Author Topic: WHITE COUNCIL DECREE: Respect Is Mandatory  (Read 9814 times)

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WHITE COUNCIL DECREE: Respect Is Mandatory
« on: May 26, 2010, 05:51:31 PM »
The board moderators are not happy.

We've seen a lot of people failing to act like adults lately. We've seen aggressive behaviors and disrespectful stances taken by many. We've seen bullying and a general failure to look at things while standing in someone else's shoes.

This is not acceptable.

This stops now.

By unanimous decision of the White Council (that's Fred, Priscellie, Mickey, and Ashton), we're going to be taking some broad, sweeping action in an effort to get people to back off of all this contentiousness and really focus on contributing positively to this board and to the celebration of Jim's work. That's the mission here, and it should be your mission too.

Here's what's going to be in effect for the next week or so:

- The Pub -- i.e., MacAnally's -- is getting closed for renovations. We're going to sweep out the old threads and give the place a fresh start. This will include the sub-boards; they'll all be locked to disallow posting. We may change what sub-boards there are, we may add new ones, we may leave them as they are.

- We'll be cleaning up the joint -- As mentioned in the downsizing announcement.

- The baseball batbanhammer is on the bar.  Respect is mandatory.  People who engage in bickering, baiting, bullying, and so forth on the other boards are going to face a low or zero tolerance response from the moderators. That means we'll be more liberal than usual with temporary banning. We will do our best to explain to you why you're being given a vacation from the board, but you'll be given a vacation all the same.

We don't like having to take this kind of sweeping action, but at this point we just don't feel like people are paying attention.  You attract the Council's attention, you get a satellite pulled out of orbit and dropped on your house. That's just the way it is.

This policy will go into effect within the next 24 hours, and will last for at least one week (for the "closed for renovations" aspect).  The "banhammer" policy will likely last a few weeks longer than that.
Fred Hicks
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