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DF Spoilers / Uriel's Seven Words, So Who is the Liar?
« on: October 23, 2023, 07:38:48 PM »
  We are told from the get go that the Fae cannot lie.  It is Mab's standard reply to any question or problem Harry may have with something she has asked of him... The Fae cannot lie, even though Harry may feel like she has moved the goal posts to suit whatever it is in his dealings with her. We've also heard Lea say it, it is established that the Fae cannot lie.

Uriel is an archangel, I don't think in general they are liars either.  One of his kind is called," the Prince of Lies," better known as Satan, who was kicked out of Heaven for that among other offenses.  Anyway Google the question, "can angels lie?" You will get different answers, in Jewish religion, no.  In Christian religion, yes, if it is for your own good,and no,the holy angels never lie because that would be a sin. Confusing ain't it?  So when it comes to angels apparently it becomes an article of faith in their truth and trust in your belief system..

I ask this question because at the end of Ghost Story Mab is telling Harry just what she expects of him now that he is her Knight.. As you know Harry isn't very happy with what he is hearing, and neither is Alfred, aka Demonreach.

page 475 Ghost Story
"To ourpurposes now."
The very ground seemed to quiver, to let out an unthinkable low, deep,angry,growl.
Mab's eyes snapped to Demonreach.  "I have his oath, ancient one.
What he has given is mine by right, and you cannot gainsay it. He is mine to shape as I please."

"Damnit," I said tiredly.  "Damnit."

Now comes the interesting bit.. Harry hears a calm gentle voice whispering in his ear, Uriel's voice I presume..
And a voice---a very calm, very gentle, very rational voice whispered in my ear,"Lies. Mab cannot change who you are."

By my reading, somebody just called Mab, the Winter Fae Queen, a liar.... So, if it was Uriel calling her that, was he lying? Or is Mab a liar? Harry did indeed feel better after he heard those seven words, so according to some Google research on the question, Uriel could be lying about Mab for Harry's own good.. However if you want to go to the Jewish or other Christian faiths, Uriel, being a holy angel, cannot lie.. So is he mistaken? Did Mab just lie?

Uriel, or did someone, hey it could have been his mother who whispered it, [Margaret is neither angel nor Fae, so she could lie to make her son feel better,] just called Mab a liar?

DF Spoilers / So What Happened to the Athame?
« on: October 06, 2023, 11:30:22 AM »

   We know that Lea got it at the now infamous party. We know that Mab had it for a short time anyway, there is a line about Harry seeing her wearing it in her belt.  We know that it fell into Maeve's hands where it did a lot of damage, to her.  We now know that the Athame was infested or contaminated with Nemesis.. Mab didn't even realize it until it was apparently too late for her daughter to be saved. "It was the Knife..."  Interesting scene there in the chapel in the hospital in Small Favor.  Mab was really pissed, I think more at herself than Harry because she had screwed up and her daughter would eventually pay the price.  Which brings us to my question; What happened to the Athame after all of that? Is it locked away? Destroyed? Decontaminated to be used on another day? Can it even be decontaminated?  I don't remember anything said about that in the books, however I don't know if there is a WOJ out there about it, does anyone know?

DF Spoilers / Death Masks, Signs and Portents..
« on: April 23, 2023, 04:37:56 PM »

  Okay, can't remember how many times I've reread this novel, but it has been a while since I last read it and the series has moved on considerably since it was written.. There are hints or possible hints of what was to follow later..

The conception of little Maggie;

This has always been a source of debate among us, many posts, some blaming Harry, some blaming Susan, and some blaming Molly and really blaming Harry for taking the advice of at the time a fourteen year old.

Here is the conclusion I came to after this reading, blame the vampire venom and Susan's half vamp status putting pressure on her.  While yeah, the two are still attracted and love one another, but when Susan first comes to Harry's place it nearly gets out of control, would have been, only Mister jumps in with a loud MEOW!  Which seems to bring both back to their senses, then Martin'
comes on scene.. The person in control right?  Given what happened in Changes? Maybe not so much. But the bottom line is while Harry and Susan sill liked one another it wouldn't have almost gotten out of control if it weren't for the vamp pheromones..

Molly's suggestion leading to the actual sex act;

Okay, Harry is up in the tree house and up comes Molly dressed very punk rock including piercings.
As she changes back to her conservative school uniform proper look you gotta wonder, how come Charity never noticed?? That's for another time, anyway in the course of conversation, Susan comes up and Molly suggests that Harry tie her up to safely have sex with her.  Harry is a bit shocked, and though later he does tie Susan up and they do have sex, it isn't because this thirty something year old man is taking sex tips on bondage from a fourteen year old girl.

What really happened is Harry got wounded in the leg because of a gun shot, so blood.. In the course of the rescue from Nic, Susan is stimulated to the max, the tattoos on her face and body are blazing warning that anymore stimulation and she would be in grave danger of turning.  Susan
and Martin decide that they needed to get Harry to a safe place because Nic wasn't keeping his side of the bargain in the trade for Shiro.  Susan and Harry jump out of the moving car, more injuries, more stimulation, more blood.  Then they get blasted with an entrophy curse, and the only way not to be killed is for Harry once they get to his place, was for him to set off some serious wards.. The wards work, but they work both ways, no one can get in, but also no one can get out.. Susan, to her credit knows she is in danger of turning and killing Harry, who exhausted and injured hasn't the juice to fight off a vampire.  He cleans his wounds, but she can still smell blood... Then he remembers some rope that he had made up to tie up ghouls, for his protection, and hers, he ties her up, not because he wants to have sex safely with her.  However the venom and vamp urges win out along with their own desires.. So sex happened, it wasn't planned, it wasn't rational, and nine months later little Maggie came along..  And no, Susan really wasn't fair to Harry at the beginning of Changes when she seemed to be blaming it all on him.

Ortega warns Harry that if the Reds are beaten in the war, there will be an in balance of power.. Which we saw later, once the Reds were wiped out, the Fomor stepped in and things got worse..

Marcone was very intrigued with the idea of the coins and they power that comes with them.  Nic sort of back handedly offers him one, Marcone doesn't say yes or no, but he clearly thinks about it.
So later when Namshiel's coin is loose in the helicopter in Small Favor it would end up in Marcone's hands, and that Marcone wouldn't hesitate to accept it.

Oh on that note when Harry sends Bob out to check on Marcone, he gets torn up because suddenly Marcone has wards.. First hint that Marcone wants a piece of the supernatural action.

DF Spoilers / Master of the Future? The Fugitive...
« on: March 07, 2023, 02:39:49 PM »

  Interesting, good to see Cowl again, he has a title is seems, "Master of the Future."  I take that to mean in the BAT this is who Harry will be fighting, among others.  It also looks like he is trying to take Harry out while he is emotionally and somewhat physically vulnerable.  He also has serious connections if he can spring a monster from Hades. Also an interesting tidbit, Cowl says there are four powers in Chicago who could take the Nemean Lion out, wonder if meant himself as well?  Apparently Mouse is one of them, at least he managed to kick Cowl's ass.. Harry, yes, when he is fully himself again. Lara? No doubt, and that may be why Mab wants that marriage so badly.. And though Michael is retired, the Holy Knights, i.e. Butters also lives there. 

Back to Cowl, no real light was shed on who he is, clearly though he is from the future or is a "Master of the Future," he is mortal, or has the same vulnerabilities of an ordinary man, after Mouse shattered his staff, he nearly bit his arm off...  Mouse and Cerberus, very good dogs indeed..


Chapter ten of The Law, Bob and Paranoid Gary have ferreted out some interesting information as to who Mr Winter Winter is..  Then Bob says something that really caught my attention about the attack on Arctus Tor and well as Harry's reaction to that remark.

"Ouch," I said.  "How come Lapland and Inverno are working for freaking Marcone?"
"Take that up with Mab," Bob said. "But based on Inverno's court records, it looks like she stuck the pair of them out in the mortal world not too long after Arctis Tor got slagged."
"She doesn't trust them."

"Guy's a demigod of strife and division," Bob said.
I think this could be the significant paragraph in the whole novella.  There has been wild speculation about the attack on Arctis Tor, one being that Namshiel was in on it since there was Hell Fire present.  Another that it could be an inside job, or pulled off with inside help, Maeve being one of the candidates for that.

Invenrno and Ms Lapland seek shelter and are taken into the Winter Court by Mab. He happens to be the demigod of strife and division, what is associated with strife and division? Nemesis.. It is possible that they were a mole planted by Nemesis in the Winter Court.  After the attack on Arctis Tor, Mab plants them in the mortal world, supposedly for balance.. Or double agent? Interesting that one of his main clients is the Baron Marcone, seems natural enough, he is a signer and member of the Accords.  Or is it? When a pissed off Mab turns everything to ice in the chapel at the end of Small Favor, it is because she realizes that Maeve is now infected.. She also remarks that her and Uriel had a common enemy that day, i.e. the Denarians who were in on the attack on Arctis Tor.  Could it be that she also knew that Namshiel had lost his head on Demonreach and that Marcone had gotten hold of his coin, even if he hadn't taken it up yet? Honestly I don't where all of this will lead eventually, but to quote Alice, "Curiouser and curiouser.."

DF Spoilers / Cover Art For the New Novella, "The Law" and News?
« on: June 20, 2022, 01:53:50 PM »
  It just came out.  Hey, no hat!  That's a first, it's hanging from a hat tree, his staff is also leaning against the wall, it looks like Harry is in either in his lab or a library, it might be that he has the luxury of a library now.  However there also seems to be a bottle or two about also which suggests lab, but it isn't a basement, so it could merely be ink pots and an incense burner.  I'd call it a desk, but he is standing up and leaning over reading so seems more like a table.  There is a open book with a lot of tabs marking places, and a bunch of other books about. There are also candelabras providing the light, so it isn't a public library or even any conventional law library, since books and lighted candles usually do not mix in this setting.  Just a guess but he appears to be more like studying "the Seven Laws," than vanilla human law.  Now it could mean he is going to take his case to the Senior Council after all, but I also think that runs contrary to the spoilers because I thought it was vanilla human law that was the topic. 

Also says that it will be released soon on e-book format.  But no further information as to when, but said more announcements later this week, if that is so, that is great news for a lot of us. 

DF Spoilers / Little Things [spoilers]
« on: May 03, 2022, 11:07:02 AM »
  Got it last night and read it twice.  It is a fun read, good pacing, must take place with in a
month of the battle.  Some observations;

 Grief has hit Harry very hard, but he is coping, he is also still recovering from injury.  He
is sheltering a number of people, at least one is an Alpha.
Bob has shed his skull and now seems to reside in the castle walls, he also seems to have a
handle on the built in defense system, but he makes mistakes.
Toot is tall and so is Lacuna, their "steel" is made by the svartalves, I think the kitchen appliances must be also because Harry doesn't seem to have trouble with modern appliances now.  It also allows for serious "steel" swords for Za-Guard that are not made quite the same as those made from "bane," though the kitchen counters are made from it, and there is a standing suit of armor in the hall also made from "bane."  Interesting touch, fitting decoration for a castle, but I can't see Harry decorating with one, but left over maybe from Changes when Lea dressed him that way?  Or left over from when Marcone was in residence?  Who knows?  Gremlins can apparently use iron without harm.  A lot of work and repairs still need to be done on the castle, tarps are everywhere.
Mab's frozen boogers

I think Toot is beginning to grow on Lacuna... Mister's age is mentioned by Toot, but also says he is a spry 30 pound old cat. Toot is very intelligent and loyal, though he sounds childlike and Bob treats him like he is a child.  Toot and Harry have a very special relationship, it is real friendship. Toot is trying to understand Harry's grief and what death and loss means, since this isn't something in the experience of Pixies.

All in all a nice little action story and begins to set the stage for Twelve Months and Harry's new life.

DF Spoilers / Merlin, Building the Island, and the Family Dresden
« on: January 12, 2022, 05:29:42 PM »

 Here is the passages from Cold Days describing the build; pages 169-169
First thing, if he did indeed travel in time to build the Island, Merlin arrived via the Nevernever
Then a ribbon of light maybe eight feet long split the air vertically.  The light broadened until it was maybe three feet wide, and then a figure appeared through it. I recognized the signs---someone had opened a Way, a passage from the Nevernever to the island.
This was Merlin, I bolded the last because this is important information Harry is going to need now to travel to the island and back.  It could be the one Rashid uses or another.

The grey-clad figure became a blur.  It walked about waving its arms, and directed oceans of energy here and there, settling them all in and around the substance of the island itself.

This continues for some time apparently because on the next page;


Here is the important bit about it's building

"Merlin didn't build the prison five times," Bob said.  "He built it once. In five different
times.  All at the same time."

This blew Harry's mind.  Bob explained further;
"Look, a mortal jail is built in three dimensions,right?  Merlin built this one in four, and probably in several more, though you can't really tell whether or not he built it in a given dimension until you go there and measure it, and the act of measuring it will change it.

Here is another interesting bit, the enchantments, I will only copy the first line or two, but you get the picture it goes on to page 170 talking about enchantments on top of enchantments..

The shot zoomed out rising up to give a top-down view of the island,which became a blurry shape. A familiar five-pointed star blazed itself across the surface of the lake, its lines so long that the pentagon shape at its center enfolded the island entirely  
It goes on and repeats thousands of times over in different directions over different dimensions.

Okay, I bolded this bit because what does Harry wear around his neck? What does Thomas and Eb wear?  A pentagon.  Now a pentagon maybe a standard thing in this kind of enchantment, and the fact that the Dresden family also wear one is a coincidence.. Or maybe not so much, if you couple that with the journals in Eb's possession that have been handed down for centuries and hinted to go back as far as Merlin... One more connection, Merlin emerged from the Nevernever, he had opened a Way, Margaret spent a lot of time in the Nevernever, and oh just happens to have a jewel that is the gps to all the Ways, which Harry also inherits from her.. Oh and one final intriguing bit, in Small Favor, though he'd had never stepped foot on the island before, he felt like he had walked on it's steps before.. 

So here goes, as many of us suspect the Dresden family are direct decedents of Merlin.  Merlin's decedents have always acted as Wardens of the island.  This is why Alfred accepted Harry in the first place.  It could be that the Council is ignorant of the Dresden ancestry, so instead of appointing Eb it's Warden, they appoint Kemmler, that is where things went wrong.  Or could Kemmler be related somehow to the Dresdens, thus descended from Merlin as well?  Or was that a lie to get the job?
But I digress, Eb also says in his journal that he trusted Harry with the job of Warden, but then he trusted Maggie as well. Curious remark, if he hadn't made such a mess of her apprenticeship leading her to rebel, would Margaret have gotten the job?  Could that have added more fuel to the fire of the Council's fears of a dark lord being Warden of the island?  So they thought it better that it remain vulnerable than another Warden?

Finally, Harry's feeling that he'd been there before, yeah, I know how Luccio explained it, but put on your tin hats guys.. Harry felt like he'd been there before, because he had, he is Merlin.  That will become more apparent by the end of the series, another little bit that may point to this is the image Harry has of himself as he battles Sharkface in his head..

page 417 Cold Days
I lifted my right arm to the frozen sky and shouted, wordless and furious, and a bolt of scarlet lightning flashed from the seething skies.  It smashed into my hand and then down into the earth.  Frozen dirt sprayed everywhere, and when it cleared, I stood holding an oaken quarterstaff carved with runes and sigils, as tall as my temple and as big around as my joined thumb and forefinger.

Harry, starchild, Merlin reincarnated..

DF Spoilers / Meaning of the Name "Harry" in Hebrew. . .
« on: October 22, 2021, 05:16:34 PM »

  I was looking up for laughs and giggles what the name of my dog, " Princess Buttercup" means.. Basically  "Buttercup is a humble sweet creature and she is that.. Then since my American black Lab's name is "Harry Barry Blackdog," out of curiosity I looked it up to see what "Harry" means.. What I found is interesting, in Hebrew it means "house protector or protector of the home," which sort of fits my dog, but more so Harry Dresden.  More interesting is "Harry" can also mean, "army commander."  Now this one really fits Harry Dresden if you believe that Harry is destined to be the "commander" against the Outsiders in the BAT.. Wonder if Jim looked that up and had that in mind when he chose the name, "Harry," or is it just a coincidence, because he was named after the magician as his father had told him?  Or both?


  Just a thought, don't have the exact quote, and I am not even sure that Harry could undo it.  I think just before Harry tries to kill Lea with a Holy Sword and loses it.  Lea expresses interest in Michael's first child, and that would be Molly..  Ultimately Lea becomes "Auntie Lea" and Molly is prepared for becoming a Lady at some point.  It happens in Cold Days, and in typical Mab fashion she lays the blame at Harry's feet.. In Peace Talks he apparently agrees, then in Battle Ground Mab orders him if she is killed to kill Molly..  So a boatload of guilt here for Harry to heap upon himself both earned and imagined.  Not just the prospect of having to kill Molly, but saving her human mortal soul as well, would that be an incentive for Harry to go back in time to fix what he screwed up?

Why Mab so wants an alliance with the White Court.

Page 111-112 Battle Ground;
The Black Court had been all but exterminated, thanks to a really underhanded move by Lara's people a century and change back.  The only ones who were still alive--well, who continued to exist--were the oldest, wiliest, and most powerful of their kind.  These vampires were old-school, the real deal, nightmares of the Old World.  A Black Court vampire was a match for any dozen counterparts in the Red or White Court.

Yet, Lara's people all but wiped them out, underhanded move, but that fits the White Court's M.O.
Point is, her people did defeat them once, could this be the real reason why Mab wants the alliance between the White Court and the Winter Court, what's more a star born Winter Knight, to cover her flank against Drakul, a star born and the Black Court?

Which leads to another thought, one I think we've all had.. Wills, is mere will what sets a star born apart from mere mortals? 

Yeah, lots has been said about how if it hadn't been for Toot, Mavra would have had Harry.. Maybe, but for a microsecond, will against will, it was a draw between Harry and Drakul.  Drakul laughs it off, but...
pages 117- 118
Drakul's black-hole eyes swept back to me, and suddenly I was being crushed to the ground by the weight of the universe itself.  The very thought that I could have done something against a power like that was laughable---but I'd felt this kind of raw, universe-binding will before, in Chichen Itza.  Drakul, whatever he was, had considerably more personal power than the Lords of the Outer Night had ever managed to show me.  But I had hoisted those Red Court losers by their own petard,when everything was said and done.  I would be damned if I rolled over for Dracula's famous dad.  I ground my teeth and fought back against the power crushing me, not with my muscles but with my mind.  I pictured Drakul's will as a great, dark hand pressing me down--and mine as my own hand, rising to force it away.  I poured my will into the image, a couple of decades of disciplinw, experience, and focus,investing it with power, with reality with life.
   Gasping, one inch at a time, I lifted my hand until my right palm faced Drakul and steadied.  I couldn't stand--but I got an elbow underneath me and snarled silent defiance up at him, my right hand raised against his power.

Drakul smiled at Harry's efforts, one has to wonder though, what if Harry had put some soul fire behind it, or called upon the Spear of Destiny, what might have happened?  Then Drakul goes into his arrogance act and gives Harry a whole boatload of truths and half truths and perhaps some lies as well without really telling him anything as to why he was bred to be a star born,or what it means to be a star born, and what a poor ignorant fool he is with no style, or decorum, no gravitas.. If Harry had these things he would have seduced him into playing for his team.. Then just as Drakul is about to kill him, Harry uses all of the above to launch into a knock, knock joke, which confuses and delays Drakul until River and Listens get into position.  For a short while the three are doing okay until Mavra came on scene.  Now was it because Harry had no style that Drakul didn't seriously try to recruit him, or did Drakul realize that a guy who had resisted the Shadow of one of the Fallen, wasn't going to knuckle under to him whatever he promised?

Which brings us back to Mavra, and what Harry says to her back in Dead Beat.. Harry is warning her in the final chapter not to get to him through Murphy or his other vanilla friends.. Mavra laughs it off says he hasn't got that kind of power..


"This ever happens again," I said quietly.  "You try to get to me through other mortals again and I'll kill you."
Mavra's rotted lips turned up at one corner. "No, you won't," she said in her dusty voice.  "You don't have that kind of power."
"I can get it." I said.
"But you won't," she responded, mockery in her tone.  "It wouldn't be right."

Then Harry lists what power he can get potentially, everything from taking up a coin to becoming Mab's Winter Knight, this pisses Mavra off and Harry tells her to leave his town.  So what is the point of this? 

Well, Mavra knew at that point in time that Harry was a member of the White Council, that he was bound by the Laws of Magic.  So she was confident that he'd never be able to kill her because he was bound by doing the right thing, he wouldn't do what he'd need to do to kill her.  They were also standing by his grave that said, "He died doing the right thing.."  Well, Harry is no longer a member of the White Council, he isn't bound by those rules.  Could this be the real reason the Council voted him out?  Because they know from this time forward it will become necessary for Harry to break a lot of rules, so they are distancing themselves from him?  Harry can do what needs to be done, and because he is no longer a Council member their hands are clean.

Then on page 420 of Dead Beat, Malcolm says something that counters "Harry is now a monster,"  accusations that Carlos made at the end of Battle Ground..

I looked away from .  "I did things.  I made a deal I shouldn't have made.  I crossed a line."
"I Know," he said. "It only means what you think it means."
I looked up at him.  "What?"
"Harry, life isn't that simple.  There is such a thing as black and white.  Right and wrong.  But when you're in the thick of things, sometimes it is hard to tell.  You didn't do what you did for your own benefit.  You did it so that you could protect others.  That doesn't make it right---but it doesn't make you a monster,either. You still have free will.  You still get to choose what you will do and what you will become."

All of the above is spot on and why Harry is no monster.  Harry didn't do any of the stuff Carlos accused him of for his own benefit. Then we get to why Harry will never become a monster.  page 421 Dead Beat;

"As long as you believe you are responsible for your choices, you still are. You've got a good heart, son.  Listen to it."

The above is was the ingredient that made Margaret decide to conceive a star born with this man.. Malcolm's good heart, and Harry inherited it.  That is why Harry will never become a monster.
Margaret knew that, so do the Council, Harry will never become their monster to control, or anyone else's..


DF Spoilers / True Love's Protection
« on: August 26, 2021, 04:42:19 PM »

We know from White Night that Harry was still protected by his love for Susan.  We know because it burned Lara's lips and she was shocked that Harry hadn't been with a woman sexually since Grave Peril or three or four years.  So, I think most here would agree that Harry's love for Murphy was true, so is he not still protected from Lara?   So.....

  1] Is Mab aware of this and banking on her Knight being protected from Lara?
     Is she playing a little three dimensional chess to tie up Lara politically at her Knight's expense?
   2] Does the protection continue if the object of the true love is dead?
   3]  If it does continue, will Harry be unfaithful so he can have sex with Lara?

DF Spoilers / So When Maeve Died, What Happened to.....
« on: August 16, 2021, 06:17:00 PM »

Nemesis?  I mean we know what happened to the mantle, it entered Molly.. Did Nemesis also enter Molly even though it isn't apparent right now?  Could this be the real reason why Mab ordered Harry to kill Molly if something happened to her?  Because of Mab dies, Nemesis would come forward and take full advantage.

DF Spoilers / Has Justine Been Faking It All Along?
« on: August 13, 2021, 04:08:01 PM »

 Okay early this morning I was replying to a post in the Contagion thread.  One of the things we are debating there is when exactly was Justine infected?  In the course of that one question came to my mind, which led to another and I decided it really needed it's own thread.
  In Blood Rites Thomas is severely injured, to save his life Justine either volunteers or is sent to be fed upon most likely until death to save Thomas by Lord Raith.  Honestly I can't remember if she volunteered to sacrifice herself of Lord Raith volunteered her.  Anyway out of love we are led to believe Thomas risked not recovering because he stopped himself feeding on her in time to save her.  Her hair turned snow white, and she became Lara's secretary and a bit of a spy for Harry.  First question, were they or weren't they in true love at that time?  Because if they were, all Justine would have done was burn Thomas up.  And actually if he suspected it, and as we know wanted to get rid of his son, that might be why Lord Raith sent Justine to him. 

Which leads to the second part, how is it that Justine survived?

I don't know if the theory is correct, but any rate the feeding until death to heal him must be the exception to the rule, or Thomas should have burned up.  Or what if there never was true love between Justine and Thomas?  What if Nemesis can fake true love?  Thus the burning reaction can be turned off or on, at will?  In normal times when Thomas is merely trying to snuggle her, he gets burnt.. Off, when Thomas was feeding on her in Blood Rites to save his life.  In addition, Nemesis was strong enough to withstand any amount of feeding so it only seemed as if Thomas quit feeding out of love for her before she died from it.

If the above is true, it would explain a lot of things, it would give Nemesis a spy in Lara's inner circle. Also a double agent or you might say triple agent, because we know that Justine was passing information she learned as Lara's secretary to Harry, but at the same time Nemesis could be learning information from Harry and passing it on.. Thomas already totally potty over Justine would be fooled by the "faked" true love reaction from contact with her, the stage is set for ultimately happened in Peace Talks.

One last point, interesting don't you think that Justine waits until "Ghost Story," when supposedly star born with power against Outsiders, Harry is dead, to have the lesbian sex which allowed her to have intercourse with Thomas which led to her getting pregnant?   Why didn't she think of that before?  Why wait until Harry is "dead" and Thomas is at his most vulnerable ebb?


   Upon reading the discussion about Lord Raith's immunity to magic, a thought came to me.
According to Lash, Margaret got the courage to leave Raith after she met Malcolm, with whom
she created a star born, Harry.  Okay, she also managed to figure out a way to neutralize him through her death curse, which I think was well planned in advance.  So here goes my thoughts on this and why it connects to Mab wanting Harry to marry Lara and why maybe it pisses Molly off so much..

Living with Raith as suggested, Margaret figured out a way to do him in even if she couldn't kill him.  Many of us think that he has been protected all along by an Outsider, or perhaps even Nemesis.  Heck the Hunger Demon maybe closely related, which could explain the White Court's connections as we saw back in White Night, though I do need to reread and this a spare of a moment idea.. Anyway, she figured that out and what Nemesis's plans were, that is when she began to understand the importance of a star child to stop them/it..  That is why she wanted to give birth to one, knowing the history of star borns and that so far they do more harm than good, she was very selective about finding the right man to father this child.  She met Malcolm.  I wonder if in the process of creating a star born, she also used the same formula to neutralize Lord Raith? 

Now fast forward to now, Mab understands the connection between the White Court and Nemesis/Outsiders as well, she cannot overtly go against the White Court, but she figures her
Knight like his mother will figure it out in the intimacy of marriage and take out Lara and the rest pf the Court for her..  This presets a huge risk for Harry, and while Mab is willing to sacrifice her Knight, keeping him in the dark, Molly isn't.

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