordination.

Description: Your eyes aren't in your skull: instead, they fly around under your psychic control.
Note: Taking this power means that you don't have normal eyes.
Skills Affected: Alertness, Investigation, Lore, (Discipline)
Faraway Eyes. Your eyes can move around independently of you, although they must stay roughly within a mile of your main body. You can see through them, making appropriate skill checks as normal. They do not have access to any of your powers (except for appropriate Supernatural Senses) but they act as though they had Wings and Diminutive Size. Their skills are equal to your skills. They cannot attack or maneuver. It requires a supplemental action to direct them. If they are damaged, you take the damage in the form of mental stress.
Eyes Above Me. You get +2 to your Alertness skill and to the perception trapping of Lore when both of your eyes are nearby. However, you take a -2 penalty to those rolls when both of your eyes are away from you. Also, you are blind when your eyes are not present.
Power Channel [-1]. Pick one of your other powers. Your eyes have access to that power. If that power requires you to take an action, then you must take an action in order to have your eyes use it.

Description: Your body contains or can produce some kind of weapon or attack.
Note: You have to pick one type of weapon (eg. fire breath, metal claws, three-foot tusks) when you take this power.
Skills Affected: Fists, Weapons, Guns
Natural Weaponry. Your body contains a weapon with a rating of 2. This weapon has a no range, is not capable of spray attacks, benefits from Strength powers, and is wielded with the Fists skill.
Potent Weaponry [-1]. Your natural weapon has a rating of 4.
Integrated Weaponry [-1]. You may use your Weapons skill to attack, defend, maneuver, and block unarmed or with your natural weapon.
Ranged Weaponry [-1]. Your natural weapon has a range of three zone and is capable of spray attacks. It may be wielded with the Fists, Weapons, or Guns skill. It cannot be used with the defense trapping of Weapons unless you possess the Integrated Weaponry upgrade.
Area Weaponry [-1]. Your natural weapon may be used to make zonewide attacks.
Selective Weaponry [-1]. (Requires Area Weaponry) You do not harm yourself when making a zonewide attack against your own zone with your natural weapon.
Explosive Weaponry [+1]. (Requires Area Weaponry) Your natural weapon may not be used to make attacks that are not zone-wide.
Imprecise Weaponry [+1] (Requires Selective Weaponry) You suffer a -2 penalty to the accuracy of any zonewide attack that you make with your natural weapon.
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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
« Reply #167 on: November 26, 2011, 07:06:46 AM »
Alright, folks.

I gathered up every power I could find, stuck them into a list, and sorted them by type.

I think that this is the third draft of the list so far. It is 40 pages and 73 kilobytes long.

Dropbox link here.

Will post a copy to this thread, too.

Thanks a lot Sanctaphrax. That must have been a lot of work.
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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
« Reply #168 on: November 26, 2011, 07:59:10 AM »
You are very welcome.

And yes, it was a lot of work. But I enjoy this kind of work.

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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
« Reply #169 on: November 26, 2011, 08:01:31 AM »

Geis [-1]
An Oath given is an Oath kept: Instead of taking a mild consequence in social combat, you may take an aspect, representing an oath sworn to that person instead. You may never have more than one of these aspects at any given time, so you would have to fulfil your oath before making a new one. The aspect is permanent, until you have fulfilled your oath or reconciled in another way.
I'll take your word for it: If an opponent is taken out in social conflict from your attack, you can place an aspect on him that represents an oath given to you. You may invoke it to enforce that oath or make the target reconcile in some other way. You may never have more than one person bound to you like that.


Life Eater [-2] attache to an Item of Power
Every time you kill someone with this blade the life energy is stored (in the form of complexity) which can be used later in a ritual.

Burn Life[-2]: You can take a single physical consequence (or all of them to turn yourself into a death curse styled walking bomb)  to add twice its value in weapons rating to your attack that turn as you burn yourself out to become more powerful.

Description: Your knowledge is so extensive that you have no need for printed libraries. This power can represent a perfect memory, a computer in your head, knowledge of everything ever written down, or a number of other things.
Musts: You must have an aspect reflecting your extensive knowledge.
Skills Affected: Lore, Scholarship, possibly others
Mental Library. Your memories constitute a library on every subject that you are familiar with. The rating of the library on a given subject is equal to the skill that is used for knowledge of that subject. You may access this library freely, and other characters may use it by questioning you in detail.
Inexplicable Knowledge. You are no longer bound by the normal human limits on knowledge. You may make assessments and declarations concerning things that you cannot observe directly, either looking back through your memories to examine the thing again or perceiving that thing in mysterious and incomprehensible ways. Players should work together with the GM to work out the exact limits of this power.
Improved Mental Library [-1]. Increase the rating of each of your mental libraries by two.
Instant Recall [-1]. All research using your mental library is two time increments faster.

Description: You are solid to both ghosts and men, like a cat.
Musts: A character must possess the Ghost Speaker power in order to use this one. This power is not compatible with Spirit Form.
Skills Affected: Many.
Dual Nature. Your body is solid to both material and immaterial objects. You may interact normally with characters that have the Spirit Form power and other incorporeal things. This also allows such things to interact normally with you, so be careful around violently-inclined spirits.

True Seeing [-2]
A more specialised form of The Sight allows you to pierce any Power that hides somethings True Appearance from you. Might that be a Veil, Glamour or Shapeshifting.

Cost: -1
Description: Just like the Vampires of the olden days, you cannot be photographed. Be it film, digital, or video, you never show up as more than a blur, or a burst of video static. Butters would say it’s a very specialized form of Mana Static, which only affects visual recording devices. Kincaid would say it’s a great way to get past Security devices.
Musts: A suitably vampiric, magical or "Sneaky Supernatural" High Concept
Skills Affected: Stealth
Imageless provides a constant “semi-veil” of +4 to Stealth rolls against photographic attempts to detect you, and +4 to all direct attempts to defend against having your picture taken.
When unaware of or not trying to avoid surveillance, attempts to get an identifying picture of you suffer a -2 to the Performance rolls for photo or video quality.
Reflectionless: [-1] Your reflection is similarly prevented from occurring, reducing up to 3 points of penalties on stealth rolls where reflective surfaces could reveal your position.

[-1] Covenant Bond - You have a contract that connects you to a supernatural creature of some sort or another. This link allows for a level of unparalleled teamwork boardering close to the impossible. When maneuvers one of the pair has created, the other can tag it for +3 instead of the ordinary +2.

[-2] One of Mind - Your contract with each other has brought you close together, so much so you have trancended self to become more then the sum of your parts. When in the same zone as each other maneuvers taken to benefit your partner are rolled at +2. Additionally you may communicate mind to mind with your other half, staying in sync with each other regardless of distance. Mechanically when one succeeds in a relevant roll (such as Lore, Scholarship, or Alertness) the other shares in that success.

Absorption [-3]: You can feed off the energy of your enemies attacks.
Anytime an Enemy physically hits you in combat (he succeeds his attack roll) you gain a temporary aspect relating to being charged which can be freely tagged once.

Elemental Absorption: [-2]; You can feed off a certain element. (fire, air, earth, spirit, water)
Anytime someone attacks you or you come into contact with your element you can gain a temporary aspect relating to being charged up which you can freely tag once.

Description: You have the ability to project weapons from your mind into reality.
Skills Affected: Craftsmanship, Weapons, Guns
Projection. With a supplemental action, you may create a melee or thown weapon out of thin air. Two-handed melee weapons created this way are capped at weapon rating 3, while thrown weapons and one-handed melee weapons are capped at weapon rating 2. Weapons created this way last until the end of the scene or until you make a new weapon.
Reinforcement. By spending a scene and making a successful Craftsmanship roll, you may cause your projected weapon to become fully real. This means that it lasts indefinitely.
Versatile Tracing [-1]. You may create simple objects other than melee weapons with this power. Armour, simple tools, keys, and levers are all possible.
Complex Tracing [-2]. (Requires Versatile Tracing) You may create complex objects with this power. Firearms, explosives, chemicals, and machines are all possible, although at the GM's discretion a Craftsmanship roll may be required for certain items. Explosives, firearms, and two-handed melee weapons are now capped at weapon rating 5, while thrown weapons and one-handed melee weapons are now capped at weapon rating 4.

Displacement [-1]
Description: You are not where you appear to be. A glamor or other optical effect obscures your true location, making it difficult for opponents to properly target you.
Musts: You must have a high concept that would justify this power, such as Cloaked Malk, or Nevernever Mugger, or at the very least be something other than a Pure Mortal.
Skills Affected: Fists, Guns, Weapons.
Missed Me, Missed Me. You are under the constant effect of a Armor:2 against all attacks. This does not require your attention or concentration: should you be successfully ambushed, this bonus will remain. This is an optical effect, and can be ignored by an opponent using The Sight or another appropriate Supernatural Sense.
Enhanced Displacement [-1]. Your protection is upgraded to a Armor:4 against all attacks.
Invisibility [-1]. You are effectively invisible, protected at all times by a Veil of a Strength equal to your Displacement (the Sight is an appropriate countermeasure).
Blinking [-1]. When you purchase this upgrade, your power is not an optical effect: you are actually changing positions rapidly during combat, by stepping back and forth between the Nevernever and the real world. However, anyone who can simultaneously perceive the real world and the Nevernever is immune to this effect (the Sight is an appropriate countermeasure). This cannot be purchased in conjunction with Invisibility.
What Wall? With the Blinking upgrade, you are able to pass through most walls and physical barriers, reducing borders (page 212) by the amount of your Displacement value. Thresholds (page 230), however, will act as physical barriers to you. You can still be harmed by physical attacks.
What Bonds? With the Blinking upgrade, you reduce Physical Blocks and Grapples by the amount of your Displacement value.
Note: it will be up to the GM how to handle any complications of the Nevernever aspect of Blinking. The simplest answer is that Blinking creates a sort of proto-Demesne wherever it happens to be, which does not in itself attract (or make it vulnerable to) any of the Nevernever denizens which may be coterminous with that current location.

No Matter The Strength [-2]
The Might bonus from strength powers and the Athletics bonus from speed powers do not aid characters in escaping your grapples.

No Matter The Power [-2] (Requires No Matter The Strength)
Your grapples automatically satisfy the catch for all toughness powers other than Physical Immunity.

Conceptual Killer:
[-2] Description: You can kill anything no matter what it is even if it does not have a body
For a fate point you can attack anything with weapons, this can be a song, a disease, a concept or even a memory. The more entrenched a concept the harder it is to kill.

Vacuum Air Blade [-1]
Your speed with the blade is so fast you can create a current of wind to hit your enemy in the distance
Description: When wielding a sword you now have a range of up to three zones 

Infinity Chain - [- 2]?
Description:You carry a weapon with a range only limited by your perception
Your attacks have a range of your alertness (someone with good alertness has an effective range of three zones)

Manifest Bloodlust [-0]: +1 to attacks on an opponent you have already hit, free recovery after a kill one time a scene, feeding Dependency: so a Discipline Hunger track etc

Perfected Killing Intent (require manifest bloodlust) [-1] you can boost your swordsmanship by surrendering to your killing intent. 
Re-skinned Holy Guardian except instead of using mental stress you use your hunger stress track all other rules apply.

Scarlet Sword Form [-2] - You burn your life force to push your body to its true potential, this causes a real change in a person anatomy as their muscles bulge and blood fills their eyes turning them scarlet.
You must take a minor consequence or higher (if the slot is filled) to activate the warp spasm in which your Weapons Roll is increased by 2 and gives you access to the powers below. 

Crimson Blade (requires Scarlet Sword Form) [-3]: You project life energy into your sword this manifests as a red energy surrounding the blade allowing the blade to parry anything and increasing its weapons rating by your conviction. 

Scarlet Wave [-1] Requires Crimson Blade, you can attack everyone in an area with your sword by reducing its weapon rating by 2.  This manifests as a line of red energy forming out of the end of your blade.

Curved Cut [-1] Requires Crimson Blade: You can curve your attack so that they do not come from where they appear to come from this allows you to make ambush an opponent with your weapons attack for a fate point. 

The Mist Control[-2]
You can control and create mist
Obscure: With a moment of concentration, you may draw or create a large amount of mist into an area obsuring the vision of everyone but you. This counts as a zone wide block at discipline +2 against perception which is not necessarily pierced when discovered. The block last until it's summoner banishes it or it is dispersed (by magic or a very big fan etc).
Decieve [-1]: Perception is warped in the mist friends can see enemies where friends should be and many an army have torn itself a part under its thick blanket, you can make manouvres at discipline +2 on anyone in your mist.
Nightmare (requires Decieve)  [-2]: Those in your mist may see monsters and horrors floating in the mist that may scar them for life, you can make mental attacks on anyone in the mist at discipline +2.
No way out [-1]: Once you have entered the mist it is nearly impossible to leave, attempts to leave the mist are blocked at discipline +2 this is part of the main block on perception.
Deep Mists [-1]: Your mist can cover up too three zones
Spiritual Disruption [-2] Your attacks satisfy the catch of Ghost, also If you succeed in hitting a spirit as well as dealing normal stress you also inflict the aspect 'extreme pain'.

Description: You don't need tools to make things. Your magical powers/your communion with the small gods of the world/the toolkit implanted in your stomach/something else will suffice.
Skills Affected: Craftsmanship
Magical Workshop. You are always considered to have access to a workshop with a rating equal to your Craftsmanship skill.
Magical Worksite [-2]. Your workshop expands in scale, allowing you to handle the construction of entire buildings single-handedly. You are always considered to have the assistance of a full team of workers with all appropriate tools and machinery when attempting to build or repair stuff.

Description: For whatever reason, the randomness of your life is much greater than normal. Your personal bell curve is pretty flat.
Skills Affected: All
Chaotic Fate. All of your rolls are made with six fudge dice instead of the standard four.
Aura Of Chaos [-1]. All rolls made in your presence are made with six fudge dice instead of the standard four.

Description: For whatever reason, the randomness of your life is much less than normal. Your personal bell curve is pretty pointy.
Skills Affected: All
Ordered Fate. All of your rolls are made with two fudge dice instead of the standard four.
Aura Of Order [-1]. All rolls made in your presence are made with two fudge dice instead of the standard four.

Description: You can control probability to a limited extent, making life more or less predictable through magical power.
Skills Affected: All.
Fate Control. Whenever you roll, you may choose to roll any number of fudge dice between two and six.
Aura Of Control [-1]. Whenever someone in your presence rolls, you may choose to have them roll any number of fudge dice between two and six.

Description: God's dice are loaded in your favour. Your luck is literally supernatural.
Skills Affected: All
Weighting The Dice. Whenever anyone in your presence rerolls dice, you may "lock down" one of those dice. Doing so ensures that the result of that die is the same on the reroll as it was on the original roll.
Palming The Cards. Whenever you are involved in an opposed roll, you may cause your opponent to reroll by invoking an aspect.
Fixing The Wheel. You may take a point of sponsor debt instead of spending a Fate Point when invoking an aspect in order to cause a reroll. Sponsor debt taken this way represents accumulated bad luck, karmic backlash, or the build-up of paradoxes in the structure of reality.

Blood Bound[-2]
Finishing each other sentences- you are your blood bound have a form of telepathy which allows you communicate without saying a word as long as you can see each other. This allows enhanced cooperation gain a +2 to any non-combat roll where having a perfectly in time partner would help
The Call of Blood - You have an instinctive feel for where your partner is this allows you to find them anywhere in the world with enough time. In the case of an opposed roll you gain a +6 to all investigation rolls to help find your partner.
Perfect Battle Synergy [-1] When in the same zone as your partner you can defend them instinctively and they you, you can make defense rolls for your partner and your partner for you as a free action.
Offensive Combination [-1] When ever tagging a maneuver made by your partner gain an addition +1 to your roll. Also gain a +2 to any maneuvers to help your partners in combat.

Event Horizon Strike [-60] The Sword of Rupture swallows, compresses, and accelerates wind pressure into an artificial space-time distortion capable of pulverizing any opposition before it. The effects of this distortion are catastrophic on the environment around it crushing and warping everything in the immediate area.
When the Sword of Rupture is activated it causes a 40 shift environmental hazard within a 10 zone radius of the sword. ([-40] for the environmental hazard, [-20] for the 10 zone radius)
Expanding Radius [-5]: The Radius of the temporal distortion increases by 1 zone every round that it is active, if activated long enough it could easily consume a city.
User Immunity [-3]: The user of this blade is immune to its effects.

Vibro-Sword [-1] Your sword vibrates at an incredible frequency that allows it to cut through material cleanly but makes the blade pretty unwieldy.
Vibro Cut - Add +4 stress on a successful strike.
Unwieldy Blade - There is a -1 penalty to accuracy when attacking with the blade.

Mystics Eyes of Death Perception/ Shatterpoint [any view weakness power] [-4] You can see creatures deaths these manifest as crimsons lines on your enemies bodies, attacking these lines allows you to bypass any toughness or recovery powers. To use this power you must first spend a turn searching for the lines of death (alertness vs endurance roll to create the aspect 'lined') you can then tag this aspect to bypass all toughness powers or mundane Armour of the opponent for a scene.

Size Doesn't Matter...: -1 (-2)?
Effect: You may wield any weapon regardless of might or endurance requirements.  Tripod support weapons? No problem.  Zweihanders? Child's play. Boat mounted  6 or 8 gauge shotguns for duck hunting? All are within the realm of possiblities for you.
...But It Sure Does Help: requires above power -1     
Effect: Most any weapon you can manage to hold one handed you can wield in combat..also one handed.  (likely quite abusable with two weapon training stunt)
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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
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-2 Elemental Weapon
Musts: An Aspect Related To The Power
Skill(s): Weapons
The user is able to summon a two-handed weapon made of an element of his choosing. A claymore of fire, a greataxe of ice, a hammer of rock, and a spear of lightning are all possible.
Large Weapon: Your Elemental Weapon is a large weapon, rated at Weapon 3.
Always at Hand: Your Elemental Weapon requires no sheath. It can be summoned to your hand for a Supplemental Action, and dispelled as a free action.
Attuned: Your Elemental Weapon is attuned to you. If it leaves your hand, whether dropped, thrown, or disarmed, it will vanish. A Supplemental Action may summon it to your hand again.
Made of the Elements: Your Elemental Weapon may fulfill Catches if thematically appropriate.
-1 Elemental Mastery
You may now summon two different weapons of differing elements, if you so choose.
-1 Elemental Control
When using your elemental weapon, gain a +1 to all rolls using it.
-1 Elemental Armor
You can extend your weapon's element into an armor that coats your entire body. It is automatically Armor: 1 versus most physical harm, and +2 versus the same element.

Uncontrolled Power [+1]
Description: You character cannot control his or her powers.  Maybe they react to emotional distress, or some other subconscious cue.
Notes: This is a one time discount applying to however many powers the character cannot control.  If the character has more than -4 Refresh in uncontrolled powers, this discount raises to a +2.

[-0] Lesser Immortality: You do not need to eat or drink and do not excrete wastes. If you possess ‘Hunger Dependency’ you must still satisfy it as normal.

[-3] Immortality: As lesser Immortality in addition you cease to age and remain permanently at the age of acquiring this ability (EX: A man in his mid-twenties will always look like he‘s in his mid-twenties even two thousand years later), and cannot be aged magically. You are also immune to all poisons and diseases, both magical and mundane, and do not need to breath.

Undying [-0]
Deathless. Unless utterly destroyed or killed by special means, you will eventually recover from any fatal wound. No "death" result is ever permanent unless special means are used (as determined by your creature type).
Estranged. Most people around you feel uncomfortable, as if they can tell that you are different from others. Take a -1 Penalty on all Rapport and Deceit based maneuvers or attacks you make.

Impossible Jumps [-1]
Description: Gravity doesn't seem to apply to you the way it does to normal people. You can jump like a video game character when you want to.
Skills Affected: Athletics
Superhuman Leap. You get +4 to all athletics rolls made to jump.
Limited Antigravity. You are completely immune to falling damage. You never need a running start to jump properly.
Double Jump [-2]. You can jump off of empty air. When rolling for jump distance, you may roll twice and add the results. When jumping during a conflict, you can remain in midair for a full exchange. Furthermore, you can dodge normally in midair.
Goomba Stomp [-1]. You can hurt someone pretty badly by jumping on them. You can use your athletics skill to attack in melee. If combined with double jump, you may skip an action in order to remain in midair for an exchange and reroll the attack.

Hyperspace Arsenal [-2]
Description: You seem to be able to fit an entire warehouse in your pockets. No-one’s really sure where stuff goes when you’re not using it.
Skills Affected: Might
Hammerspace. You can carry a full load (as determined by your might) without hindrance in an extradimensional compartment. The compartment exists outside time, so everything in it stays exactly as it was when it was put in.
Improved Hammerspace [-2]. You can carry much more than a full load in your extradimensional compartment. Add 8 to your might to determine the capacity of your compartment.
Secure Hammerspace [-1]. Nobody but you can access your extradimensional compartment. Metal in it doesn’t trigger metal detectors and so on. If you are unconscious or dead, the compartment cannot be opened at all.

Stonewalk [-1]
Description: You can move through rock, stone, and most earth-based substances with ease. Either you are a strong and fast digger, or you can literally pass through stone like a ghost. You are assumed to be able to navigate as you go, but to actually be able to sense through solid substances, you need to take an appropriate Supernatural Sense.
Musts: You must have a high concept that would justify this power, such as Earth Elemental, or Subterranean Behemoth.
Skills Affected: Athletics.
Passwall. You can ignore stone, rock or earth-related zone borders of up to 3 shifts. You still need to make a movement or supplemental action to cross the zone.
Death from Below! You can ambush your opponents by hiding below the ground, near the surface of a stone- or rock-based zone border, or even above a tunnel, and springing from your hiding place when they get too close. You get a free +2 to your Stealth roll once per scene to set up an Ambush (page 142). You can usually detect when your target is in position, but if they are using Stealth, you get a +2 to your Alertness roll to feel them approaching if they are in contact with the same surface that is hiding you. You may use a Fate Point to invoke this ability additional times in the same scene, but you must make a movement or supplemental action in order to get in position (per the Passwall effect) to make another Ambush. You can use this ability to Ambush your opponents several times, but if they survive this ploy long enough they may find ways to take advantage of your predictability. To use this ability, you must select zone borders which you would be able to pass using Passwall.
Stonefeint [-1]. If you take this upgrade, you get a free +2 to one Attack roll per scene if there is significant stone or rocky terrain for you to use to your advantage, You may use a Fate Point to invoke this ability additional times in the same scene. To use this ability, you must select zone borders which you would be able to pass using Passwall.
Greater Stonewalk [-1]. If you take this upgrade, you can ignore 6 shifts of stone, rock or earth-related zone borders.
Epic Stonewalk [-2]. Take this upgrade instead of Greater Stonewalk. You can ignore 9 shifts of stone, rock or earth-related zone borders, and you can make an Athletics check to tunnel through any remaining shifts.
Tunnel [+1]. Your ability to move through stone relies on burrowing, and you leave a tunnel behind you as you go. This can be an advantage for allies, but it can also lead pursuers straight to you. You also make noise as you move through the earth, which won't necessarily negate the first use of Death from Below!, but may interfere with any subsequent uses of that ability. You also leave telltale furrows, cracks or lines as you pass. Using this ability places the scene aspect Unstable Tunnels, which can be tagged by anyone. This cannot reduce the total cost of your Stonewalk abilities below -1.

Special Techniques [-varies]
Description: Supernatural martial arts moves, more or less. A staple of any decent fighting manga.
Skills Affected: Fists, Weapons, Guns
Special Techniques - When you take this power, choose fists, weapons, or guns.  Then pick a number of techniques from the technique list equal to the number of refresh points you spent on this power. Whenever you make an attack with the chosen skill, you may spend a fate point to add the effects of one of your chosen techniques to the attack.
Technique List
Long Range Strike. The range of this attack is increased by 2 zones. (This works for melee attacks).
Armor Piercing Strike. This attack ignores all of the target’s armor.
Area Strike. This attack hits everyone in the target zone (except yourself).
Rapid Strike. You can make a number of attacks up to your skill with one action. Each attack suffers a penalty equal to the number of extra attacks made.
Brutal Strike.  The attack suffers a -1 penalty but inflicts 5 extra stress.

"Noob security systems" (requires IP?... Please) [-1]
If you access the network inside of a building using your "IP?...Please." power, you will be able to see the layout of all the security systems.  For the price of a fate point, you can temporarily turn them all off as well.

Traceing -2:
You can manifest any non-balistic weapon you have seen as a supplemental action. With this ability you can buy Modular Abilities which can be used to represent the imbued abilites of any items of power you are copying. Like True Seeming’s you are limited to only manifesting one item at time.

Strategist of the Gods [-1]
Description: During battle, you connect to your allies on an almost telepathic level.  Under your guidance their actions are like that of a well-oiled fighting machine, flowing from one enemy to another.
Musts: Must have a supernatural high concept related to tactics, battles, or war (i.e., "Son of Ares").
Effect: During combat - and without their input - you may direct the actions of allies.  This directed action must be described simply and within their abilities (attack that foe, grapple the large one, trip the fast enemy, etc).  Your allies need not follow this action, but if they do they are given the temporary aspect of "Guided by (Player Name)".  This aspect may be tagged for free once during the combat; but subsequent uses require the use of a Fate Point.  This aspect will be removed if you move out of range of the tactician (greater than 2 zones away).

Antimagic Field [Minor Power; -1]
Antimagic Field: Evocation spells cast within your zone inflict one extra mental stress on the caster.

Shadow Manipulation [-1]
This reminds me of some powers I helped set up for a shadow-user I GMed.
Dark Void -1
Effects: You can increase the shadows within a zone. Add the aspect sticky aspect Increased Shadows, by using discipline. This can be opposed by a counterspell.
Myrrk Void: Your shadow-increasing skills rival the Myrrk itself. Give a +1 to attempts to create shadows, and add the aspect Near-Myyrk alongside Increased Shadows.
Shadow Warp -2
You can travel from shadow to shadow with a distance up to one zone. This requires no roll, but in order to escape into the shadows while being attacked use Athletics. When emerging from the shadows, roll stealth against all nearby enemies' alertness. If you succeed, you gain a relevant aspect. If not running away, you may then make an attack as a supplametal action. (Yes, you can warp into an enemy's shadow).

Shadow Manipulation [-1]
Description: You are able to use your shadow to physically manipulate objects, not only that but your shadow is malleable to your will. You can stretch it across great distances or coalesce it into a small area.
Options: This ability costs 1 refresh to start and has several upgrades to it.
Skills Affected: Fists, Might
Shadowy Hand. You can manipulate objects with your shadow. You can lift objects in accordance with your might, and attack using fists. Each zone away from you reduces the effectiveness of your might and fists roll by 1. The closer you are, the more effective your shadow is. Using your shadow on something in the same zone as you is easier, and you gain a +1 bonus to any such roll. In addition if you possess inhuman strength or greater your shadow gains those benefits as well.
Deeper Shadows [-1]. Increase the weapon rating of attacks made with your shadows by +2.
Lasting Shadows [-1]. Your shadows take longer to dissipate, allowing you to spread your attention across a battlefield. Any aspect placed with Shadow Manipulation automatically becomes sticky.
Wall of Shadows [-1]. Your shadows have become so dense, so impenetrable that creatures without the cloak of shadows ability are almost utterly incapable of seeing past them. You may use your Shadow Manipulation to create a defensive block opposed by alertness.
Shadows Fall [-1]. Your shadow is capable of growing much larger than it should be, allowing you to attack a whole zone with it (at a -2 penalty).

Inhuman Balance [–1]
Description: You have an uncanny ability to balance on small surfaces.
Skills Affected: Athletics, Stealth
You can stand on and walk along ropes, cables, and narrow ledges without a problem. You also take no penalties for running through uneven terrain as you carefully pick your way through the stones and roots over which most others would trip. You aren't a spider, however, and cannot hold your footing against extreme weather conditions or flying demons trying to disrupt you, but you do get a +2 to skill checks to stay situated.

-2 Immaterial Edge (+2 weapons rating, this blade ignores the first 2 points of armour and also counts as the catch for ghosts and other disembodied spirits.)

-0 Manifested Blade (As the blade is not truly of the mortal world keeping it in this world requires mental effort, summoning the item for a scene requires a point of mental stress at the end of the scene unless another point of stress is taken the item will disappear until summoned again.)

-2 Spiritual Weapon ( As a weapon designed to sever the soul from the body its blows do more than physical harm, the blade can cause mental stress instead physical stress, anyone taken out this way will die as their soul is separated from their body leaving no signs of physical harm.)

Vogon Poetry [-1]
Description: Your poetry is so bad that it renders the spirit of all who here it causing extreme agony
Effect: Lethal Poetry Performance When reciting poetry you have written yourself you do mental damage to all in the area including yourself, treat as a performance attack to everyone in the area.

Phantom Slashes [–2] - You can choose when the damage of your attacks come into effect, this allows you to stack stress so that it all comes in to effect at the same instant or choose that it never comes into effect. 

[-1] Emperor Blessed Tech - All ritually consecrated tech wielded by a Grey Knight is immune to being hexed.

Transcendent Music [-4]
You can play an instrument with a level of skill and subtlety that you can almost make rocks cry and sooth the hearts of the darkest of people.
Superlative Musician: +4 to normal performance rolls with your instrument of choice
Listen to my Song: you can play an instrument so well that all in the area will stop and listen (a zone wide mental grapple at your performance skill to stop doing anything but listen to the music)
The Soothing Song: Whilst people are listening to your music they recover from mental consequences on step quicker than usual. (Inhuman Mental Recovery) 

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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
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Description: You are an incorporeal spirit form, able to pass through walls and other barriers in the mortal world. Thresholds still have an almost physical reality to you, however.
Skills Affected: Many, especially Conviction.
Note: This power may not normally be attached to Human Form, Feeding Dependency, an Item Of Power, Magical Self-Enhancement, or any other power that can "turn off" the powers it is attached to.. The Astral Projection and Manifestation upgrades, if taken, entirely remove this restriction except with regards to Human Form.
Insubstantial. You are invisible, inaudible, and incorporeal. This means that you can neither affect nor be affected by physical things, except as dictated under Vulnerabilities and Manifestation. Any magic that you cast is also incorporeal, and useless against anything physical. However, you can perceive the physical world normally, and under some circumstances it may be possible for physical characters to perceive and communicate with you. Characters with this power may affect each other freely.
Shaped By Belief. Your very existence is defined by belief. As a result, you are not closely bound by physical reality. You may make Maneuvers and Declarations with Conviction to define your physical form and the nature of your interactions with the world.
Vulnerabilities. Certain physical things can harm you despite your intangibility. These things include ghost dust, fire, and sunlight. What's more, you cannot cross thresholds at all.
Manifestation [-2]. Once per scene, you may force yourself to manifest physically. This negates this power until the scene ends, you choose to become immaterial, or you get taken out in a physical conflict. Using this trapping is an insane act for a ghost, and as such this trapping may not be possessed by sane ghosts. (Other forms of spirit might not have this limitation.)
Poltergeist [-1]. You can exert a tiny amount of force on the material world. Normally this does nothing of importance, but when machinery is around you can often interfere with it. You may use Conviction to make maneuvers disrupting physical machinery.
Spiritual Physics Abuse [-1]. The laws of physics only affect you if you think they should. Teleportation is possible for you. You may substitute your Conviction skill for your Might skill when exerting force, your Athletics skill when moving, or for any other physical skill as the GM feels is appropriate.
Mind = Matter [-0]. Your body and your mind are the same thing. You have one stress track that is used for both mental and physical stress. Its length is determined by your Conviction skill. Toughness powers apply to this track, but mental stress automatically satisfies catches. Consequences taken on this track do not recover naturally unless you provide some form of special justification, generally involving the absorption of memories. More severe consequences require more elaborate justifications.
Astral Projection [-1]. You are a physical creature, but you can leave your body when you feel inclined. You normally do not have access to this power, but you may gain access to it any time by taking a supplemental action. When you do so, your physical body is unconscious and immobile. You may return to your physical body at any time by physically entering it with a supplemental action.
Involuntary Projection/Manifestation [+1]. (Requires Astral Projection or Manifestation) You have no control over whether or not you are corporeal at any given time. Choose a condition in collaboration with the GM. This condition determines whether or not this power is active at any given time.
Possession [-1]. You may enter the bodies of others, combining your power with theirs. Given a willing host, you may enter that host's body as a supplemental action. This allows you to control their body, using your own skills for all rolls. While you possess a host, you have access to all of your own powers and those of your host's powers that your GM deems appropriate. The host's skills may modify yours, at the GM's discretion. Physical stress is inflicted on the host, not on you, and the host's physical stress track is not affected. If you cast spells while in another characters body, you must pay for those spells with your own mental stress. However, your host suffers backlash for you. A character who is being possessed may not act, but they may force the possessor out of their body at any time.

Reality Warper [-2]
You are able to shape reality to your whim, as if the entire world was simply a dream of yours.
Skills Affected: Discipline
Musts: Demesne
Sculpt Reality. You can always alter reality as if you were in your personal Demesne, though with slightly reduced effectiveness. This allows you to make declarations and maneuvers related to the nature of the local reality with your Discipline skill. The duration of the changes created by this power is variable, but it's generally at least one scene.
Offensive Sculpting. You may use the world around you as a weapon. This allows you to make Weapon: 0 attacks with your Discipline skill against anything within your line of sight. You may make spray attacks with this power. You may also attack entire zones with this power, although you suffer a -2 penalty to do so.
Improved Sculpting [-1]. Your Offensive Sculpting attacks are now treated as Weapon: 2.
Powerful Sculpting [-1]. Your Offensive Sculpting attacks are now treated as Weapon: 4, and any scene aspect you place with Sculpt Reality is automatically made Sticky.
Counter-Conceptual Interposition [-1]. You may use your Discipline skill to defend against physical attacks.

Bound Spiritual Entity [+3]
Description: You are a spiritual entity imprisoned in a physical object, you have no body, and cannot act in the physical world without a bearer.
Unbodied. You cannot take physical skills, you cannot move yourself, and you cannot communicate verbally and other neat things.
Communicate with Bearer. You are able to telepathically speak with the bearer of the object you are tied to.
License to Possession. If you have the domination ability, you qualify for the possession upgrade, and you can possess your bearer.
Called to Bearer [-1]. You have the ability to tie yourself to the bearer of your physical prison, and you can teach them to call your prison to their hand.

Possess Corpse [-2]
Description: You are a spiritual entity, and lack a body, though that does not mean that you can't acquire one (slightly used). You have learned to possess a corpse, allowing you to make use of the former owners skills and abilities.
Musts: You must have a high concept that reflects your predilection for possessing corpses, and you must have a way to become insubstantial (and attach this power to it).
Inhabit Corpse. When you inhabit a corpse you gain a limited form of the Mimic Ability power (restricted to what the corpse has to offer). You have a number of form points equal to the amount of refresh you have invested in Possess Corpse and the method by which you become insubstantial in order to Inhabit the body.
Living Dead. The bodies you inhabit are still dead. While Inhabiting a Corpse you gain access to the Living Dead power.
Advanced Inhabitation [-Varies]. You have expanded your ability to take advantage of the corpses you inhabit. Refresh invested in this upgrade is accounted towards your total mimic points as per the Inhabit Corpse effect (see above).


Description: Through training, natural inclination, or ritualistic treatment of your body, you've come to be an optimal vessel for a supernatural entity to inhabit, capable of inviting them in (or firmly showing them the door) as the mood takes you.
Musts: You must have some Aspect referencing your ability to act as a host, which is replaced by a more specific one whenever you actually serve as a vessel, detailing your current “passenger”. Generally, characters with this power have some other ability to interact with spirits, whether through the Ghost Speaker power or Thaumaturgy, but this is not a requirement.
Skills Affected: Any skills appropriate to whatever you are hosting.
Medium. While in physical contact with an insubstantial creature, or one who could become insubstantial, you may attempt to become a vessel for their consciousness as a free action. The creature feels a slight tug on its form, and (if it is willing) will be drawn into your body, where you can telepathically communicate (this includes sharing memories, etc, and largely ignores normal time constraints on conversations). They may also speak through you, with your permission, and are protected from thresholds and running water as though they were possessing you (see Our World, page 35). You may only act as a vessel to a single creature at once in this manner. The creature may leave whenever it pleases, and you may forcibly eject it by taking one point of mental stress (though it gains the sticky aspect Been Inside Your Head for the remainder of the scene, which will aid it in any further mental assault). A creature that is aware you possess this power (through assessment of your related aspect or previous experience) may make contact itself (ignoring any usual limits of perception), though you must still willingly invite them into your form for this power to take effect.
Distant Medium [-1]. You may attempt to become a vessel for creatures up to one zone away, drawing them in without the need to touch them.
Willing Steed [-1]. You benefit from the effects of the Demonic Co-Pilot power (page 175), but instead of it applying only when you are shapeshifted, it applies only when you are acting as a vessel for an insubstantial creature, granting you +1 to all rolls that are in line with the nature or agenda of your spiritual passenger in exchange for the usual mental stresses. You may ignore the effects of this power by convincing your passenger to back off and let you work, or by suffering one point of mental stress to suppress it for that exchange. Note that consequences incurred from suppressing a passenger will not be in line with the passenger’s agenda, as is the norm with Demonic Co-Pilot; forcing a vessel into a mental wrestling match is more likely to result in brain damage than a pliable host.
Horse Power [-Varies]. The Willing Steed upgrade is a prerequisite for this one. You benefit from the effects of the Mimic Abilities power (page 176), but rather than acquiring your powers by defeating and diminishing (or outright killing) an opponent, you get them “on loan”, from your passenger. In essence, for as long as you have a passenger that is willing to offer aid, you may assign your mimic points to powers or stunts it possesses. At the end of any scene in which these abilities were used, you must roll Discipline against the total refresh cost of the used abilities, as if you were being attacked, with the results described in Demonic Co-Pilot. Your passenger cannot avoid this; even if they are not attempting to twist your mind, mental contamination will still occur. Since your powers rely on the continued co-operation and presence of a suitable passenger, the refresh that you must allocate to this power is reduced by two; in other words, you can acquire two “free” points of abilities from your passenger, in addition to any purchased with mimic points. You must still assign at least one point of refresh to this upgrade.
Reverse Possession [-3]. You no longer need a creature’s permission to become (or continue being) a vessel for it. If a valid target refuses your offer of possession, you may roll Discipline as a psychic attack against them, inflicting stress and consequences until they concede and become your passenger, or are broken and forced into you as a result of being taken out. If a passenger attempts to leave your body without your permission (or you simply decide to torment them) you may roll Discipline against their Conviction, with a success preventing them from taking any action and inflicting a single point of mental stress; this is effectively a mental grapple.
Spirit Eater [-1]. The Horse Power and Reverse Possession upgrades are prerequisites for this one. If you use the mental grapple provided by Reverse Possession to take out a passenger, you may utterly destroy them, and thereby indefinitely retain any of the powers they could have granted you through Horse Power, just as described in Mimic Powers. Alternatively, you may permanently acquire those powers at the normal refresh cost, as part of a sheet-rewrite, as consuming the spirit works deep changes on your body and soul.
Legion [-1, -2 or -3]. You may have more than passenger at once; the one-point version of this power allows a maximum of three passengers, while the two-point version allows up to seven passengers, and the three-point version allows an unlimited number of distinct passengers. This does not increase the bonuses provided by Willing Steed or Horse Power, but does increase their breadth.
Specific Vessel [+1]. You can only serve as a vessel for one specific kind of creature (i.e. demons, spirits, ghosts, loa, angels, Outsiders, etc), a restriction which should flavour the mandatory aspect listed in “Musts” accordingly. Note that this upgrade cannot provide more refresh than the overall cost of the Spirit Vessel power.

Crimson Eyes of Destruction [-4]
With the help of your crimson eyes of destruction you can destroy people and objects on a conceptual level. You can use your eyes to carry out a mental attack on anyone within range (1 zone default) you roll conviction to attack (will to destroy) vs the enemies conviction (will to live) if the attack is successful you gain +4 stress bonus to damage. Enemies taken out by this power are obliterated leaving nothing behind but gore.

The Eyes of the King [-4]
This ability requires eye contact between the target and the holder of this power. The holder of this power can plant a suggestion in his opponents subconscious which must be obeyed. Planting this suggestion requires a presence maneuver to make eye contact (usually vs empathy) and gives the aspect "commanded". The target of this attack then suffers an mental attack at the holders presence vs discipline each round until he is either taken out (when he will automatically obey the command) or he chooses to obey the command. To remove this command would require magical assistance the complexity for such a ritual would have to beat the original maneuver roll.

Description: You can exert physical force with the power of your mind alone.
Skills Affected: Conviction, Discipline
Mind Over Matter. You may use your mind to exert force upon targets within your line of sight. This allows you to use all applications of the Might skill at a distance, using your Conviction skill instead of your Might skill. You may also perform other physical tasks mentally with your line of sight, using your Discipline skill to represent your dexterity.
Telekinetic Attacks. You may make physical attacks and maneuvers against targets within your line of sight using your mental powers. These attacks and maneuvers are controlled with Discipline and may be made with or without a melee weapon. Attacks made with this power without a weapon are weapon: 2.
Blades Of Force [-1]. When using Telekinetic Attacks without a weapon, your attacks are weapon: 4.
Force Field [-1]. You are protected by a shell of telekinetic power. You may use your Discipline skill to defend against physical attacks or to create physical blocks.
Telekinetic Self-Propulsion [-2]. Your telekinesis is strong enough to let you carry yourself. This allows you to fly as though you had the Wings power, using Discipline instead of Athletics to move around in the air.
Metaphysical Strength [-0]. (Requires Inhuman Or Better Strength) Your Strength powers apply to your Telekinesis rather than to your physical body. This increases your Conviction when using it to lift or break things, helps with your mental grapples, and increases the stress inflicted by your Telekinetic Attacks.
Unification Of Mind And Body [-1]. (Requires Metaphysical Strength) Your Strength powers apply to both your Telekinesis and your physical body. This provides all the benefits of Metaphysical Strength alongside all the benefits of ordinary strength.

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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
« Reply #172 on: November 26, 2011, 08:15:06 AM »
Mind Scape Battlefield [-3]: You can drag an opponent stupid enough to look you in the eyes to mental battlefield (after a conviction contest) whilst you are fighting in this mental battlefield both you and your target lie prone. In the mental battlefield you no access to powers that require you body, but can fight with your conviction and discipline rather than fists, weapons and guns. Attacks in the mindscape battlefield do mental stress and if  an opponent is taken out this is justification for posession if a person has the power.

Composite Personality [-2]
You are not alone in your mind, you have access to dozens of other minds, memories and skills.
Skill Shuffle.You may shuffle around your skills for a different configuration while changed (using the same number of skill points and following the same rules as during character creation, page 65), so long as any purely physical skill are not given a higher value by the change. (Might, Endurance, Athletics) 
See-Saw Mentality (Requires Composite Personality) [-2] When one personality is pushed down another is pushed up.
You are immune to unnatural mental stress but any mental damage greater than your mental stress track forces you to change personality.

Incite Emotion trappings:
Emotion Burst [-1]: Requires At Range trapping. You may take a -2 penalty to your roll in order to have Incite Emotion affect everyone in a zone.
At Long Range [-1]: Requires At Range trapping. You may use Incite Emotion on a target up to three zones away
Resonant Emotion [Incite Emotion Upgrade; -1]
Musts: Lasting Emotion
Attacks and blocks made with Incite Emotion gain a +1 bonus, and aspects placed with Incite Emotion maneuvers are automatically sticky.
Heart-String Virtuoso [Incite Emotion Upgrade; -1]
Musts: Resonant Emotion
When tagging an aspect placed with your Incite Emotion power, you gain a +1 bonus, for a total of +3.
Emotional Control [Incite Emotion Upgrade; -1]
Musts: Incite Emotion
You may use Discipline instead of Deceit or Intimidation for your Incite Emotion power, and gain a +1 bonus when doing so.
Incite Crowd [-1], upgrade to Incite Emotion
You may use Incite Emotion against multiple targets simultaneously, as per the Spray Attack rules, splitting effort between targets, or, for a -2 penalty, against everyone in the zone you occupy, excluding yourself if you wish.  The benefit of this upgrade cannot be used in conjunction with the benefit of At Range.  Though you may possess both and use them both, you cannot use them both in the same action.

Telepathy [-2]
Description: Maybe you access a part of the brain most people never use, maybe your a genetic aberration or scientific experiment; regardless of the exact biological explanation, the effect is the same... you can read minds. You are not a minor talent, focused practitioner, or any other form of magic wielder, your ability is biological. Despite this fact, some crazy zealots calling themselves "wardens" may not give you time to explain that fact before attempting to remove your head.
Musts: Either a template or aspect denoting your ability with the non-magical psychic arts is required. Magic and Psychic powers (the real ones, not the magical imitations) don't play well together. In the event that any mortal magic power (Evocation, Thaumaturgy, Channeling, Ritual) is taken, the character must remove the Telepathy power and regain all refresh spent on it. It is recommended that Sponsored Magic follow the same rule, although the final decision for any specific sponsor is left to the group.
Skills Affected: Conviction (page YS:124), Discipline (page YS:127), and Empathy (page YS:129)
An Open Book. People are easy to understand when you can hear the thoughts they project into the world. Gain a +2 to Empathy and any time requirements are decreased by one shift. Where appropriate targets defend with Discipline instead of the normal social skill.
Dig A Bit Deeper. Some say a person's trash is the best way to learn about them, they're wrong. When using this ability you connect your mind to that of your target, allowing access to thoughts below the surface. At the same time, some of your thoughts and emotions will bleed over into their mind. You may spend a fate point to stop your thoughts from entering the targets mind; however, the target may also spend a fate point, in which case you will not gain any of their thoughts. In the case of NPCs that have no fate points, roll Empathy defended by the target's Discipline to determine if the player gains any information. This skill can not be used more then once per scene. A fate point must be spent on any attempt against a target after the first.
Mind Trick. These are not the droids you are looking for. By rolling Empathy defended by a target's Discipline, you may place a simple suggestion into their unconscious mind. There is no explicit limit to the number of times this ability may be used on a single target, but it is highly recommended that NPC targets receive an increasing bonus to their defense roll on each attempt after the first.
Mental Fortitude [-1]. Taking this upgrade will grant two additional boxes of mental stress capacity (page YS:201).
Mental Fortress [-1]. If this upgrade is taken, you naturally have Armor:1 against all mental stress.
Psychic Strike [-2]. Purchasing this upgrade turns your mind into a weapon. Discipline may be used to make a direct psychic attack, dealing mental stress and consequences. The victim may defend with Discipline, however counter-attacks are not generally possible. Regardless of the success or failure, the attacker takes an automatic point of mental stress each time this ability is used.

Haruspicy [-2]
Reading the entrails of sacred animals (dependent on cultural or supernatural heritage) is more of an art than a science. The ability to divine omens from the liver, heart, etc. functions like Cassandra's tears - without the Catch, but with much more viscera.

Holistic Sense [-1]
Description: You are in tune with the fundamental interconnectedness of the universe. You can draw accurate (if bizarre) conclusions from seemingly random phenomena that bear no obvious relation to the matter you are considering.
Musts: You must have a high concept that would justify this power, such as Holistic Detective, Zen Master, or Protector of the Balance.
Skills Affected: Scholarship, Investigation, and others as appropriate.
The Butterfly Effect. You can make an Assessment check using any skill you possess, with only a tenuous justification. The only requirement is that you vary your skills, selecting a different skill with each Assessment. If you opt to use the same skill a second time in a row  (presumably your best skill), you get a -2 to your check.

Mind Meld [-1]
Description: You have the ability to possess someone in a benevolent way. Having you in one's head is a good thing, since you can help but not exert control.
Musts: You need some way to become insubstantial in order to enter the target's body.
Effects: When someone is possessed by you, they gain the full effect of any powers or stunts you have. What's more, they may use your skills instead of their own.
Co-Pilot [-1]: The person possessed by you gains the effects of the Demonic Co-Pilot power with you as the demon.

Mnemosyne's Shadow [-2]
Description: Normally filed beside similar abilities like Cassandra's Tears and Prescience, with Mnemosyne's Shadow you learn things without previouse experience or exposure to the subject matter. You literally pull knowledge out of thin air. You Know things....
Billy: "Where does their knowledge come from Bob? "
Bob: "That's still being debated. Mnemosyne is just the popular theory. It could be any number of things including a form of ranged Psychometry or a version of The Sight."
Skills Affected: Lore
Musts: Must have a High Concept or Trouble that reflects the ability and can be compelled frequently. Examples: The High Concept Mnemosyne's Errand Boy  or the Troubles Knows Way Too Much or Insufferable Know-it-all.
Strange Knowledge: You can use your Lore Skill to get Answers about a subject for a Scene. The difficulty of the Lore check set by the GM should reflect not just how general the knowledge is, but also how secret it is. However, you can't control the breadth or the accuracy of the information gained. You almost always get fairly random knowledge in addition to what is being looked for.  For example, if you use the Shadow to gain knowledge about a Clued-in Mobster you may get information about not only his known aliases, but also his shoe size, favorite foods, number of sexual conquests, etc. If using it to find out the combintation to the safe, you might get every combination the safe has ever used and the significance of the digits to the safe's owner.
Dangerous Knowledge: For a price, you can get potentially "Game-breaking" pieces of knowledge such as the Dark Sorcerer's True Name. The Price is negotiated with the GM the same way as an escalated compel. Information such as this that could potentially break a storyline could be worth as little as a few Fate Points or as much as a Serious Mental Consequence.

The Hidden Voice [-1]
You can speak directly in to the mind of anyone you see as long as you have eye contact with the target and it is capable of thought.

Disembodied Voice [-1]
You may use this power on targets up to one zone away without looking them in the eye.

Thought Mimicing Voice [-2]
You can mimic the a persons internal voice, unless they realise the deceit (empathy roll) there defense against
your social attack defaults to 0.

Prophetic Visions [-1]
Bits and Pieces: Once per scene, this character may roll Lore against a target of Good (+3) to make an assessment or declaration regarding the scene or a character in it.  This represents flashes of insight and relevant info being pulled out of the character's otherwise difficult to interpret visions.  For an Assessment, the GM determines what aspect is revealed, while for a Declaration, the player may invent a suitable aspect, so long as the GM and other players approve. These aspects may be tagged/invoked as usual. This ability may not be used repeatedly to assess/declare aspects regarding the same character encountered across multiple scenes.
I've Done This Already: In exchange for a Fate point, this character may roll Lore in place of any other skill, except as an attack in combat.  This represents a vision in which the character sees himself performing the action in the future, so he already knows what to do.
Major Prophecy: The GM has license to give this character a major vision, usually about once per session, describing its contents and possibly asking for a Lore or other roll to interpret it.  These visions tend to reveal one or more important but vague aspects that exist in every scene until the prophecy is fulfilled.  The player is encouraged to remind the GM of this power, as it can provide good plot hooks and potentially compels on the character's reactions to these visions.

Short-term precognition -2
Description: Your can see a few a moments into the future
Must: You must have Cassandra’s Tears
Pre-emptive Evasion: your dodging checks are made at a +2
I saw you coming: you have a + 4 to alertness check to avoid ambush
Skills Effected 
Athletics, Alertness and some other physical skills

Description: You see all things as they really are, within limits.
Type: faith powers, order powers, supernatural heavyweights within their domains
Musts: A high concept that relates to knowledge and/or limited omniscience.
True Sight You have The Sight. You are immune to mental stress induced or transmitted through vision such as observing the true form of eldritch horrors, seeing horrendous nightmares or facing the gaze of Black Court vampires.
[-2] Farseer: Your vision gets a lot fewer penalties with distance. If the "Eye of Providence" ability costs a total of 3 points, you can see as well as small, amateur telescopes and strong binoculars; observing people a dozen miles away is easy. If it costs 5 or less, you can see as well as most optical telescopes; observing things at the other side of a country is easy - seeing astronauts on the surface of the moon is a bit harder. If it costs 7 or less, you can see as well as the best mortal technology. If it costs the full 9 points, you take no distance penalties at all.
[-2] You Cannot Hide: Your vision penetrates normally opaque objects such as walls; they appear transparent to you.
[-2] See Past The Currents of Time: You can observe events without lightspeed delay, as if the light did not have to cross the intervening distance. Maybe your vision picks up magical or cosmic signals. Maybe your power snatches images as soon as they are generated. Whatever the reason, your sight is always realtime.
The Catch: Most beings with this ability are somehow limited in what they can perceive either in amount or nature. +2 rebate if you can observe only one event or location at the same time - such as a clarvoyant seeing a single room in the next continent or a Dark Lord being able to see only one battle at a time despite having unlimited range and being able to see through objects. +1 rebate if you can observe up to 100 events or locations at a time. If you can see more than 100 things at a time, you get nothing. +2 rebate if the nature of what you can see is very narrow or unimportant - like being able to see for only 1 minute each day, or only observe one bloodline or see all people that are currently scratching their nose. +1 rebate for less narrow sight or greater importance - like being able to see for many minutes each day, or only observe a major city or small country or see all mischief done by young children. More open sights or greater importance give you nothing.
The Catch is usually a +0 instead of no catch at all for very broad or still existent limits such as seeing all things ever written by man, or seeing all enemies of Asgard or seeing all deaths. Only major supernatural heavyweights whose powers are Knowledge, Foresight and the like (such as the Fates, a major deity of Wisdom or the Archangel known as the Watchman) have near-omniscience, even omnisciense limited to the present.

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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
« Reply #173 on: November 26, 2011, 08:16:31 AM »

[Family] Shifter [-4]
Description: Your shapeshifting abilities are limited to one family of creatures. For example you might only be able to shapeshift into any type of canine/feline/avian creature.
Musts: You must choose a type of creature that you can shapeshift into.
Skills Affected: Varies
Limited Multiform. You may take on nearly any form so long as it falls within the family of creatures you've chosen.
Limited Skill Shuffle. At the end of the day most cats or most dogs have the same types of skills, just in varying degrees, a tiger might have a higher might rating than a tabby cat. You may build only one alternate skill configuration, but may choose three skills which may be adjusted from form to form within that configuration.
Function Follows These Forms. You have two form points which you may use to gain temporary access to powers that make sense given your chosen family of creatures.
Extra Form Points [-]. You may purchase an extra form points at a one for one ration to refresh spent.
A Family Understanding [+1]. Your understanding of your chosen family of creatures is expansive. You may purchase the pact instincts power for free.

Description: Two heads are better than one, and many hands make light work; you can split off a single copy of yourself, which shares your memories and abilities. Depending on the upgrades taken, this power could represent the fission of an ooze demon, the splitting up of a swarm of lesser creatures, or even the magical duplicative hair of Sun Wukong.
Skills Affected: Physical skills.   
Cloning Blues. You may produce a single, exact copy of yourself as a supplemental action. This copy is indistinguishable physically, though mystical observation shows it to be a construct of ectoplasm. The copy has the same skills, stunts and powers as you, and has your memories at the time of creation; the only mechanical difference (besides the normal vulnerabilities of ectoplasmic constructs) is that their High Concept is “Copy of a [Original High Concept]”. You have no special ability to communicate with your copy (outside of invoking their High Concept to guess what they’ll do next), and do not learn what they learn unless you recall them (requiring a free action while in physical contact), at which point they dissolve into ectoplasm and you gain all their memories since they were created. You and your copy have separate stress tracks; however, your supply of consequences remains the same, and must be split between the two of you. You do not cash out (see page 206) for consequences suffered by your copy. If your copy is killed (rather than being recalled) you may not generate a new one until the next scene (if you are killed, your copy immediately dissolves into ectoplasm). Note that despite having the same powers as you, your copy does not acquire their own item slots from spellcraft powers, and cannot create its own copies through this power.
We Are Many [-1]. This upgrade increases the number of copies that you can have active at the same time by one. You may take this upgrade multiple times, increasing the number of potential copies by one for each purchase. Note that, should one of your copies be killed, it does not completely remove your ability to create new ones until the next scene; it simply reduces the maximum number you can create this scene by one.
Von Neumann’s Magic [-2]. The We Are Many upgrade is a prerequisite for this one. Your copies can create copies of their own using this power. They use the creating copy’s memories, rather than your own, but are otherwise created just as described in Cloning Blues. They are still your copies, and therefore cannot exceed the number of copies you may have active at once.
Distant Recall [-1]. This upgrade allows you to recall your copy from a distance as a free action, instantly dissolving it into the ectoplasm from which it was formed. If you have a Hive Mind (below), this upgrade becomes free.
Hive Mind [-2]. You and your copy share minds. You know everything they know, and vice-versa, allowing real-time sharing of information and memories without the need for recall. This has numerous applications, and adds two shifts to any maneuver made by you or your copy to co-ordinate an action with the other (see page 208). However, with this upgrade, you and your copy share the same mental stress track; this means that you are treated as the same target for the purposes of psychic attacks, allowing them to damage both of you at once. In addition, you and your copy both suffer from the taggable aspect produced by taking a mental consequence, regardless of which of you actually “spent” the consequence in question. Other appropriate temporary aspects might also "spill over" in this way.
Ontological Inertia [-0]. This upgrade cannot be taken by characters with positive refresh. Upon taking this upgrade, your copies become just as “real” as you are (arguably, not very), making the question of who the original is rather moot. As a result, rather than imploding into ectoplasm upon your death, your copies will remain intact (and may produce another copy to replace you, if they have that ability). This will sometimes result in one of your copies acquiring true independence, at which point it becomes a separate character with the ability to create its own roster of copies; a number of creatures native to the Nevernever reproduce in this manner.
Split Skills [+4]. Rather than being able to produce exact duplicates of yourself, you must split your power amongst the bodies you produce, resulting in a set of weaker copies. Whenever you produce a copy, all of its skills default to Mediocre (+0). You must provide it with skills by reducing your own and adding an equivalent number of skill points to its sheet (see page 65). For example, by reducing a Superb (+5) skills to Good (+3), you would acquire two skill points to raise one of your copy’s skills to Fair (+2). Skill points taken from one skill need not be spent on that same skill; it is acceptable to reduce your Might in order to increase your copy’s Lore. Your copy may not have any skill ratings higher than your original score in that skill. Keep a record of your character’s original skill ratings; they return to their previous level once the copy is recalled (if the copy is killed, it is treated as being recalled one scene later).
Split Power [+Varies]. This upgrade provides you with refresh equal to half the total refresh cost of your supernatural powers (excluding Multiple Bodies, but including any refresh spent on We Are Many), rounded down. Whenever you produce a copy, you must total up the cost of your supernatural powers (excluding Multiple Bodies) and divide it by two. This is the new refresh cost of the powers you and your copy may possess. You must first spend this refresh on powers that are core to your High Concept (i.e. (i.e. Living Dead for a Zombie or Lawbreaker for a Warlock), and you cannot produce a copy without such powers. Often, this will result in a simple reduction of power; splitting Supernatural Toughness into two iterations of Inhuman Toughness, or reducing Evocation and Refinement into two iterations of Channelling. You cannot provide your copy with supernatural powers you do not possess any version of. If you have any spare refresh, you may temporarily assign it to appropriate powers for you or your copy.
Keep a record of your character’s original powers; they return to normal once the copy is recall (if the copy is killed, it is treated as being recalled one scene later). If you can produce more than one copy, then you must divide the refresh cost of your supernatural powers evenly again between yourself and each copy, each time you produce one. It would probably be wise to produce a number of "templates" based on the kind of power-sets you could give different numbers of clones, to save time.

Phouka Beast Change: Your beast form is mutable.  While you may only change into one animal, you can change into variations of the same one.  You can change coloration and alter size and weight by up to 50% (smaller or larger ~ lighter or heavier). This grants a +3 to any roll used to dupe people into thinking you aren't the same animal they saw before.

Gift of the Spriggan: -3:  You have the ability to drastically alter your size. This power allows a character to shift to a smaller form identical to diminuitive size or a larger form; identical to hulking size.
-1: The change is done as a supplemental action, still only once per round.

Description: Shifting forms is extremely painful.
Musts: A Shapeshifting ability.
Skills Affected: Endurance
Painful Transformation. Choose one form you have access to. Whenever you shift forms, unless it is into the chosen form, you immediately receive a Mild Physical Consequence related to the stress of transformation.

Description: You have the ability to alternate between multiple powersets.
Musts: You must "pre-pay" a number of refresh points equal to the total value of each set of powers that this power affects, plus a surcharge of one refresh.
Skills Affected: Varies.
Two Powersets. Pick out two sets of powers, each with a total refresh cost one less than the cost of this power. You may use either set of powers, although it takes a full action to go from using one to using the other. The GM decides what is and what isn't a valid choice for inclusion in the powersets provided by this power.
Item Of Power Collection [-0] You own multiple items of power. Design a number of Items Of Power equal to your Resources skill. At any given time, you may use or loan out items with a total refresh cost up to one less than the refresh cost of this power. You do not receive the Item Of Power discount. If you have the Tracing power, then you may summon and dismiss these Items Of Power out of and into thin air. If not, you must treat them as physical objects.

Description: The shape(s) that you assume can include equipment.
Musts: You must have the Beast Change power or the True Shapeshifting power in order to take this one.
Skills Affected: Weapons, Craftsmanship
Flesh Forgery. Your alternate form(s) include items that are not connected to your main body. You may create a simple item whenever you shapeshift into a an alternate form. These items disappear when you shapeshift back. If you have Beast Change, then you must select the item when you take this power. If you have True Shapeshifting, then you may create whatever you wish. However, anything more complex than a knife or a pair of pants may call for a Craftsmanship roll. Armour, thrown weapons, and one handed melee weapons created with this power are limited to rating 2, while two handed melee weapons are limited to rating 3.
Arsenal Of Flesh [-1]. You are no longer limited to creating a single item. You may a number of items, although large quantities may require a Craftsmanship roll.

Quick Shifting [-1]. You can modify your form pool as a supplemental action instead of a full action (see Supplemental Actions, p 213).  Musts: Modular Abilities.

Symbiosis of Spirit -0 (requires Demonic Co-pilot)
Description: You and the demon possessing you are no longer two separate individuals but are instead a symbiosis of man and demon neither truly one thing nor the other, this requires a apropriate High Concept. You no longer have to take mental stress when acting according to your co-piolot's agenda as it is now your agenda, but any action that actively goes against your co-pilots agenda also threatens your gestalt, when doing so, you must roll Discipline against the result as if you were defending against an attack. Failure to succeed in this roll means you take mental stress and any consequences are chosen by the GM showing the friction between you and your co-pilot.


Cost: -3
Activation Speed: Supplemental Action
Description: There have been many precedents of high-speed fighters utilizing persistence of vision to fool their enemies to attacking where they aren’t. This power takes that to another level, allowing a life-and-death game of Three-card Monte with your own body on the line.
Musts: Supernatural Speed, or Mythic Speed, or the Faster than the Eye or Like the Wind  trappings from those respective speed powers.
Skills Affected: Athletics, Weapons, Fists, Guns
Twin Me: You move quickly between two points in the same zone, stopping slightly in each one, so that it seems that there are two of you. You gain +2 to defense rolls, as your attacker can’t be sure which one of you to attack at what time.  You also gain +2 to your attack rolls, for similar reasons.
Triple Threat: Similar to the Twin Me power, but only available if you have Mythic Speed or Like the Wind. Three of you will seem to be in the zone at the same time, providing +3 to attacks and Defense.
Multiplicity: [-2]: For a Fate point, you can sacrifice some of your individual speed power bonuses and the bonuses to attack and defense in the above trappings for a scene; but in trade you receive a more powerful result: Your multiple images can seemingly attack and defend separately. Your multiple selves have your (natural) Alertness for Initiative, and cannot move more than 1 zone away from the other(s), but are allowed to attack different targets (Or the same target multiple times!). Be careful, though, you still only have one Stress track and set of Consequences, and your multiple selves can all be hit!
Notes: At any point you can stop using this power as a free action, and can choose which multiple stays. In the case of Multiplicity your initiative does not regain the benefits of your speed bonuses until the beginning of the next exchange.

Inhuman Dexterity [-2]
+1 to accuracy with weapons where dexterity matters 
+1 to weapons parry
+2 to any non combat roll that is based off manual dexterity (lock-picking, pick-pocketing, magic tricks etc.)

Supernatural Dexterity [-4]
+2 to accuracy with weapons where dexterity matters
+2 to weapons parry
+4 to any non-combat roll that is based off manual dexterity (lock-picking, pick-pocketing, magic tricks etc.)
Mythic Dexterity [-6]
+3 to accuracy with weapons where dexterity matters
+3 to weapons parry
+6 to any non-combat roll that is based off manual dexterity (lock-picking, pick-pocketing, magic tricks etc.)

Blink Fighter [-2] - Becuase of your inhuman speed you attacks are much harder to avoid.
Add your athletics bonus from Speed Powers to your phsyical attack accuracy. (Dosen't stack with any other forms of accuracy boost.)

You know the secret martial art of Kulan Do. (riposte for fists). This requires inhuman speed or better, and cannot be identified by martial artist, unless the person with martial artist also has Kulan-Do.

Advanced Kulan-Do
You have mastered the upper levels of Kulan-Do. You may riposte by rolling against the opponents athletics (or other physical damage taking stat) -2, and afterwards still take your action. This requires supernatural speed and Kulan-Do, and cannot be identified by martial artist, unless the person with martial artist also has Kulan-Do.

Master Kulan-Do
You are a master of Kulan-Do, and may riposte with fists normally, and then take your action. This has all the trappings of Advanced Kulan-Do, and requires it.

Secrets of Kulan-Do.
You know the deepest secrets of this art, and can make a redirected force style manuever, a riposte-style attack, and then a normal attack. Requires mythic speed, all three Kulan-Do skills, and a very high position in the Jade Court. No outsider can learn this, and if any does, the Jade Court will hunt him/her down. To take this ability, one must also rename one of their aspects to reflect, to reflect their mastery of this art. If they are not jade court, they must rename it to reflect the fact that they are hunted by the Jade Court (unless there is a very special exception made by the Jade Court Leader).

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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
« Reply #174 on: November 26, 2011, 08:18:38 AM »

Self-Sponsored Magic -4, plus or minus additional constraints
You've studied a branch of magic long enough to understand and use it intuitivly without resorting to complex rituals. Pick a magical theme or element as per traditional Sponsored Magic, when casting a spell any Sponsor Debt you gain now act as Compels on your Aspects that you DO NOT gain Fate Points from, likewise you must still pay Fate Points to resist a Compel. A GM may allow you to Self-Compel to pay off a part of your Debt, but you would still not gain any Fate Points (Self-Compels or regular Compels that do not pay off Debt still earn Fate Points normally).

Conceptual Thaumaturgy [-2]
As a massively skilled practitioner of the arts you can cast Thaumaturgical spells up to your starting complexity without the props by working through the magic in your head. As the spell is taking place in your head you can only take backlash instead of fallout when casting.  This allows on the fly casting of low level Thaumaturgical spells at some risk to the caster.

Horrific Imagery [-2] Your Illusions are so vile they can cause serious mental harm to those who view them.
You can use your illusion creating powers (evocation, glamours etc) to cause mental stress instead of its usual function. (this would allow mental attack spells with spirit illusions and allow those with the glamours ability to roll there seemings roll as a mental attack.)

Description: Most spellcasters use incantations, but for you the effects of magic words are far more pronounced. This makes your spells stronger, but much slower to cast.
Musts: You need some form of spellcasting to take this power.
Skills Affected: Discipline
Magical Chant. When you tag an incantation-based aspect to boost a spellcasting roll, add an additional two to your roll.
Incantation Dependency. Whenever you cast a spell without tagging or invoking an incantation-based aspect, subtract two from your spellcasting roll.

Chaos Magic / The blessing of the Un-Named
Drawing on the Power of the Nameless God of Chaos you are able to cast spells that fit into its essential nature, chaos, destruction, madness and the bending of reality. Making uses of it might cause ripples in the very nature of causality which may have many manifold effects. (some sort of hexing effect possibly effecting npc's).
Costs:4 refresh and some connection to chaos are needed to have this power. 
Benefits: Gain a +1 to control and Complexity on spells of that twist somethings nature.
In addition, Chaos magic may be used as an element for evocation, allowing evocation spell effects that encourage chaos, madness and the bending of reality.This includes the ability to produce effects along the lines of entropomancy (page 285), Psychomancy (page 286) and Diabolism (page 284) with evocation's speed and methods.

Magic-Tech [-4]
Description: Your magic, unlike most, mixes well with technology. In fact they are fast friends, and with them together you are able to create strange mechanical devices that beggar imagination.
Note: The cost is -4 refresh unless you already practice another kind of true magic (e.g., Evocation, page 180, or Thaumaturgy, page 181), in which case the cost is reduced by 1 for each ability you already possess.
Skills Affected: Conviction, Discipline, Lore, Scholarship
Magical Cooperation. Your magic no-longer disrupts technology, you can rely on technology, but it can also rely on you. You are no-longer able to hex devices but they will not fail on you.
Knowledge Transparency. For you there is no difference between Scholarship and Lore. You may use them interchangeably.
Arcane Constructs. Anything that you build that has a magical component and also has a technological component benefits from the amalgam of both. You main gain a +2 bonus to rolls with such devices by invoking an appropriate aspect and taking a point of sponsor debt. Enchanted Items which feature both technology and magic have +1 Strength and +1 Uses.

Sponsored Magic Bibliomancy  [-4] You can project the world of the word (book) into the real world. Nothing from the world of the word can exist without context as it would lose its meaning and therefor its existence, monster drawn from books remain monsters and heroes, heroes. (all Evocation effects of this power fall under the element words and all focus items for this powers are books.)

Description: Many supernatural abilities can be mimicked through an application of spellcasting. But that requires specialization, of the sort that this power represents.
Musts: A character must possess the Evocation, Channeling, and/or Sponsored Magic powers in order to use this one. Other powers to link this power to are also required.
Skills Affected: Conviction, Discipline, Lore
Limited Powers. When you take this power, you must select at least one other supernatural power that you possess. Which powers may be selected with this power is a matter of the GM's discretion. The selected powers are disabled, and the character gets a rebate equal to one-third of the powers' total cost.
Magical Self-Enhancement. This power allows the user to grant themselves access to the selected powers through evocation. Such evocations may be of any element that makes sense, and they may be offensive or defensive. The power required of an evocation that grants powers is equal to the total refresh cost of the granted powers plus the intended duration. The user may extend this effect using the normal rules for the extension of evocation, and they may choose to grant themselves only a few of the selected powers. This also allows them to grant lesser versions of the selected powers. For example, a character who had selected Supernatural Strength and Inhuman Speed with this power may grant themselves Inhuman Strength for 5 exchanges with a 7-shift evocation.
Magical Enhancement [-varies]. This option removes the rebate from Magical Self-Enhancement, making the total cost of the power 0. In exchange, it gives the user the ability to cast power-granting evocations on other characters. Please note that these evocations cannot be zone-wide.

The Power of the Blood- [-4]
Description: A true blooded elder vampire can draw a form of magical power from the life in the blood they have stolen. This power can be used to manipulate the blood of others and the blood of the vampire itself. The power of the blood works like evocation though cause hunger stress rather than mental stress.
+2 Focus Item Slots etc
Potential uses of Power: [evocation examples]:Controlling blood flow, causing internal injury, blood projectiles, [thaumaturgy at the speed of evocation examples]: blood chemistry alteration, blood binding (mental control) and blood tracking.

Description: Your powers only function at very short range.
Musts: A Spellcasting ability whose range is normally sensory.
Skills Affected: Varies
Martial Mojo. Your Spellcasting ability only functions within your zone. As a small respite, you are immune to your own zone-wide spells as long as they do not cause any fallout.

Sponsored Channeling [-2]
Like sponsored magic, but only for evocation effects that fit the sponsor's theme. It allows you to use your sponsored powers to bypass Toughness (as normal) and to go into debt by invoking an aspect without spending a Fate point.
Cost one less refresh if character already has evocation. Note that (if the sponsor agrees) this can be improved to the regular form of Sponsored Magic for [-2] (or the regular cost of Sponsored Magic - whichever is less).

Sponsored Ritual [-2]
Like sponsored magic, but only for thaumaturgy effects that fit the sponsor's theme. If applicable it allows you to use your sponsored powers to bypass Toughness (as normal) and to go into debt by invoking an aspect without spending a Fate point. It does not allow you to cast thaumaturgy effects at evocation speeds.
Cost one less refresh if character already has thaumaturgy. Note that (if the sponsor agrees) this can be improved to the regular form of Sponsored Magic for [-2] (or the regular cost of Sponsored Magic - whichever is less). 

Minor Magic [-1]
Magical talent is primarily gained through maternal bonds, but what about the paternal bonds? In some people whose fathers have gross magical talent, a faint spark of magic appears.
Minor Rituals: You can use rituals with 5 shifts or less of effect
Minor Evocation: You can create evocations from any element of 1 shift or less.

Fomor Magic [-0]
Description: You're a Fomor, not a human. Your magic reflects that.
Effect: Your magic is never impeded or removed by the presence of running water. Instead, you suffer penalties when casting magic in areas that lack water almost entirely, like deserts or indoor areas without running water.

Blood Magic [Spellcraft; -1]
Musts: The ability to perform evocation
Blood Magic: You may substitute physical stress for mental stress inflicted by your own evocations. When using this power, it's all or nothing; you must choose to take all mental stress as physical stress, or none.

Focused Study [–0]
Musts: Channeling and/or Ritual.
Description:  Experienced focused practitioners learn in time how to refine and focus their abilities, gaining a deeper understanding of their one particular area of study.
Skills Affected: Discipline, Conviction, Lore.
Intense Focus. You have chosen to focus heavily upon one particular application of spellcraft. When you take this power you forever give up the ability to upgrade Channeling to Evocation or upgrade Ritual to Thaumaturgy.
Focused Specialization. You may now choose to gain specialization bonuses when buying the Refinement power.

Focused Mastery [-1]
Musts: Focused Study
Description: With experience comes eventual mastery. A few focused practitioners have learned how to unlock their full potential and gain an incredible amount of mastery over their chosen area of spellcraft.
Skills Affected: Conviction, Discipline, Lore
Esoteric Lore. You roll Lore at +1 when dealing with magic particular to your area of focus (as determined by your element, ritual, or theme).
Potent Specialization. You no longer need to structure your specialization bonuses for each ability according to the same “column” limits for skills (see page 65). You still cannot have any specialization bonuses higher than your Lore skill.

Rote Reliance [+1]
Musts: At least one rote spell.
Description: You aren't very good at improving with your magic, preferring to stick to a few well rehearsed and known spells.
Skills Affected: Conviction, Discipline, Lore
Improvisational Block. You suck at casting any spell you haven't worked out ahead of time. When casting  non rote spells, consider your Conviction and Discipline to be 2 steps lower than the actual ratings.
Total Reliance [+1]. You are totally reliant upon a few well rehearsed spells. The only spells you can cast are rote spells. When casting such spells you must roll to control the power as if you were casting them normally.

Signature Spell [-1]
Musts: At least one rote spell.
Description: You are well known for one spell in particular. You might be a one trick pony, but it's a damn good trick!
Skills Affected: Discipline, Conviction, Lore.
Choose one of your rote spells when you buy this power. This spell then becomes your signature spell and gains the benefits listed below when you cast that spell by rote. You may only have one signature spell at a time. At the game masters discretion you may be able to change your signature spell after a Significant or Major milestone.
Efficient Spellcraft. You've refined one spell so greatly that you can cast it with incredible efficiency. When determining the mental stress cost (page 250) of your signature spell, consider your Conviction to be 1 step higher than its actual rating.
One Last Spell. You've learned to keep a little bit of energy in reserve for your favorite spell. You may spend a Fate Point instead of taking metal stress when casting your signature spell.

[-3] Spell-like Abilities
You have 2 spell-like abilities you can use twice per day each - or you may use one by taking a 1-point mental stress hit. You aim SLAs with Discipline or an other thematically appropriate skill. Their power is equal to your Conviction or your Lore, whichever is higher, and you can have any Evocation or Thaumaturgy effect as an SLA. However, once chosen those abilities are fixed and cannot be changed. You may lower the Power of an ability when initially chosen by a number to increase its number of uses by the same number - though it still costs 1 point of mental stress to use.
[-1] Improved Innate Magic
You have more varied spell-like abilities available than normal. Each time you take this ability, you get four new SLAs, each one following the same rules as your original SLAs. Instead of new SLAs, you may take an existing SLA more than once, adding up the total number of uses.
[-1] Potent Innate Magic
Your innate magic is stronger than normal. Each time you take this ability add 1 to the Power and number of uses of each SLA you have. You may take this ability a number of times equal to your Lore or Conviction.

Spell-Like Ability [-1]
Description: You have the ability to cast one spell.
Musts: Nothing more than any other power requires.
Spell-Like Ability. Design a spell with complexity or power equal to the higher of your Conviction skill and your Lore skill. You may cast that spell as an evocation rote.
Potent Spell-Like Ability [-1]. Add two to the power of one of your spell-like ability. This does not increase the difficulty to control it.

Healing Light [-2]
Description: By channeling your supernatural energy into somebody else you allow them to begin the healing process, and may even help them recover to perfect health.
Skills Affected: Conviction, Scholarship
Starting Recovery. You may use this power to make scholarship declarations to justify the start of natural recovery from physical consequences, just as if they'd gone to a doctor or the hospital.
Healing Pool. You have a pool of healing power equal to your conviction.
Healing Surge. You may spend a fate point to allow somebody to recover from all of their physical consequences up to severe as if they where a mild. Subtract the value of the highest consequence so affected from your healing pool.
Healing Backlash. At the end of the scene you must roll against a hunger attack with a value equal to the number of negative points in your healing pool. If you have used other powers attached to your feeding dependency during the course of the scene, this (positive) value is added to the overall strength of the hunger attack you would suffer from use of your powers instead.

Natural Channel [Spellcraft, -1]
Musts: Channeling; taking this power prevents upgrade into Evocation
Natural Channel: Your magic is more then your soul's expression; it soaks into your bones, flows through your blood. You may use Endurance in place of Conviction and Fists in place of Discipline for spellcasting. This physical harmony is not without danger, however; the mental stress of spellcasting becomes physical stress, bypassing any Toughness powers or similar defenses

Rune Magic [-4]: Standard Sponsor Benefits, 12 Rune Item Slots (equivalent of Enchanted Item Slots) if paying at -4 (If given a cost discount for Evocation or Thaumaturgy, it loses four Rune Item Slots for each point). These slots can be used to emulate any Evocation or Thaumaturgy effect, but may only be used for Rune Magic Items or Consumable Runes (although Enchanted Item Slots may also to pay for Rune Magic Items or Consumable Runes). A Rune Magic Item works and functions the same as an Enchanted Item (pre-prepared items) and a Consumable Rune works and functions the same as Potions or other Consumables (one-use runes). No channeling (all magical effects are done by using the Rune Item Slots). Others may use Rune Magic Items without using an extra slot to make it usable by others.
Rune Item Slot = Enchanted Item Slot
Rune Magic Item = Enchanted Item
Consumable Runes = Potions/Consumables

Yuletide Magic [-4 Refresh]
Drawing on the power of the Saint Nicholas, you’re able to cast spells that fit his essential nature: warmth and coldness, charity, protection, travel, and power over secrets. These magics are under the sway and watch of Saint Nicholas himself; making use of it will inevitably catch his notice.
Cost: As normal Sponsored Magic
Effects: Standard Sponsored Magic benefits, including counting as an Evocation element, allowing evocation spell effects that encourage or make use of warmth or coldness, charity, protection, travel, and a power over secrets. In addition, Yuletide Magic may be used to duplicate Conjuration or Warding effects at Evocation speeds and methods, and receives a +1 bonus to Control and Complexity on Conjuration. Yuletide Magic’s Evocations always includes either warmth or cold in some way, depending on the element being used.

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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
« Reply #175 on: November 26, 2011, 08:20:44 AM »
Boon of the Fisher King.
Though today he seems to be little more than a senile old man, the Fishers King is in fact a very old and very powerful faerie. He is remembered in the mortal legends of Bran the blessed and king Arthur - the wounded monarch on which the vitality of the land depends, his life sustained by the magic cauldron that can restore the dead to life. Later the title fisher king was tied into the Christian idea of Jesus as the fisher of men, and the legends interwove into the tales of Joseph of Arimathaea and christianised. All things considered it's not surprising the poor guy doesn't really know who he is any more.
In the legends with his vitality curtailed by his wound, the monarch is surrounded by a wasteland. The return of the cauldron (or grail) by his questing knights allows him to hold back the decay and the land live again once more. But it is a never ending battle and can only be achieved with the help of those who can share his vision and enact it- alone he is still the wounded impotent king.
The Fisher King is fond of sending his people on quests which allow them to test themselves and discovered powers, skills and talents that have been lying dormant with in them. Thus he assists them to learn more of themselves and fulfil their full potential. As a result the creative powers of the king are now focused on inspiring the people around him - consider it similar to the Greek muses. And this is the power he gifts to those of his court,
Sponsored magic
Description: The spells performed under the power of the Fisher kings boon derive from the questing and 'muse'. They also have a certain level of healing that is drawn from the cauldron of life; though most of that power is being used elsewhere (see the pool of LIFE section)
Cost: 4 (- the usual reductions if you have evocation or Thaumaturgy but most of those using this magic are Faerie or changelings and thus won't benefit from the discount.)
Benefits: Where as the powers of the courts of the queens focus on evocations, the Fisher king is more Thaumaturgy orientated. For example;
•Conjurations to allow the 'visions' to be shared and ideas to be prototyped,
•Divination to assist in the quests,
•Crafting of items of power so chosen mortals can be gifted the ability to excel.
There is also a massive amount of psychomancy going on, as the mortal artists and scientists that attract the attention of the Faerie are 'inspired' to greater achievements in the goal of driving back the wasteland.
Limitation:  The power is derived from the Fisher King, it is essentially creative, any attempt to carry out an activity that would expand the wasteland, or discourage a mortals creativity would clash. Destructive spells would only be appropriated as 'self defence' -or defending a protected mortal, or one of their creations.


Physical Renewal
Refresh Cost: -8
Through some quirk of fate, you have been given the power to recover from wounds like no other. For a Fate Point once per scene, you may heal from All non-Extreme, physical-based consequences, be they Mild, Moderate, or Severe, as a Full Action. Such power does not come without cost, as your will is taxed to the limit doing this, and your body is just barely healed of your consequences: Your Mental and Physical stress tracks are filled as a result of using this power(if not already filled). Strenuous activity after this healing is not recommended. (Note: Consequences taken before using this power still count toward Fate Point gains if you Concede or are Taken Out)

The Catch and Only the Catch (-3)
Life for Mortals is not fair, get over it!
Must: 1 Toughness Power
World Don’t Work That Way!: Your Toughness Powers can only be overcome by the Catch and only the Catch.  This Power counts as a Toughness Power for determining total cost.
(Designer  Note: If the Catch for the Toughness Powers are too unreasonable a Game Master can disallow a Player from choosing this Power; so as to prevent some super-munchkin from taking an absurd Catch and making it the only way to harm them.)

[-3] There Is No Salvation
There are many powers in the world that make it their business to level the playing field and give inferior creatures a "fair" chance by rewarding their inferiority.
Sometimes though, rejoice, despair, Fate does not care. This is where you come in; removing all external crutches you put all creatures in their rightful place in the world.
Effect: Pay a Fate point. For the duration of the scene, only your actual catch can negate your toughness and recovery powers.

Inhuman Stoicism [-2]
Description: Your mind is abnormally stout, withstanding far more abuse then the average human.
Musts: No protection against self-inflicted attacks or stress is provided. You must attach this power to an appropriate mental Catch (page YS:185).
Skills Affected: Conviction (page YS:124), other mental skills.
Hard to Twist. You naturally have Armor:1 against all mental stress.
Hard to Break. You have two additional boxes of mental stress capacity.

Supernatural Stoicism [–4]
Description: Your mind can handle trauma that would normally destroy a person.
Musts: This ability replaces Inhuman Stoicism. No protection against self-inflicted attacks or stress is provided. You must attach this power to an appropriate mental Catch (page YS:185).
Skills Affected: Conviction (page YS:124), other mental skills.
Harder to Twist. You naturally have Armor:2 against all mental stress.
Harder to Break. You have four additional boxes of mental stress capacity.

Mythic Stoicism [–6]
Description: The durability of your mind is beyond the mortal scale.
Musts: You must have permission to purchase this ability. This ability replaces Inhuman or Supernatural Stoicism. No protection against self-inflicted attacks or stress is provided. You must attach this power to an appropriate mental Catch (page YS:185).
Skills Affected: Conviction (page YS:124), other mental skills.
Nearly Impossible to Twist. You naturally have Armor:3 against all mental stress.
Nearly Impossible to Break. You have six additional boxes of mental stress capacity.

Inhuman Mental Resilience (-1)
You add 1 to your mental stress track. There is no catch vs this power, and you can not take other powers that would increase your mental stress. (Stoicism for instance.)

Supernatural Mental Resilience (-2)
Add 2 boxes to your mental stress. This power otherwise acts like Inhuman Mental Resilience.

Mythic Mental Resilience (-3)
Add 3 boxes to your mental stress. This Power otherwise functions like inhuman mental Resilience.


Skepticism beyond Reason [-1]
Description: People believe in many things. You believe they're idiots. Religion is hogwash. Monsters are just silly legends. Magic doesn't exist. You have faith in science and reason and nothing will sway you from it.
Musts: This power does not count as a supernatural ability, but every other supernatural power you take increases the cost of this power by 1. After all, it's hard to cast a fireball one round and then say you don't believe in magic the next. Your must have a high concept referencing your complete disbelief in the supernatural.
There Must Be a Rational Explanation: Your disbelief in the Supernatural is solid. You always have a +2 bonus to resist belief in the supernatural, and those trying to convince you get no benefit from declarations that are based on the truth of their claims or the strength of their conviction. You may defend against all such attacks with either conviction or scholarship. Treat any attempt to convince you of the supernatural, or any use of a supernatural power in your presence as a social attack.
True Nonbeliever: Your belief in science is absolute. Petty things like "witness accounts," "evidence," or "personal experience" won't shake your faith. You believe science holds the potential to solve all mankind's problems, if only it weren't held up by those superstitious flat-earthers. Symbols of science count as symbols of your faith, and satisfy appropriate catches on monsters. Your house and any place of science are treated as holy ground when you are present, and you raise their thresholds by 2.
I Don't Believe in Fairies: Your presence satisfies the catch on all faekind. Additionally, you deal damage against tulpas and any other constructs whose existence is based solely on belief in them.
This Can't Be Happening: [-1] Your utter disbelief in the supernatural gives you +2 to avoid the effects of any supernatural influence on you. However, you automatically oppose any helpful supernatural effects at +2 as well. By default you resist with the higher of conviction or scholarship.

Void of Faith (-4)
Believing against Belief  is a funny and frightening thing.
Must: Must have a High Concept that rejects the faith entirely, and can never have or take any True Faith or Spellcraft Powers.
“I Care Not for Your Superstitious Beliefs!”: You ignore the effects of Bless This House has on Thresholds.
“I Reject Your Faith!”:   You gain Physical Immunity to all Holy/Unholy damage that ignores the general rule of “Faith Trumps All”.

Home is Where You Make It [-1] This character carries his threshold with him, he may, with or without any special objects, setup a threshold with a value of two given adequate time to prepare (5-15 minutes). If the threshold is being setup in the open, then the size is up to the GM. It can be used to strengthen the existing threshold of a building by one. This power stacks with "Bless this House".

Faith Healing [-2]
Musts: You must have taken the Guide My Hand and Righteousness powers in order to take this ability.
You may use your Conviction skill to declare justification for your own or another character’s recovery from moderate or severe consequences of any type, even without access to proper facilities, given time to pray and (for another character) lay hands upon the character in question. In addition, you may spend a Fate Point to allow another character to heal from a Consequence as though it were one level lower in severity. So, the subject would recover from moderate consequences as though they were mild, etc. Consequences reduced below mild are always removed by the beginning of a subsequent scene.

Holy Magic -1
Musts:  At least one aspect, preferably the High Aspect, has to explain the innate holiness of your magics
Must have Holy Touch, Righteousness, and either channeling, evocation or sponsored magic.
Your evocation attacks, maneuvers, blocks and defenses are treated as "Holy", as in the Holy Touch ability.

Holy Weaponry [-1]
Description: Your sacred power extends beyond your body to envelop the weapons you wield.
Musts: You must have the Holy Touch power in order to purchase this one.
Holy Weaponry. You may apply the effects of Holy Touch to weapons that you wield.

Miracle Man [-1]
Description: You are able to perform old school miracles, but at great cost.
Bargain For Miracle. Negotiate with your gm for an appropriate cost in fate points for each miracle you perform. This power is potentially limitless in scope, given enough fate points.

[-2] Aegis Daemon Shield - Your very presence, backed by the force of your rock solid Faith, is anathema to Supernatural beings of malicious or ill intent. Effects; The Emperor Protects. You may spend a Fate Point to create a shield of True Faith around yourself and your zone. This shield functions as a zone border with a value equal to the user's Conviction against all supernatural creatures that oppose the user, reduces the power and control of evocations that target characters inside of it by the user's Conviction, and reduces all stress inflicted by the natural attacks of supernatural creatures that oppose the user to characters inside of it by the user's Conviction. This effect only lasts one exchange, but it can be extended indefinitely at the cost of a supplemental action each exchange.


Magic Eater[-2] -  Anyone who makes the mistake of targeting a magic eater with magic shouldn't be surprised when it back fires dramatically.
When ever targeted by magic a magic eater can spend their turn in advance to wrestle control of a spell from the caster (direct discipline contest). Succeeding this contest allows the magic eater to redirect the spell to his chosen target.

Fountainhead of Blood [–2]
Description: You've somehow managed to cut the metaphysical ties that exist between master and servant. You are no longer beholden to the Red King, and are a sovereign in your own right.
Musts: When you gain this power, you must change your High Concept to reflect your new status as the fountainhead of a new bloodline of red court vampires.
Skills Affected: Discipline, Social Skills.
Self Control. Your control over the thirst is unparalleled, you gain +1 to your Discipline when using it defensively.
Deeper Reserves. You are the most powerful vampire in your bloodline. Add two boxes to the length of your hunger stress track.
Liege Lord. You are the fountainhead of a new bloodline of red court vampires. Any social skills used against other vampire courts or bloodlines gain a +1 bonus. Increase this to +2 when dealing with members of your own bloodline.
Improved Feeding [-1]. If you purchase this upgrade you gain a +2 (instead of a +1) on subsequent attacks after causing your enemy to bleed, in a grapple you do two extra stress instead of just one. You may also use the Taste of Death of effect of the Blood Drinker power twice per scene instead of only once, however you must spend a fate point to use it the second time.

Mana Locust (Vampirism; -2)
Detect Magic: Within your zone, you may attempt to detect the presence of magic (defined as effects created by or individuals possessing Spellcasting Powers) via an Alertness or Investigation roll. Success provides awareness of the presence of magic, and identifies individuals with Spellcasting Powers if you are already aware of them.
Magic Drain: Whenever an effect created by a Spellcasting Power originates from or targets your zone, its effectiveness is reduced by two shifts.
Mageslayer: Add +1 to close personal combat attacks made against characters possessing Spellcasting Powers.

Mana Plague (Vampirism; -1)
Musts: Mana Locust
Magic Drought: Magic Drain reduces three shifts of power.
The Taste of Death: Once per scene, if you inflict enough stress and consequences from feeding to kill a character with Spellcraft Powers, you may take an immediate "free" recovery period equal to an extra scene.

Area Drinker -4
The character leeches upon the vitality of their surroundings as a whole:  people, animals, plants, and all.  Each day, they roll Conviction to feed - this affects a radius in zones equal to ten times the numberical value of the numerical value of the result on the ladder (and the character must remain within this area for the whole day) - the affected area takes on an Aspect of "Depleted," which can be compelled and invoked to cause illness and decreptitude, and against the healing of physical consequences suffered by inhabitants (inhabitant being defined as someone who last slept in the affected area).  The effect is cumulative if multiple characters with this power feed.

Manipulate Dream -2
This power allows the character to incite or alter a target's dreams. In general, this is a contest of Deceit vs the victim's Discipline - success allows the character to lay an Aspect on the dreamscape, which can be tagged or invoked to ease further manipulations, or the use of other powers such as Dream Vampirism. Aspects on dreams can be environmental ("everything grows dark"), emotional ("everything is inexplicably frightening"), or an incorporated element or monster ("beware the jabberwock"). [Mortals can take a Lucid Dreaming stunt for Discipline, which allows them to use this power on their own dreams, which counters the manipulations of others]

Dream Vampirism -1
This is carried out using the same system as Emotion Feeding, using the vampire's Decit vs the victim's Discipline - as the name implies, it can only be used on a target who is currently dreaming - however, any Aspects laid on a dream by the Manipulate Dream power can be tagged or invoked to benefit feeding. Some Dream vampires draw on emotional energy, while some siphon life force more directly - the only mechanical difference is that the former inflicts psychological stress and the latter physical - decide which one this character does (they can't pick and choose).

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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
« Reply #176 on: November 26, 2011, 02:02:12 PM »
Thanks for all the work!

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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
« Reply #177 on: November 27, 2011, 05:05:37 AM »
You're welcome.

The question is, what now?

The plan is to reformat and rewrite everything until it's all balanced and decent-looking. But looking at the list, it's obvious that that's going to take a while.

In the this worthy of a move onto the Resources board?

I don't think it's polished enough, really, but I want to make it easier for people to find.

Also, I'm having some second thoughts about the rewrite plan. I worry that I'm going to destroy some of what the original authors had in mind.

Well, I guess I can contact most of those original authors easily enough. Getting their input and approval on rewrites would be very helpful.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.

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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
« Reply #178 on: November 27, 2011, 06:32:18 PM »
If you move this to the Resources Board, why not tag it as [Beta]?

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Re: Custom Powers Master List (Work In Progress)
« Reply #179 on: November 27, 2011, 10:42:39 PM »
I suppose I could do something like that.

Though I can't actually move to the Resources Board myself. Only a mod can do that.

Anyway, a few powers caught my eye while I was compiling that list. I'm going to take a stab at rewriting them now. And I'm going to ask the original authors for input while I do it.

The powers I have in mind are Displacement, Transcendent Music, and Spiritual Weapon.