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DFRPG / random monsters
« on: December 31, 2010, 07:57:04 AM »
For things that are neither mythical (so don't go on my mythical creatures thread) nor living animals (so not on Deadmanwalking's bestiary thread) ... dinosaurs, fictional creatures (Aliens, Predators, Terminators, Cthulhu Mythos creatures, King Kong, graboids, whatever), your own fictional creations, whatever. I was originally going to make a 'Cthulhu Mythos as Outsiders' thread because of what someone suggested on the mythical creatures thread, but this seemed better.

If other people want to post on here, I'd suggest that - if the creature is from a fairly obscure source (not something like King Kong or a Terminator) - to say where it came from, or if it's your own creation.

DFRPG / where does this come from (ghoul origins)
« on: September 19, 2010, 10:49:34 AM »
" Ghouls are probably scions— crossbreeds between uber-ghouls (see next page) and humans in the long-ago past—that breed
true." (OW p. 58)

Is this invented for the RPG, is it something Jim said, or what? I'm pretty sure it's not anywhere in the books...

DFRPG / Focus items for Unseelie spellcaster
« on: September 15, 2010, 06:40:21 AM »
OK, building my first Changeling; if I have Unseelie Magic (and no other spellcasting powers) I can get focus items as per Channeling and Ritual? Is that right? It doesn't seem to say so outright, but it does say that Sponsored Magic acts like Channeling + Ritual unless otherwise noted. (Plus, I have a vague memory of reading on the forums that you can buy Refinement for extra item slots -- but not for the other possibilities. Is that right?)

DFRPG / probably stupid question - Seelie/Unseelie rotes
« on: September 09, 2010, 09:20:59 AM »
YS 288 - "Sponsored magic spells are put together exactly like evocation and thaumaturgy."  So if my character knows Seelie or Unseelie Magic, but not Evocation, he can still have a number of rotes equal to his Lore?

DFRPG / redone Denarians
« on: September 01, 2010, 03:24:23 AM »
I've said on a couple threads that I think Denarians tend to be over-estimated, so here are how I'd stat some of them..

Obsidian Statue ... -12 (this post)
Magog ... -16
Rosanna ... -17
Cassius/Saluriel ... -19
Ursiel ... -20
Tessa ... -26
Thorned Namshiel ... -27

"Obsidian Statue"
High Concept: Denarian Thug
Other Aspects: Big Bruiser

Skills (combat form)
Superb (+5): Might
Great (+4): Athletics, Fists, Conviction
Good (+3): Alertness, Endurance, Weapons  
Fair (+2): Discipline, Intimidation, Lore
Other skills default to Average (physical) or Mediocre (otherwise).

Skills (human form)
Great (+4): Discipline, Presence, Conviction  
Good (+3): Deceit, Endurance, Athletics, Stealth
Fair (+2): Contacts, Intimidation, Lore, Weapons
Other skills default to Average (physical) or Mediocre (otherwise).

Stunts: No Pain, No Gain (Endurance): +1 physical mild consequence

Beast Change [-1]
Demonic Co-pilot [-1]
Supernatural Recovery [-4]
 The Catch: holy stuff [+2]
Human Form [+1] affecting:
Claws [-1]
Inhuman Toughness [-2]
 The Catch: holy stuff
Inhuman Speed [-2]
Supernatural Strength [-4]

Mental OOOO
Physical OOO(OO), Armor:1, +1 mild consequence
Social OOO (human form: OOOO)

Total Refresh Cost: -12

Notes: One of the weakest of the Denarians in terms of total refresh spent, but still frighteningly strong. His Claws represent stony fists in combat form, not literal claws; with these massive fists and his great strength, he has Weapon: 6.

DFRPG / Item of Power: Fragarach
« on: August 28, 2010, 08:50:46 AM »
Fragarach, the Answerer

A blade forged by the gods, Fragarach was wielded by many of the great heroes of Irish mythology: Manannan mac Lir, Lugh, Cu Chullain, and Conn of the Hundred Battles all bore the blade at at one time or another.

*It Is What It Is: Fragarach is an early medieval Celtic longsword slightly more than three feet long. Crafted with superhuman skill, it thus provides Weapon:3 inherently, before its other powers.
*Deadly Blow: Fragarach is said to bring death to whatever is wounded by the blade. It counts as a Weapon:5. [-1]
*Command of the Air: Fragarach grants its wielder control of the air in battle, as Channeling (Air). [-2]
*The Ultimate Blade: Fragarach provides a +1 to all Weapons rolls using it. Furthermore, no armor can withstand the Answerer. Attacks with Fragarach ignore all Armor. [-3?]

Refresh Cost: -4?

DFRPG / Character Feedback: Scion of Sebek
« on: July 09, 2010, 02:10:48 AM »
Robert Green
High Concept: Game Warden/Crocodile Demi-god
Trouble: Small Fish, Big Pond
Other Aspects: Scary Crocodile-Man Shape; Clutching at Straws of 'Normality'; Fiercely Protective of Nature; (Other Aspects left open for group character creation)

Skills (Human Pyramid):
Great: Alertness
Good: Guns, Conviction, Might
Fair: Athletics, Contacts, Endurance, Scholarship
Average: Fists, Discipline, Lore, Presence

Skills (Crocodile-Man Pyramid):
Great: Endurance, Fists
Good: Conviction, Might
Fair: Alertness, Guns, Scholarship
Average: Athletics, Discipline, Intimidation, Lore, Presence


No Pain No Gain: +1 physical mild consequence slot

Marked by Power [-1]
Beast Change [-1]
Human Form [+1] affecting:
Claws [-1] (Crocodile Jaws & Teeth)
Inhuman Strength [-2]

Physical OOO (OOOO Croc-man form) +1 mild consequence
Social OOO
Mental OOO

Total Refresh Cost:
Remaining Refresh: 2

To all appearances, Robert Green's childhood was not exceptionally unusual, except that his father was rarely present. Robert's love of nature and anger against those who would exploit it drove him towards becoming a game warden. On his twentieth birthday, however, his father told him the family secret. "Charles Green" was actually the ancient god Sebek, lord of crocodiles. He told his son much concerning the supernatural world, but more importantly, he taught him how to access a modicum of his inherited power. The revelations set Robert's head spinning. His new powers were an exhilarating rush, but they were also frightening.  Clinging to his earlier life as a way to reassert his identity, he completed college and was inducted as a game warden. He tried to live 'normally', but this often proved impossible - his mighty father had both allies and enemies, and both wished to interfere in the life of Sebek's son, for good or ill. Compounding this, Robert eventually discovered what his father had not told him, and sought to downplay - despite his godhood, Sebek's power had diminished greatly throughout the millennia; his ability to protect Robert without being present was exceptionally limited. While he tries to be in all ways human, throwing himself into his job with fervor to ground his identity, he has reluctantly recognized the fact that he will always be tied to the supernatural world - but he still fights against the necessity.

Robert is slightly taller than average (about 6'), in fairly good physical shape, brown-haired, and green-eyed. He has developed the ability to take on a lesser version of his father's form - a tall (7' or so), heavily muscled crocodile-headed man.

Possible Advancement:
Higher Discipline (human form)
Higher Fists (croc-man form)
Higher Athletics
Higher Lore
Echoes of the Beast (Crocodile)
Inhuman Toughness (in which case his croc-man form would get heavy crocodile scales)
Hulking Size (in which case his croc-man form would get larger, probably 9' or 10' tall and incredibly burly)
and maybe Channeling (Water)

-Do the aspects look good?
-Did I do the beast change thing right?
-Did I mess anything else up rules-wise?

DFRPG / Characters & Creatures from the Nightside
« on: June 05, 2010, 07:15:36 AM »
The Nightside series by Simon R. Green ... hopefully bringing it up on a Dresden board isn't the sort of oil-and-water that Star Trek/Star Wars can be.

Seriously, though, a lot of the creatures and characters from there would be great additions to a DF game.

To stat them out, one has to make an assumption about the general power level of one universe vs. the other. For these stats, I've generally lowballed it, since it makes the beings more usable in ordinary DF games; they don't really represent what I think those beings' true power should be. So these are built with the assumption that John Taylor in the first book ("Something from the Nightside") is an Up to Your Waist level character, who has spent 6 refresh on powers. (Note that by the current book "The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny" he is MUCH more powerful!)

This puts Shotgun Suzie and Dead Boy at about the same, as for most of Taylor's other allies. Setting the bar this low brings the real powers down to somewhat sane levels: Razor Eddie at maybe -16ish, Lilith in the high twenties, the Lord of Thorns at a "mere" -30 or so, etc.

Generally, the critters are about as scary as they should be for Feet in the Water/Up to Your Waist characters; you may want to toughen them for stronger characters. At those levels, -8 refresh cost Harrowing are still horrifying, especially in packs, but for full-fledged Wizards and Knights of the Cross they may not be.

John Taylor

High Concept: Returning Prodigal Son of the Nightside
Other Aspects: Some Call Me a Prince; Lost in the World; Hunted by my Enemies; School of Hard Knocks; Family Legacy Haunts Me


Good (+3): Investigation, Intimidation, Endurance, Discipline
Fair (+2): Conviction, Fists, Alertness, Stealth
Average (+1): Might, Athletics, Contacts, Presence, Survival

Scene of the Crime (Investigation): At a crime
scene, +1 to Investigation rolls. He arrives at
findings one time step faster than usual.


Channeling [-2]
Marked By Power [-1]
The Sight [-1]
Soulgaze [-0]
Psychometry [-1]

Physical: ooo
Mental: ooo
Social: ooo

Total Refresh Cost:

He does have actual PI skills, which are demonstrated in the books where his finding magic gets locked down (Hell to Pay and The Unnatural Inquirer) or too dangerous to use (parts of Agents of Light and Darkness, for example); thus the Good Investigation and Investigation stunt.

Channeling represents all the magic 'tricks' he possesses apart from his Sight.

Marked by Power represents that everyone knows that he is destined to be a major player, if not *why*.

Taylor's Third Eye is more expansive than the Dresdenverse Sight, so he gets Psychometry as well.

This is a basic, and very conservative, build. By the current point in the series he's acquired much greater magical skills (possibly represented by upgrading the Channeling to Evocation?), supernatural healing (Inhuman Recovery, with a Catch of silver), and expanded what he can do with his Sight (probably Supernatural Sense), and a few new mortal stunts (No Pain, No Gain, an Investigation- or Contacts-related stunt, and maybe something else); probably putting him somewhere in the general range of -12 refresh cost. His main skill increases will be in Contacts (dramatically!), Intimidation, Alertness, maybe Endurance and Presence...

His Aspects are going to change a *lot*, too. At some point "Lost in the World" will get swapped out for "I Belong With the Monsters". "Hunted by my Enemies" goes away after that gets resolved in Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth, though I'm not sure exactly what replaces it - probably an Aspect related to his troubled relationship with Suzie Shooter.  Somewhere in the Lilith trilogy (Hex and the City - Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth), the "Some Call Me a Prince" Aspect changes slightly, to something like "Could Have Been King". Even the High Concept may change slightly by the end of book 10 to reflect his new, less marginalized role...

The Harrowing
High Concept: Faceless Homunculi
Other Aspects: Implacable

Good (+3): Fists, Endurance
Fair (+2): Intimidation, Might, Athletics
Average (+1): Conviction, Discipline, Awareness
Other skills at Mediocre.

Claws [-1]
Inhuman Recovery [-2]
Inhuman Strength [-2]
Inhuman Toughness [-2]
 The Catch [+0]: unknown; we've only seen them beaten by brute force
Living Dead [-1]

Physical: ooo(oo)
Mental: ooo
Social: ooo

Total Refresh Cost: -8

Notes: These faceless homunculi, created from human corpses, are always found in groups. If they're still not scary enough (and they're meant to be -very- scary), give them Addictive Saliva or Claws (Venomous) depending on what their needle-fingers are injecting. If further boosts are desired, give them Pack Instincts and upgrade their Toughness to Supernatural.

DFRPG / Listens To Wind (post-TC)
« on: June 05, 2010, 05:25:26 AM »
The stats for Listens To Wind in Our World don't reflect what we learned about him in TC. Here's a first pass at doing that:

High Concept:
Senior Council Wizard
Other Aspects: Shapechanging Badass; Little Brother; Illinois Medicine Man; Patient and Quiet; I See Ley Lines; Friend of the Blackstaff; Friend of Martha Liberty
Alertness: Fair (+2)
Athletics: Fair (+2)
Conviction: Superb (+5)
Contacts: Good (+3)
Discipline: Fantastic (+6)
Empathy: Good (+3)
Endurance: Great (+4)
Intimidation: Good (+3)
Investigation: Good (+3)
Lore: Superb (+5)
Presence: Great (+4)
Rapport: Fair (+2)
Resources: Average (+1)
Scholarship: Good (+3)

Evocation [–3]
Thaumaturgy [–3]
The Sight [–1]
Soulgaze [–0]
True Shapechanging [-4]
Modular Abilities [-9]
Wizard’s Constitution [–0]
Refinement [–8]

Evocation: Elements (Earth, Water, Spirit, Fire); Control (Earth +1, Water +1, Spirit +3, Fire +1); Power (Earth +1, Spirit +2)
Thaumaturgy: Control (Divination +1, Biomancy +3), Complexity (Divination +1, Biomancy +3)

Focus Items
Staff (+1 defensive power to Spirit)
others unknown

Mental oooo, extra mild consequence
Physical oooo
Social oooo

Total Refresh Cost: -28

Notes on Changes: I gave him the Aspect "Shapechanging Badass", True Shapechanging, and enough Modular Abilities to take Claws, Inhuman Strength, Inhuman Toughness, and Hulking Size for "bear the size of a minibus". (The other forms: raven - Wings & Inhuman Speed; coyote - Claws, Echoes of the Beast, Inhuman Speed & maybe Pack Instincts; snapping turtle - Inhuman or even Supernatural Toughness and Claws). I toned down his spellcasting somewhat (and focused it a bit more toward healing/biomancy in the process) so his Refresh cost didn't get TOO ridiculous, too. He also seemed to deserve a slightly better Intimidation.

Really, all the Senior Council should come in at about this refresh level, if not higher; it seems bizarre that the Nightmare is 'more powerful' than the Merlin, or that Magog is on par with the 'average' Senior Council member. (Personally, I'd put them all in the upperish 20s, Eb at about -25, Merlin about -30...)

DFRPG Resource Collection / various more-obscure mythical creatures
« on: May 16, 2010, 01:57:06 AM »
Presumably lots of creatures from various world mythologies are real in the Dresdenverse; I thought I'd stat out some of the more obscure ones for anyone who wants to use them.

I'll start with some from Cherokee mythology, since I have a good book on that at hand  ;D

A dakwa is an enormous carnivorous fish, large enough to swallow a man whole. The legends tell of them swallowing armed men whole, who then cut their way out from within.

High Concept: Man-Eating Fish
Other Aspects: Scary Big
Always Hungry
Fish Out of Water Don't Do Well

Good: Might, Fists
Fair: Endurance, Survival
Average: Intimidation, Alertness

Aquatic [-1]
Claws [-1]
Echoes of the Beast [-1]
Hulking Size [-2]
Inhuman Strength [-2]
Inhuman Toughness [-2]
  The Catch: +0 (attacks by swallowed creatures)
Total Refresh Cost: -9

Claws represents its bite, it doesn't actually have claws. Otherwise, just a big, scary killer fish.

DFRPG / Swords of the Cross
« on: April 30, 2009, 03:18:39 PM »
How will the Swords' ability to 'level the playing field' by removing supernatural protections be handled in the game?

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