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DF Spoilers / What if Harry's Assumptions are Wrong?
« on: Today at 01:43:26 AM »

   Wouldn't be the first time would it?   Finally the book arrived around one this afternoon..  I began
reading, why is it when you want peace and to be left alone, it doesn't happen?

Anyway, I haven't gotten too far, but a thought occurred to me as Harry gazed at his mangled brother.
What if his assumptions were wrong?  What if
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After I've finished this book, need to go back and check out names that are even remotely close, who do they belong to?  It could be very important in how this all comes out.

DF Spoilers / NOT FAIR!!!!!!
« on: July 14, 2020, 05:27:17 PM »

Just got a notice from Amazon, "delay in shipping sorry for the inconvenience!"  CRAP!!!! >:( >:( >:( >:( :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

   Harry is six foot nine, Thomas might be six feet or so, but not that tall.  Eb maybe around six feet or so, Malcolm isn't described if remember correctly is also about that height.  Margaret is described I believe as tall, but not out of the ordinary.  The only other wizard described as really tall, is Rashid at seven feet or more in height.  Who is the wizard who has managed to pull Harry's chestnuts out of the fire more often than any of the other wizards, including Eb?  Rashid..  Odd don't you think?  What if Rashid is really Harry's dad?  Yeah, I know, but it is hot and I think my tin hat over heated my brain... ::)

DF Spoilers / Elaine, Trojan Horse? "It was the knife..."
« on: October 22, 2019, 06:58:52 PM »

   Almost finished rereading Summer Knight and a lot of questions about Elaine have popped up in my
head.  We know Harry's connection to Winter was through his mother.  What was Elaine's connection to Summer?   We have no clue, yet when Harry took Justin down and she ran, the place she ran to was Summer.  There has been lots of speculation that it was Elaine that infected Aurora.  We have no clue of what her state of sanity was before Elaine's arrival.

Maeve was a wild child to be sure, but was she insane before Slate presented her with the knife he had just stabbed Elaine with?  That in of itself was a set up, he stabbed Elaine in the back,but didn't kill her.. Odd.. And she singed him with fire, he had burns, yet he was able to stab her in the back.   I'd always been under the impression that it was the Knife that Lea got at Bianca's party that spread the infection, first to Lea and from her, to Maeve.  But what if it was Maeve who infected Lea?  Lea was wearing the Knife she got at Bianca's party in Summer Knight, yet showed no symptoms of infection.  In fact she seemed saner than usual, which in of itself I suppose could be a symptom..

Then towards the end when Harry talks Elaine into helping him by moving the thorns aside so he could take on Aurora to save Lily,  Elaine says something very curious.  Harry mentions her betrayal of him, trust, the love they had at one time for one another.  To which Elaine answers, "You don't know whatI am."  I can see her saying "who I am," people change, they hadn't seen each other in years and both had been through a lot..  But "what"? 

Supposedly Harry and Elaine were being raised as enforcers, both supposedly had the potential to be star children.  But what if that only applied to Harry?  We know the back story about why Justin took them in from Ghost Story isn't exactly what Harry thought it was.. Justin himself might have been double crossed.   

If Harry was bred to be a star child, what if Elaine was bred to be a Trojan Horse?  What if she never was enthralled by Justin?  It just appeared that way,  the plan backfired when Harry got away, turned the tables on HWB and came back and killed Justin.  When she fled she went to Summer and infected Aurora turning her mad.. Then with the help of Slate infected Maeve etc of Winter..

Yes, I know supposedly she is now helping the Paranet, but she is still playing things awfully close to the vest,  she could still be a Trojan Horse..

DF Spoilers / Elaine's Necklace, Where Did It Come From?
« on: October 08, 2019, 12:52:41 PM »

   Continuing my Summer Knight reread, we get Harry's description of Elaine, and aside from the usual he mentions that she is wearing a pentacle necklace identical to his own...  We know or rather Harry believes that his pentacle came from his mother, that she wore it.  It is his main link to her through the first three books, he fingers it, he feels her when he fingers it..  It is very special, no where up through Skin Game is it mentioned that another wizard wears such a necklace, except for Elaine. 

So where did she get hers?  Did her mother give it to her?  Harry doesn't explain how she came to have an identical pentacle necklace to his own.  He doesn't say he gave it to her, indeed where would he get the money for it?  He doesn't say her mother gave hers to her.  He doesn't say that Justin gave it to her.   He implies that the necklace is a symbol of the bond between them.  However Elaine never indicates that her necklace holds as deep a meaning for her as his does for Harry.. So what is the deal here?

What if Harry had been lied to from the beginning?  While it may have come from his mother, it isn't a keepsake type of thing.  We know that supposedly there were two or we think two possible star borns, Harry and Elaine.  Harry is confirmed to be one, the jury is still out on Elaine.  What I am saying is suppose only star born baby candidates get the necklace?  Then while true that his mother left him his, she never wore it and it merely indicates his status as a possible star born, the same goes for Elaine.  In fact this may have been one of the ways Justin selected them out of the orphanages.   It stands to reason that Harry and Elaine wouldn't be the only two kids with talent among the hundreds of orphans who needed adopting...  If Justin knew about star born, he may also have known about the distinctive necklace only they wear. 

One more point,  once Harry is more or less confirmed to be a star born, he is gifted with the jewel to put in it with the road map of the Ways, why not before?     

   On the reread after reading Turn Coat it isn't very hard to connect the dots really.  In the meeting of the White Council and just before Eb is informed that his friend Simon has been attacked and murdered by the Red Court.   He is shocked as is the rest of the Council when they hear the news, Simon was the Red Court Vamp expert, his tower was impregnable, the consensus is that someone from the inside had to have betrayed him, but who? 

Okay, this is kind of dropped because they need to seat a new member of the Senior Council to take
Simon's place.  As we know Eb challenges for the seat, so the Merlin turns to Peabody essentially to
call the roll of those present in line for such a position..  Very deliberately in my opinion,  Jim writes about Peabody muttering something then "brushing his nose with his finger leaving a big smear of ink.  Hello.. Since in Turn Coat under the influence of Peabody's ink Luccio murders LaFortier, it isn't to great a leap to surmise that Peabody with his ink influenced someone to betray Simon to the Red Court.  The question is who ordered him to do it?

Site Suggestions & Support / Maybe it's just me...
« on: April 13, 2019, 11:13:35 AM »

I am sure this has been covered, but I cannot find a topic to fit and why am I not being notified when
there is a new topic in the Forum?  I used to get an e-mail when ever this happened...  Sorry guys for the dumb inquiry...

DF Spoilers / Wormwood
« on: January 07, 2019, 02:56:48 AM »

  Page 322 Cold Days Harry knocks some small clay pots from a shelf... The have labels, he makes an
effort to pick them up, Mother Summer takes the cracked small pot from Harry's hands..

As gently as if handling a newborn, she took the little clay pot from me and turned it slowly, closed her eyes for a moment, and then put it reverently back on the shelf.

When she took her hands from the little pot, I saw letters written in silvery light upon it and the neighboring pots, as if letters had been awakened by the warmth of her hands.

The writing on the cracked pot said simply Wormwood.

The letters began to fade, but I saw some of the others: Typhus.Pox. Atermors. Choleros. Malaros.
Typhus. Smallpox. The Black Death. Malaria. And Wormwood.

I bring this up because today on NPR they were saying that they have found that a simple tea brewed from Wormwood can cure schistosomiasis, a very nasty parasitic disease common in Africa, and that it is also a useful ingredient in a treatment of malaria... I remember when Cold Days came
out there was a rather long thread on this passage, mainly speculating on wormwood...  The radio said simply that it is a common bush in Africa, had been used against worm infestations by the natives for years hence the name wormwood... And that they have found in a study that the tea from it is more effective than a fancy expensive medicine they've come up with.  Notice that Mother
Summer handled the little pot that contained it with reverence..   Because it can bring a cure to so many things?  An answer to be found among the so many dreaded diseases...

DF Spoilers / Will the Big Moment Come in Peace Talks?
« on: August 02, 2018, 02:44:22 PM »

    As I said, find it hard to get excited about Mirror Mirror, that is at least one book off, plus x amount of short stories...  I am much more interested in the next book, in particular what Rashid said to Harry on the dock on Demonreach in Turn Coat.. Mainly that his hour to confront the Senior Council was not over Morgan..  He implied that in some time in the future he would confront the Senior Council, but didn't elaborate....  My question is will this happen in Peace Talks?  But if you insist,it could happen in Mirror Mirror... Our universe Harry goes before the other universe Senior Council and tells them they have to kill his evil twin... All the while they are trying to kill him because he violated the Laws by showing up in the first place.

DF Spoilers / Black Magic, Addiction, and Becoming a Warlock
« on: July 12, 2018, 12:15:12 PM »

    I realize that this bleeds heavily into two other current threads, but I think it is different enough that it deserves it's own thread at the risk of hijacking the other two. 

So here is the basic question, why is it that some can have a brush with black magic and be rehabbed and others go full warlock?  We've discussed what constitutes "gray areas" of the Seven Laws, what is breaking them and what isn't...  However other than perhaps the ultimate punishment for what is seen as breaking them, what if that is beside the point?

What if the real answer comes down to a matter of addiction?  We know in the case of alcohol and even drugs to some extent, some people can take a drink, even on rare occasions get drunk, but they do not develop a craving or addiction to it..  While others have no tolerance at all for alcohol, they "feel" one drink..  Some find pleasure in this feeling, some get a "high," others don't find the experience pleasant at all... 

So what if black magic has a similar affect on the wielder of it?  Like teenagers everywhere young people experiment with alcohol, even drugs.. Some get by with it for whatever reason, for others it ends tragically...  Let's add that most know before hand some of the affects of these things, but being kids do it anyway..  Young kids with talent, without a wizard mentor have no clue, but they do know the sense of power over others it gives them.. That is the high they become addicted to, if they are too far gone, they cannot recover from it..  Some can dance in the gray areas of it without lasting affects, but the more susceptible may not.. So simple act of making a love potion may be a mere exercise for some, with others it signals a  slippage into that craving for power..


I saw the  release date of October 25, 2018,  anyone have anymore information on this?

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