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Where are we getting the whole "it's rewriting reality" thing from for magic?  Seems to me that magic is about 90% just moving and affecting assorted forces.  Not any different from using a shovel to move some dirt with your hands, other than the mechanism of doing so.  But when you move the dirt, you're moving the dirt, not just causing an alteration in the fabric of reality in which that dirt was always in the other place.

IIRC, there was also at one point a WoJ that the level of belief in magic for a wizard is such that they'd be flabbergasted if they attempted a familiar spell and it didn't work  (in the same way that vanilla mortals would be shocked if they dropped an object and it didn't fall).  That the reason magic works for them is that this is how they believe the world should work on a fundamental level. 

Which might help explain why killing with magic is bad: the wizard believes on a very deep level that that whatever/whoever they're killing isn't supposed to be alive. 

Unfortunately, you are forgetting one very important mortal she can use magic on.

He's probably the reason she first started playing around with magic that could alter peoples minds and make them do things they normally wouldn't do. After all, I bet it's the most common reason for warlocks to start using mind magic. The mantel would also be prompting her to use any method at her disposal to control him, and also be prompting her to have sex with him, which would fit in very well with her own subconscious desires. She's probably thought about using mind magic on him every time she has used it on someone else, although she probably lives in denial about that being the reason she worked out how to use mind magic.

If she starts playing with mind magic again, Harry will be her intended victim, and she will use it to try and make him love her.

Not forgetting so much as hoping that she'll be in enough mortal terror of Mab (Harry is, after all, Mab's chosen knight, not Maeve's, Molly's or the Winter Lady's) not to try it.  And Mab certainly didn't interfere with Slate until it had become apparent that he was irredeemably warped. Even then, she didn't whammy him, she imprisoned him.  All of which is probably wishful thinking on a grand scale....

We don't know that the mantle will be spurring Molly to control Harry, though-- certainly, Lily never seems to try to control Fix (whether it's because she doesn't have to is certainly debatable).  Maeve certainly exerted direct control over Slate through the use of the snowflake brand, but maybe Slate in SK was so far gone into the mantle that she needed to.  That brand seemed to me to be nothing so much as a particularly cruel shock collar.

I wonder if the new Winter Lady will be as law abiding as she has been or if now she has diplomatic immunity from the Wardens if a new spate of mind altering will occur.

Possibly the only silver lining in this in terms of Molly's mental health and wellbeing is that she won't be able to, by and large.  She can't touch regular ol' humans unless they are affiliated with the Court.  So, changelings, etc.  (Whether the Council considers them mortal enough to count for breaking the Laws is up for debate, but I suspect yes.)  She could try mind controlling the sidhe, but I bet that until she gets up to speed, even that won't fly-- the sidhe excel at illusion-type enchantments and mental manipulation.

I've always had the same issue with Jim's magic rules in the DV.

If Harry uses a magical wind to blow a killer off of a mortal and the killer accidentally falls over and cracks his skull on the pavement, Harry is a warlock and must die immediately before he can kill again. If Harry were to just pull out his .44 magnum and shoot a random citizen, he's not a warlock, just (for lack of a better term) a jerk in the eyes of the White Council.

But, it's Jim's sandbox and he sets the rules.

Huh. I always figured that the WCouncil operated on the principle that they would take care of magical crimes and let the mortal authorities deal with the mundane crimes-- even if they are perpetrated by wizards.  This policy makes sense if you go back to the whole stance of not getting involved with politics.  (I mean, I know that there is probably no country on Earth that doesn't outlaw murder....but it would set a precedent of enforcing laws--or choosing which mundane laws to enforce--that would very quickly become tricky given the diversity of countries represented within the WC.  Plus, what would happen in the case of non-capital crimes?  Would they all be capital, even things that would be considered misdemeanors? What if they were committed in the mundane world but on behalf of the Council? (e.g., A messenger trespasses onto private property when exiting a Way carrying urgent information for the Council.  The Way had changed since the last time it was used; the messenger could not have predicted this.  Is it still a crime in the eyes of the mundane world? Yes...but it would put the Council in an awkward position if it was then forced to prosecute.)

DF Books / Re: Perfect Casting Part Three
« on: November 17, 2013, 04:22:56 AM »
He's already been cast.   8)

This is an April Fool's joke, yes?
(Best joke ever.  Believable up until I saw the date.)

Bryant would make a wonderful Harry, though-- looks wise, at least.  Can anyone comment on the snark ability?

When the Queens bring out the Stone Table, everyone becomes vulnerable including the Queens.
What we didn't see in Summer Knight that we did see in Cold Days is the actual mantle jumping from Aurora to Lily, or in the case of CD from Lily to Sarissa.

And we didn't see it because Harry was passed out, not because there was anything particularly special about the transfer, right?

Color me intrigued...but not surprised.  I think that one is being sat upon for a reason.  Hopefully, if/when it does happen, it will come with a complete description of what she sees.

DF Books / Re: Perfect Casting Part Three
« on: November 13, 2013, 01:44:13 AM »
Never read the original thread.... I'll though my $.02 in...

Harry.. Jared Padelecki (sp) tall dark slightly dorky..and he could rock a duster..
Thomas.. Ian Somerholder.  just too pretty.
Marcone.  Daniel Craig.
Lara Raith.  Penelope Cruz
Karrin   - really stuck here.. not sure.
Susan. Sara Ramirez.. Callie torez from Grey's
Lea..  Angelina Joilie
Molly  Miley Cyrus.. that's right.. she's young and crazy and all.. but really quite perfect.
Odin/Vaderung   Liam Neison
Butters   Simon Helberg  - Walowitz from Big Bang Theory
Kincade   Alexander Skarsgard.
Padalecki can also rock the snark, but I don't think I could see him as anything other than Sam Winchester.   I do like Neeson for Odin, though.  I like that a lot.  We'd never get it, of course, but that's why they call it perfect casting! 

I don't know whether I'd want Craig as Marcone or as Nicodemus.  I think he could do an excellent affably creepy.

Display Case / Re: Perfect Casting, part 2
« on: November 12, 2013, 07:57:11 PM »
I think Fassbender might be my favorite actor of the moment.  I thought he was great in X-Men First Class and Prometheus.  I had a hard time picturing him as Harry, but that was because I was so used to him being a blonde.  But with dark hair, his height, at 6', would be the only limiting factor to me.  I know JB has said a young Harrison Ford in the past would be ideal for Harry, and Ford was only ever 6'1".  So height doesn't seem to be the limiting factor to JB that it is to a lot of us.  But at a Hollywood 6', Fassbender might be 5'10" or 11", plus heals.

Hollywood can do wonders with camera angles and shots to make someone appear much taller (or shorter) than they actually are, so I wouldn't worry too much about height. Other than that, I'm with Snowleopard: I'm not sure I'd be able to tell them apart.....

DF Reference Collection / Re: transcription offer
« on: December 17, 2012, 12:43:04 AM »
Pamela/JediTigger has volunteered to transcribe the Redondo Beach signing, unless someone has already claimed it.  Has it already been claimed/transcribed?

As of today, it's finished and posted in the Cold Days interview thread in the spoilers section.

In Summer Knight, Winter was at the ebb of its power, too, so I'm not entirely convinced that her confinement to the Rocking chair has anything to do with the loss of the stick.

DF Reference Collection / Re: A Badelynge of Quackiness, Part Two
« on: December 16, 2012, 03:13:01 AM »
anyone notice harry was gollum in changes compared to susans frodo? or is that backwards?

Harry was identified as Samwise to Susan's Frodo.  Gollum was never assigned, even if Harry wondered about it. (My own opinion matches the Duck's-- probably Lash.  I equate the Rampire inflection carried by both Martin and Susan to be the equivalent to the Ring's call, which equates Susan's transformation to Frodo's claiming the Ring.  Boromir also attempted to claim it, yes?  And Sanya-as-Aragorn has already experienced and rejected the temptation of power.)

Normally I lurk, but when I saw this, and I read about Mother Winter's false teeth I was instantly reminded of Baba Yaga who according to some legends has iron false teeth.

That she's sometimes murderous and sometimes helpful is another link to Baba Yaga.  Do you think she'll get around in a mortar and pestle?  Since her walking stick is missing.

DF Reference Collection / Re: Questions for Jim 2012 style 2
« on: September 06, 2012, 04:35:59 AM »
Something that's been striking me during my current "listen through" at work - Is Jim putting Harry and Molly on opposite sides of minor (but often heated) issues?

1. Star Trek (Molly) vs Star Wars (Harry) - Ghost Story
2. McDonalds (Molly) vs Burger King (Harry) - Small Favor  Molly and Thomas vote, Harry overrides.
3. DC Comics (Superman shirt - Molly) ("Last Call") vs. Marvel Comics (Harry) (almost always)
4. Pepsi (Molly) ("Last Call") vs Coke (Harry) (always)  - Harry calls her a heathen.
5. Careful reading of a paperback to not crease the spine (Molly) vs. dog-eared, well loved books (Harry) (Turn Coat)  Harry calls her a wuss.

not to mention the younger/older, blonde/brunette, delicate magic/brute force magic, always changing vs. stuck in a routine...

...male/female, crappy home life/loving family....possibly also "no faith in God"/"religious background"

What's more: Harry is a purist wrt the Star Wars/Star Trek debate, Molly is the opposite end of that spectrum: she argues that she can like them both.  No word yet on whether this contrast (purist-ism vs. acceptance) carries over to other areas.

DF Reference Collection / Re: The top selling books in the Dresdenverse
« on: August 30, 2012, 02:12:30 PM »
"A new estimate of energy release and strain localization during the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812" published in Geology, by E. McCoy.

Very popular among seismologists, but overlooked by the rest of the world.

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