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DF Spoilers / New YT reactor: Nerdy Kathi
« on: September 02, 2021, 12:52:02 PM »

Smart and funny. Perhaps as importantly, new! We are after all, in the "between times". (Who isn't in the middle of another reread?) This cool lady is just on book eight with vids out for the first four. (+3 hidden vids)

So far so good imho. Unafraid to be both critical and giggly with a tough-grading teacher vibe, but all the hallmarks of a true fan. Posting here in the hope that folks will check out her channel. Spoiler free* so far, but she already admits that may be temporary. Honestly how could it not be going into the future? Hope you all enjoy!

*I'm of the smallish camp that thinks there is no such thing as a spoiler free review beyond the binary thumbs up or down.

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