Author Topic: Perspective: The Speed of Moderation & What We Mean By "Self-Policing"  (Read 8954 times)

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You will be disappointed if you expect us to:

- Publicize every piece of moderation work we do. Some we prefer to deal with in private.

- Act immediately on every reported post. Some reports result in private discussion among the moderators before we take action. Some result in us enacting a policy shift (like shutting down the pub for a week) rather than singling out every person who's crossed the line. This is not favoritism; it's efficiency.

In short, moderation is not an instant service provided 24/7 by our admin staff. Nor should it be. If we acted immediately on everything, the population of this board would be a lot smaller.

On another note, when we ask people to "self-police", we mean for each of you to act individually as grown-ups and to use the "report to moderator" button when someone else does not.  We do NOT mean "say something publicly or privately directly to the offenders".  The reasons you should engage us rather than take the action yourself are many.  Your judgment call about what the root of the problem is and what needs to be done about it could be off base. The way you choose to do it could be construed as a personal attack, which turns YOU into a policy offender. Etc. In short, report problems to the authorities and let the authorities take actual action. We need you to help us achieve *visibility* into the problems, not to achieve *enforcement*. That's not your job. :)
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