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DFRPG / Demon Accords Character Builds
« on: October 07, 2016, 10:33:16 PM »
I've been reading the demon Accord books and thou their not they are no Harry Dresden but are still fun reads (kind've like the b-rate movies you find that are not great but still fun to watch).

I'm new to the rpg scene, still trying to talk my friends to play the DFRPG ( I'm thinking of GM even if i've never don't it before or played before if I can convince them).

Any way I'd like to see what the character sheet would like for Chris Gordon and  Tatiana Demidova
Chris is God's Worrier against demons
Tatiana is they only Born Vampire

They meet and hook up and start kick'n ass and taking names.

If you've read the series and have suggestion for builds I'd love to see them ,  I'm assuming they would have to be submerged as some of stuff Chris does would scare the crap out the White Council and probable make the fae hesitate for bit.

DFRPG / Character/archetype Design Help
« on: October 07, 2016, 10:23:33 PM »
I've been thinking about a character for awhile now and wanted suggestion on how to go about building them.

This character would have no formal wizard training thou they would have the potential to be one.

My idea was they would find out about magic at a young age and be self-taught how to use their power by use either a anime (genera) or fantasy novels as their guide.

I'm still unsure how to prevent them from breaking one of the 7 laws of magic before a warden finds them. ( this is a key aspect I'm trying to play with)
Option 1). They are dumb lucky only use magic in ways that don't break the laws.
Option 2). They have mysterious benefactor the realises what they are doing and instead of teaching them how to use magic, they just subtle lead the person away form breaking rules. all for the purpose of seeing the new form/style of magic be created.

if anime focused I would could see all their spells creating some for of magic circle ( Fairy Tale style, or FullMetal Achemist style).

We know now that Molly can now use cell phones because she is the winter lady.

So I'm playing with the idea that because his belief and use of magic is so different then the normal then he may interact with tech more easily (so he can get his show watched). if this is the case I'd want to have his magic cause some from of disruption in other areas of his life to balance this boon out. any ideas? or suggestion , this isn't a big thing as theirs always manga :). Feel if this was a factor would tie in to the style of anime the learn form , Fate/stay Night comes to minded, reality marbles mean you don't think like humens but or different no matter if its only slightly.

Granted this could be consider a archetype more then a single character as depending on which anime they focused would change their ablities

DFRPG / Rune Wizard Idea.
« on: August 29, 2015, 03:46:08 AM »
So my thought was to have Wizard that can't do much with evocation ( can lights candles if need be but that's about it on flash magic).

Instead he focuses on runes.
His spells can be powerfull but they can take time to setup.(i'm thinking spell-casting like executing programs).

most his skill focuses on creating enchanted items for battle ( aspect : be prepared is a creed).

He could also have certain rune arrays on his body for strength and healing ( as need with certain costs)

I feel this could sagway in to a fullmetal alchemist type combat(more Al style)

any ideas or contest

DFRPG / Iron druid like character Question
« on: August 29, 2015, 03:20:36 AM »
I was thinking about the doing a druid character for my fist Dresden RPG game.

As i was thinking about the Druid and his bond with Gaia I was reminded of the bond harry has with the demonreach. I got to thinking that the druidic bond could be similar to the emissary of power and Genius loci but i'm still trying to work on how mechanically that would work.

I just can't see your druid be  wizard also at that point.
Ideas ans suggestion are welcomed

DFRPG / DFRPG Kansas City Campaign Ideas
« on: December 20, 2014, 05:31:27 AM »
I'm a NEWB ( see their with capital letters ) to table top rpgs.
But the The Dresden Files has me hook and I'm about caught up with the book series.

I'm currently trying to thinking up some kewl ideas for what the supernatural face of Kansas City would be.
I'm wanting to have some ideas ready for when I can talk some of my friends into playing the game next month.

Kansas City has recent gotten Power and Light ( clubs, bars , Entertainment)
I'm currently debating on how the White or Red Courts could be involved with the this behind the scenes.

I'm also wanting to play off the fact that Missouri River cross throw Kansas City creating the North and South halves. Still not sure where I could take that Supernaturally thought yet.

This doesn't even count the fact the Kansas City is the hub to the west a crossroads in sense.

Kansas City does have its own history of mob so I'm sure I can tie that into it also.

Theirs also a lot of Cave networks around this area that could be fun to work with.

Any ideas that jump up I would love to hear.

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