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DF Spoilers / Name the next book! (Unofficial Fan Contest begins!)
« on: September 25, 2021, 02:08:39 PM »
Conspiracy Theorist suggested Butcher might not be settled on the name of the next book (described as spanning the year after BG as Harry deals with the fallout of recent events).

CT suggested SPELL BOUND, which got my brain thinking.  I came up with HEAD CASE, FAMILY MATTER, and COURTING DISASTER, but I thought it might be fun to open it up to everyone to propose their ideas.

The Rules:
  • Two word title, each with the same number of letters.
  • It should be a pun off a common phrase or idiom.
  • It should relate to the proposed plot.
  • This is definitely not official so nobody should expect to win anything; it's just for fun!

Just post your ideas, and I'll add them to the list. Votes can be changed as more options are added, but you can only vote once.

DF Spoilers / Hell's Bells - Nick vs John
« on: September 22, 2021, 03:48:21 AM »
My current assumption is that the Big Apocalyptic Trilogy will be three different apocalypse stories falling one after the other, with the second being a Biblical apocalypse with hellions being unleashed.

My other assumption has been that Nicodemus will kick it off.

But now I'm wondering. Is there a chance he doesn't make it to the BAT. Does his feud with Marcone end with him dead, Marcone in possession of the noose and a majority of the coins, and in charge of the apocalypse plans?

Or does Nicodemus make it to Hell's Bells, kick things off, but die in the process, and Marcone grabs the noose when opportunity presents itself?

DF Spoilers / DragonCon 2021 Starborn or Star Born?
« on: September 08, 2021, 12:57:29 AM »
Anyone seen a video yet to confirm the comments over on Reddit? There's some interesting stuff, but I'd like to know the context of the "Starborn is the endgame of the series" bit.

I'm wondering if that's the last title of the case files, STAR BORN, before the BAT, or if he just means the Starborn are collectively the important part of the series.

Here's the other synopsis of another panel.

DF Spoilers / Twelve Months therapist
« on: August 29, 2021, 11:18:35 PM »
L2W offered to tutor Harry. Eb said it was a good idea. Harry assumed he meant shape shifting. But he didn't.

   He snorted quietly, and then said, “Not shifting.
He knows more than any man alive about dealing
with rage over injustice and being unfairly
wronged. Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s admirable
that you have those kinds of feelings, and choose
to do something about them. But they can do
terrible things to a man, too.” His face was distant
for a moment, his eyes focused elsewhere.
“Terrible things. He’s been there. I think if you
spent some time with him, you’d benefit by

Since Harry will be gone for MM, it seems likely that the often teased training with L2W will be in TM, with L2W helping Harry deal with grief and anger.

DF Spoilers / Agents of G.U.A.R.D. or W.A.R.D.?
« on: August 15, 2021, 03:13:16 PM »
If we were making a Dresdenverse equivalent to Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D., what would we name it?

Global Unified Alliance for Reality's Defense
World Alliance for Reality's Defense

Or is there a better acronym?

G.U.A.R.D. agents could be called Guardians.
W.A.R.D. agents could be called Wardens.

The latter might be too well known amongst the magical community to be trusted.

DF Spoilers / Notes on Contagion
« on: August 04, 2021, 02:00:58 AM »
   “It’s laced with . . . some kind of contagion
focus, I think.”
   I nodded. She was talking about magical
contagion, not the medical kind. A contagion focus
was something that formed a link between a
smaller amount of its mass after it had been
separated from the main body. A practitioner
could use it to send magic into the main body, and
by extension into all the smaller foci, even if they
weren’t in the same physical place. It was sort of
like planting a transmitter on someone’s car so
that you could send a missile at it later.
   “The contagion looks like a simple compulsion
meant to make the victim drink more, but it’s really
a psychic conduit.”
   “A psychic conduit?” Murphy asked. “What’s
   “It’s like any electrical power line,” I said. “Except
it plugs into your mind—and whoever is on the
other end gets to decide what goes in.”
   “So do what you do. Put the whammy on them,
and let’s track them down.”
   I grimaced and shook my head. “I don’t dare,” I
told her. “All I’ve got to track with is the beer itself.
If I try to use it in a spell, it’ll open me up to the
conduit. It’ll be as if I drank the stuff.”
   “That’s what the psychic conduit links them to,” I
said. “To Dionysus. To the god of revels and
ecstatic violence.”

   “I am the doubt that wards away sleep. I am the
flaw that corrupts, the infected wound, the false
fork in the trail. I am the gnawer, the worm in the
book, the maggot that burrows in the mind’s eye.”
   “I am He Who Walks Beside.”

   “These mortal notions,” Maeve said. “Good, evil,
love. All those other things your kind natter on
about. Are they perhaps contagious?”
   I rose with her, politely. “Some would say so,” I
told her.
   She grimaced. “In the time since her death, I
have often thought to myself that Aurora was
stricken with some mortal madness. I believe the
Queen of Air and Darkness has been taken by a
similar contagion.”

   “Sir Knight, you must have seen it. You must
have seen the contagion spreading. It has been
before your eyes for years.”
   “I haven’t seen . . .” Then I paused. My head
started adding things together. “You . . . you aren’t
talking about a physical disease, are you?”
   “Of course not,” Lily said. “It is a kind of spiritual
malady. A mental plague. An infection slowly
spreading across the earth.”
   “And . . . this plague. What does it do?” I asked.
   “It changes that which ought not change,” she
said quietly. “It destroys a father’s love for his
family by twisting it into maniacal ambition. It
distorts and corrupts the good intentions of
agents of mortal law into violence and death. It
erodes the sensible fear that keeps a weakly
talented sorcerer from reaching out for more
power, no matter how terrible the cost.”

DF Spoilers / Mac's identity
« on: August 01, 2021, 09:18:10 PM »
I've mentioned before that I think Mac is the transubstantiated form of the archangel Raphael, and that he gave his Grace to Merlin in order to build Demonreach similar to how Raphael made Dudael as an earthly prison for Azazel, and that Alfred is a construct -- or "vessel", as he calls himself -- to hold the Grace.

That's a quick summary, but I'm sure the posts are somewhere.

Anywho, I just posted elsewhere that Maeve seemed to know Justine was infected in Cold Days. She even said in her victory speech that if she died, the mantle would go to a "hapless mortal" (Molly) or "an instrument of some foe of [Mab's]" (Justine).

The whole reason Justine was there was to act as insurance to keep Maeve alive or keep the Lady mantle out of the rotation.

Since Justine was there for a specific reason, it stands that Mac was too. They weren't just kidnapped earlier and then brought along for no reason.

I posit that Mac was there because of his relationship with the island prison. I think part of the gambit was to put Mac in jeopardy, in hopes that the island would act to save him, or he'd take the Grace back to save himself, or his death would weaken the defenses.

DF Spoilers / Damn, Maeve really did win
« on: August 01, 2021, 09:05:37 PM »
     “Oh, oh!” Maeve said, her body twisting into a
spontaneous little dance of pure glee. “You never
saw that coming, did you, Mother? It never even
occurred to you, did it?” Her own eyes widened in
lunatic intensity. “And how will you slay me now?
Whither would my mantle go? Where is the nearest
vessel now? Some hapless mortal, perhaps,
ignorant of its true nature? The instrument of
some foe of yours, in alliance with me, ready to
steal away the mantle and leave you vulnerable?”

Maeve giggled. “I can play chess too, Mother.
Better now than ever you could. And I am now less
a liability to you alive than dead.”

I'm sure someone else caught this, but I only realized it just now.

Maeve names the two options for who gets the mantle if she's killed.

A clueless mortal, or a tool of Mab's nemesis.

Molly, or Justine.

My original thought was that she was referring to Molly and one of the handmaidens/court members in the raiding party. Someone allied with her on the hill. But she was talking about Justine and Nemesis.

I wanted to think Justine was possessed by Nemesis later, but Maeve flat out says that if she's killed, the mantle will 50/50 go to Nemesis.

I just took Harry's flawed narration as fact. He thought Maeve hadn't thought it through. But she had. Her gambit played out exactly like she thought.

DF Spoilers / Resolving the Drakul/Dracula conflicting information
« on: July 31, 2021, 12:16:19 PM »
Proposals for satisfactorily resolving the conflicting information that has been presented about Drakul and Dracula.

Please share any additional information I may have forgotten, and we can try to address any concerns.

1) Drakul is a starborn, and also a half-breed (source:Eb), and also something pureblood trapped in human form.
Proposal: Vlad II was a human starborn. One way or another, he was possessed by an immortal being or mantle, which fundamentally changed him into Drakul. He is not truly a half-breed, but is still a combination of human and creature.

2) Dracula joined the Black Court as an act of teenage rebellion, and also founded the Black Court.
Proposal: Vlad III was the son of whatever Vlad II had become, making him a half-breed that hadn't chosen. The strogoi, Romanian vampires, had already existed for millennia, and some were serving Drakul. They did not have an organized structure until Vlad III became one and formed the Black Court, making them into an organization.

DF Spoilers / Sidhe vs Lyrics [Cold Days Spoilers]
« on: July 24, 2021, 07:14:48 PM »
Can Molly sing along with music anymore? Can any Sidhe sing lyrics that aren't true for them?

I think there was an orchestra in Cold Days, but no chorus.

DF Spoilers / Dresdenverse Wishful Thinking - Locations
« on: July 17, 2021, 09:07:52 PM »
I'm starting a thread to share real-world locations we'd like to see in the Dresdenverse, either visited or mentioned.

First up, Villa Farnese


Name: Villa Farnese
Location: Town of Caprarola, Italy
Founded: ~1530 (fortress); ~1559 (villa)
Founder: Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, the future Pope Paul III
Purpose: Initially a pentagonal fortress; later made into a private Villa; currently state-owned and open to the public.

Dresdenverse Relevance:
It's a pentagonal fortress with a circular core. Along with the U.S. Pentagon, it seems like an ideal structure to contain something (or someone). Not to mention founded by a future Pope? Clearly the Church wanted something secured there.

That it's open to the public now makes it seem like whatever or whomever was there isn't there anymore, or the original purpose was forgotten. Maybe they're hiding it in plain sight, and visitors are unlikely to impact its functionality.

It's not located in Tuscany, otherwise I'd say a tie to the White Court might be apt. Perhaps the Church was done with it and the White Court acquired it secretly using the state as a front.

DF Spoilers / Denarian Host Compatibility Survey
« on: July 03, 2021, 10:04:12 PM »
Simple question.

If yes, what coin and Fallen would you want to see him with? What would his battle form be?

If no, then that's boring, but okay.

DF Spoilers / Walkers and Swords and Houses [BG Spoilers]
« on: November 23, 2020, 11:24:05 PM »
Drawing comparisons. Others have said these before, but I wanted to list them to try to spur new lines of thought.

Swords of the Cross
  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Love

White Court Houses
  • Fear
  • Despair
  • Lust

  • Behind
    • “Neither fear nor pain sway you..."
    • My head was full of pain and fear.
  • Before
    • I could feel a horrible, hopeless weight...
    • The psychic assault of despair that Sharkface had sent into my head evaporated...
  • Beside - Doesn't seem to use lust. Uses desire or twisted love to seduce and corrupt?
    • Twists a man's love of family into ambition (per Lily).
    • Twists Denton's love of law and order into rage.
    • Twists Aurora's love of life into a murderous plot to spare lives.
    • Twists Maeve's love of her mother into spite.
    • Twists Justine and Thomas's love into a reason to betray and kill.

DF Spoilers / Harry's Build-a-Fear [BG & Future book news spoilers]
« on: October 25, 2020, 07:12:31 PM »
As TCF shared here, the next book might not be Mirror Mirror, but instead a book spanning the year between BG and the wedding, where Harry deals with his trauma and completes some sort of therapy.

Thinking about what a villain for such a book might be, I realized that BG kind of set up a scenario where Harry might create his own enemy.
  • Per Bob, tulpas might have been generated in BG through collective fear and chaotic power. Tulpas are beings created from strong emotions, feelings, and thoughts. In Supernatural, a shared belief in something created that thing in the form of a tulpa.
  • Harry is suffering from conjuritis, where his thoughts are manifested using ectoplasm.
  • Harry's had a ton of mental trauma, to the point that he's going to have a book dedicated to it.
  • Harry's more powerful than most wizards his age, and conjuritis is rare at his age, possibly to the point to the effects might not well be known.

So, let's speculate that Harry is going to have a nervous breakdown, and his conjuritis is going to create a tulpa from his power and fear.

What tulpa would you want to see created, and what would it do?

Personally, I'd want it to be his Id self. Rather than being something attacking him, I'd want it to watch his deepest fears, literally.  I'd want it to be a version of him that gives in to its desires and tries to kill things that Harry wouldn't (Mab, Marcone, Rudolph, ghouls, etc) in order to make Harry safer.

It'd need to not be evil, per se, because that would be saved for the mirror mirror version.  And I think if they were similar enough but different enough, it could be done well, to the point that Harry having faced his own fears and issues in this next book would help him deal with the mirror situation better.

DF Spoilers / White Court clothing [BG Spoilers]
« on: October 16, 2020, 10:44:16 PM »
There was a mention of some special clothing that Lara was wearing in Battle Ground. I think there was a previous mention of it in maybe Peace Talks, but was there another somewhere along the way?  I meant to revisit it after the initial reading because it seemed like a known thing but I didn't remember it.

Edit: Here's the references towards the end of Battle Ground.
A group of panicked, fleeing octokongs went by as Lara and her people came bounding out of the chaos, their flowing, shroudlike white robes stained in various shades of blood. None of them looked hurt, and I saw one take a panicked blow from an octokong’s emptied arquebus. The shroud material twitched and moved, gathering thickly beneath where the blow began to land, and the body beneath seemed to briefly lose mobility and stiffen as the arquebus struck—and rebounded, the shroud actively pushing the weapon away, as the White Court vampire wearing it dealt a pair of lethal blows and breezed on by in a little twirling dance step.

Lara’s fighters sailed through the air with the greatest of ease, taking thirty-foot strides in great, leaping bounds, moving almost weightlessly, their shroud-armor fluttering and snapping.

Ethniu batted Lara aside like a rag doll and rose—only to stumble, as Lara’s shroud-armor writhed off the vampire like a living thing, like some kind of bizarre invertebrate from the deep sea, and wrapped around the Titan’s knees, binding them together. Ethniu fell back down again and was forced to briefly struggle against the living cloth.

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