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DFRPG / Tips on Playing a High Lore Spell Caster
« on: April 15, 2010, 08:54:39 PM »
So, Im looking at getting into this game over the summer with a few friends.  Im just wondering what sorts of things a High (Superb) Lore spell caster would be good at?  It seems like you would get more direct mileage out of having a higher stat in Conviction or Discipline.  I just want to pick everyones brains for both mechanical effects and role playing ideas.

My current character concept is rather rough.  We're playing at Submerged.  Right now I basically have a few aspects in mind and my High Concept (Warden of the White Council) and a few other things, like a desire to play up having a high Lore (thinking something like Knowledge is Power for an aspect). 

So, looking for mechanical effects that having a high lore is good for, and a few random roleplaying ideas. 

(I did see the Enchanted Item patch and wow that does help.)

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