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I don't intentionally want to raise your blood
Have you see the latest SciFi Magazine issue (June) ? It has Spidey on the cover.

TDF gets some PR as it should in the TV section along with many others. SciFi Mag supporting their own networks' show makes sense from a business and readership pov. Cool.

No problem with that.

However, due to a lag in the production schedule ( One hopes ) the showtime for TDF was wrong. The article centers upon the season finale and then proceeds to detail items from the "What About Bob?" epsiode which all of us have already seen - stating that this Bob ep is the season finale. WTF!

My apologies if this is old news to you. Probably is. As a fan of the show and the magazine I couldn't help but think WTF !! Glad I am not in charge of PR planning for the show I gotta say. Ouch.

Please keep up the good work though Robert, et al.
Love the show. Fingers crossed for a stunning season two.


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