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Re: Generic NPCs
« Reply #795 on: August 30, 2015, 07:45:42 PM »
So I was watching Breaking Bad again and the mood struck to stat out some of the main characters.

I set the PL to Feet in the Water and ignored the Pure Mortal bonus because there isn't a supernatural side to their world. Then I gave Walter a bump to Waist-Deep because I think he's been through quite a lot and deserves a bump. I gave Mike a bump to Waist-Deep because he's been around the block too. Gus is set to Submerged because he spent twenty years building his empire, and that's not including his time as a Chilean general. These stats corresponds roughly to the end of Season 4/beginning of Season 5.

Walter White
HC: Meth-Chef for the Entire Southwest
Trouble: Pride Goeth Before the Fall
OA: A Man Provides For His Family, Stage Four Lung Cancer (In Remission), Call Me...Heisenberg, I AM The Danger, You're Four Steps Ahead...I'm Twelve Steps Ahead
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Jesse Pinkman
HC: I'm A Criminal, Yo
Trouble: Everything Around Me Turns to Shit
OA: Captain Cook turned This Old Dude's Assistant; Science, Bitch!; Recovering Addict; Loyal to the End; My Cook Is As Good As Heisenberg's
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Gustavo Fring
HC: The Meth-King Of The American Southwest
Trouble: The Mexican Cartel
OA: The Former Grand Generalissimo, Owner of Los Pollos Hermanos (and more), Twenty Year Plan In The Making, Low-Key Philanthropist Alter-Ego, Always Four Steps Ahead
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Mike Ehrmantraut
HC: I'm In "Private Security"
Trouble: I'm Surrounded By Amateurs
OA: I've Seen Just About Everything You Can See In This Business, Dead-Eyed Bastard, Ex-Cop With My Own Rules, I've Got Guys, My Grand-daughter Kaylee Is My World
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Saul Goodman
HC: Albuquerque's Premier Scumbag Ambulance-Chaser
Trouble: All My Clients Are Criminals
OA: If A Lie Doesn't Work...Make It A Bigger Lie; I Always Get My Cut; Listen....Let's Talk This Out; If The Going Get's Tough, I'm Outta Here; ...There's This Guy I Helped Out Of A Pinch...
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Hank Shrader
HC: ASAC of the Albuquerque Office of the DEA
Trouble: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
OA: Real Men Don't Cry; I Survived A Hit From The Mexican Cartel; They're Minerals, Marie; A Big Mouth and a Bit of a Temper
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Re: Generic NPCs
« Reply #796 on: September 27, 2015, 03:11:20 AM »
Stage Magician (Hydrophobe)

Considered giving them stunts for escape artistry and building magic props, but after thinking about it a bit I decided to keep the power level low.

High Concept: Stage Magician
Other Aspects: Never Explain The Trick, It's All About Confidence
Good: Deceit
Fair: Presence, Empathy
Average: Conviction, Rapport, Craftsmanship
Stage Magic (Deceit): May use Deceit +1 for magic tricks and pickpocketing. No penalty for complicated magic tricks.
Showmanship (Deceit): Use Deceit instead of Performance when putting on a magic show.
Pickpocket (Deceit): No penalty for pickpocketing attempts.
Total Refresh Cost:
-1 (Pure Mortal)
Refresh Total:

Chemist (Hydrophobe)

As a mathematician, I find chemistry kind of intimidating. It's an academic subject, lots of papers and math and stuff, but you can actually get yourself hurt or killed if you screw it up badly enough. Plus it has obvious criminal applications!

High Concept: Chemist
Other Aspects: Well-Paid, Pretty Practical For An Academic
Good: Scholarship
Fair: Resources
Average: Endurance, Alertness, Investigation, Discipline
Chemistry PhD (Scholarship): +1 to chemistry knowledge, additional +1 to some subfield.
Practical Chemistry (Scholarship): May use Scholarship to create drugs, poisons, explosives, and other chemicals.
Total Refresh Cost:
0 (Pure Mortal)
Refresh Total:

EDIT: And now that I look at the post above mine, the chemist seems oddly topical. Might've been some subconscious inspiration there.
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