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The Bar / Da Guteer -Cussing 101
« on: February 10, 2020, 04:31:02 PM »
As the name of this thread says, this thread is reserved fir the anchient art of Cussing, or Swareing, dependending on were your from. In an effort to keep people from being offended, ALL SWARE WORDS WILL BE HIDDEN WITH THE SPOILER TAG! Failure to do so may result in you being hit with the Ban Hammer.

Of course, if your someone who's Delicate Sensabilities are easily offended by Swareing, you shoudn't be here in the first place, so get the
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out -_- !

Guess I'll start this off with a list of all the Sware Words I know the USA and they're meanings.

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That's all I can think of atm XP .

The Bar / Looking for an Author Review
« on: May 21, 2019, 03:31:37 PM »
Anyone here know an Author name Patrica Briggs? I saw one of her books at the Libary today, and it looked like a good read, but it was like the eleventh book in the series. Has anyone here read her books before? And if so, can you tell me your opinion on them?

The Bar / Dresden File Charcters and they're Alignments
« on: August 15, 2018, 05:24:46 PM »
Ok, so after reading a certian fourm post, I decided to make this post to try and figure out the Alingments of the Dresden Charcters as they stand. Your of course free to disagree with me and welcome to list any charcters I missed. Beware of Spoilers!

Harry Dresden: Lawful Chaotic - It's clear Harry is a force for good, but at the same time, he's never been shy about useing force to achive his goals. Couple that with the fact that his Anger sometimes get's the best of him and the Mantle of the Winter Knight only amplifies thoses feelings, it's clear Harry's heading down a darker path.

Karrin Murphy: Lawful - A fomer Law Officer working CPDs worst Job posting. Murphy has been through Hell and back, usually acompanying Harry. Murphy's Will and Faith have both been shaken, tested and pushed to the brink, but two things remain true about her. Murphy is True to her Frineds and no matter what, she will see thoses who do wrong brought to justice.

Molly Carpenter: Lawful Chaotic - Much like her former mentor, Harry, Molly has begun a trudge down a darker path, but her's began long before her former mentors death or haveing the Mantel of the Winter Lady thrust upon her. Molly's march began when she was just starting to learn her powers and she meddled with the minds of some of her frineds. Since then, Harry has tried to teach her better, but circumstances are driveing her further to darkness.

Bob the Skull: Nuetreal - Bob is a spirit of Intellect who wants only one thing out of life. A wild and crazy party that ends with an orgy. Bob neither seeks to do harm or to try and make the world better, although is personality can change depending on who owns him. In his current state though, Bob is just looking out for hi self.

Michael Carpenter: Lawful Nutreal - A former Knight of the Cross, Michael was forced to lay down his sword when he was dealt a crippling blow. Now he spends his life in peace with his family under the watcful protection of thoses he fought for. Even before that though, Michael was sent to deal with thoses of Evil intent, usually the Knight of the Blackend Denarius. Michael would fight and often slay the Baeres of these Coins, driveing the fallen back into them. But he would be forced to stay his sword if the Baere willingly surrender the Coin.

Charity Carpenter: Lawful Netural - Much like her Husband, Charity just wants to live in peace with her family. If push comes to shove though, Charity isn't afraid to strap on her asskicking boots and become the Battle Madien she was, especially if her family's lives are at stake. She often depises Harry who drags her Husband and sometimes they're family into danger, but she dosn't out right hate him. If she did, it's doubtful she would have let him train her daughter Molly, or taken in and raised Harry's only Daughter.

Nicodemus Archleone: Chaotic - Leader of the Blackend Denarius, he is Anchient, nearly invincible and Dangoures. His only goal in the world of man seems to be bringing it to Ruin with the help of Religious Artifacts. Possibly paveing the way for the Apycolyps? At this point, Nick and his Nickle Heads are still too much of unkowns.

The Archive: Neutreal - A little girl who posses the collective knowledge of all history. Everything that's ever been written about anything, Ivy knows. It is for this reason that the Archive must remain in a state of neutrality at all times. No one side is allowed to posses the knowledge that the Archive has. While she is powerful, Ivy is, at her core, still a little girl.

(To be Continued.)

DFRPG / I need some Help
« on: May 15, 2009, 02:24:25 AM »
Alright, truth is, I had no Idea this was in the works, but as soon as I saw this thread, I started Drooling all over my Keybored. My main questions are, A.) Ware can I find this game. And B.) What do I need to know about it. I've played Pen and Paper RPG's Before, D&D and Ninja Buger, just to name a couple, and so I'm wondering id they're any diffrent then that.

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