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No Story Ideas
« on: July 03, 2009, 01:30:57 PM »
We understand that the type of folks that would come to an author's board are going to be of a creative nature.
However, for everyone's safety, there's a rule about no story ideas.
The reason is simple: If Jim happens to see something he was planning to do on these boards, he can no longer do it, because he can't prove he didn't get the idea from the poster.*
This also extends to story ideas outside of what Jim normally writes, as not only could certain elements be lifted from on genre to another, but after Alera, Jim will be turning to a new series, and we don't know the genre as yet.

*This does not extend to logical outcomes of situations already published, or no one could discuss the books.

Additional: There are now Fanfic sections on the board. All fanfic (which obviously would include story ideas) must stay in these sections.
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