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Forum Policy: Sexual Content
« on: May 21, 2010, 02:48:01 PM »
As Jim's novels occasionally deal with instant bliss collars and sex vampires and whatnot, we cannot reasonably ask that this board be devoid of sexual/sexualized content.

That said, we do need people to start working to keep this to a minimum.  Sex *is* a touchy topic (and we all know how touchy topics have fared on this board). 

Utmost respect needs to be paid not just to the people you know you're talking to, but to the people you don't know might be reading you. That means toning it down. That means going easy on the "cat-calls". That means not using this board to get yourself some personal validation by how well you can sexually provoke other people on the board.

This goes double for anyone who is, or is interacting with, a board member who is not legally an adult. If you wouldn't talk to a random stranger at a bus stop about it, you probably shouldn't talk to the random strangers here about it either.

We do think that people who are uncomfortable with sexual content in general need to make choices about what they'll willingly expose themselves to, so this is a two-way street.  If sexual content makes you uncomfortable, don't read threads where it's a factor

What we're asking for here is for people to tone down the extremity and pervasiveness of it, not to remove it entirely from the conversation.

We don't want to have to make firmer policies. We don't want to have to take action to shut down conversations in order to improve the climate of the board. But there have been too many failures in the departments of "Think Before Posting", "No, Really, Think Before Posting", and "Get Some Freaking Therapy Already" to make it likely we'll be able to stay out of doing so.

Taking action according to the above guidelines will significantly improve your chances of not being the target of our actions when we do.
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Re: Forum Policy: Sexual Content
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2010, 05:30:21 PM »
Addendum: Please refrain from keeping sexual imagery in your avatars...because they follow you wherever you go, they don't stay in one thread where you happened to discuss something.

This ranges from the obvious focusing on various body parts to the less obvious "sexual situations" avatar...say, a photoshopped pic of TV's Harry and Murphy in bed together.


Edit: "Please refrain from keeping sexual imagery out of your avatars"? :D  Fixed!
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