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DF Spoilers / Re: Battle Ground Cover Art
« on: April 27, 2020, 10:19:04 PM »
Maybe a dumb question, but how can you tell if a pentacle necklace is upside down?  Yes, supposedly there is an up side and a down side to a five pointed star, but the necklace might be different.  I think the center of the picture is too fuzzy to tell whether or not the ruby is there or not.
In the beginning of Small Favor he has a bit where he explains some of the Pentacle lore to Murphy and talks about the first point being the Pentacle's North (or something to that effect) and that the first line you draw plays a role in that, but the way he described it sure implied that the "normal" version has a point facing upward.  In most of the other covers I can find good images of at the moment (Cold Days and White Night right now) it has that more normal/traditional point-upward orientation, but in both Peace Talks and Battle Grounds it's point-down.

DF Spoilers / Re: Zoo Day and the great Masquerade
« on: August 02, 2018, 07:27:31 PM »
Who says they did any of that?

The only thing we know about the Carpenter kids' reaction to this kind of supernatural stuff is that they wrote everything down in a book and passed it on to their younger siblings.

We have no idea whether or not Molly or Daniel retained anything, because they've never addressed or been confronted with the issue that we've seen.

The balance of the actual evidence we do have indicates that adults are perfectly capable of retaining knowledge of these kinds of creatures, they're just generally unaware of them because they can't sense them.
Yes, we have not seen them forget anything on-screen, sure.  However, the rest of the interactions we've seen throughout the series would fit what you propose, sooo....

If by "balance of actual evidence" you mean Harry giving a lecture on a creature that may or may not be at all related to the ones we've actually witness, then sure, and which he may or may not have any first (or even second) hand experience with, then sure. 

The prisoner would speak the language he spoke just before he was locked up. He told us he had to be locked up so that reeks like a Lea scenario. Infected, able to fight it but not able to keep it under control all the time. Knew about demonreach and decided to have himself locked up.
Agreed, i too got the sense of a voluntary committal more than a traditional imprisonment.  Im leaning toward it being a former Warden that used too much Black Magic but is cognizant of the fact that he is Tainted and untrustworthy.

DF Spoilers / Re: Zoo Day and the great Masquerade
« on: August 02, 2018, 06:02:19 PM »
And when have we seen a "clued in" adult be told about these things, then be unable to retain information about them after the fact?

So far, the only time we've seen adults confront the idea of monsters that are only sensed by children, it was an adult that brought it up, as a known thing.

To my knowledge, we do not have any examples of an adult being informed about these things and then being unable to retain the knowledge.

What we do have is near constant reminders that people edit their own memories to get rid of or cover up things they don't want to remember, rationalizing it away. I see no reason to believe the same thing wouldn't happen in the transition from child to adult.
You are correct we dont have any scenes on page.  We do, however, actually know how the Carpenter family generally operates and responds to supernatural danger, and the apparent response of the carptenter kids doesnt fit that at all, nor does it make any sense for any of those kids (which include Molly and David, recall) to forget and/or rationalize away that aspect of the supernatural while retaining the rest.

DF Spoilers / Re: Right in the feels (favourite heartfelt moments)
« on: August 01, 2018, 10:00:51 PM »
Charity telling Harry to stay in the Hospital, that Family would stay

DF Spoilers / Re: Zoo Day and the great Masquerade
« on: August 01, 2018, 09:59:54 PM »
Really, it's not in any way different from adults who encounter the supernatural and then "forget" it or rationalize it away. "There's no such thing as creepers, that was just a silly thing I believed when I was three, but I know better," is exactly the same as, "That wasn't a ghoul that jumped me and my partner, it was just a big, drunk guy on PCP with a couple of knives."
Yes, it is.  Because clued in people that /should/ be able to recognize and believe  in the existence of these folks (like the Carpenters) are still proving incapable

Cinder Spires Spoilers / Re: couple of quick points/thoughts
« on: August 01, 2018, 02:27:50 PM »
I suppose the whole etherealists go insane thing is conceivable as a mutation of the law that DV magic has drawbacks but what specific form they take shifts slowly over time.
Maybe, but the fact that the energy in question affects Everyone to the point of requiring goggles Or Else makes me think that they are less the source of it and more of an evolutionary adaptation to it. 

In fact my own pet theory is that Folly is not actually Damaged/Insane the way the rest of the etherealists are, but rather she was born with an atypical brain (autism spectrum style) that naturally adapted and is letting her be an etherealist without accumulating the brain damage they normally would.  I think this is why the "Enemy' wasnt able to find any purchase in her brain, there were no unnatural "holes"

Have you ever actually /heard/ any middle-English?  It's not even close to the modern language; hell, I find /latin/ easier to decipher and that's just from having exposure to science vocabulary.  My high school English teacher made us memorize some of the Canterbury tales in the original Middle English and it's almost entirely incomprehensible. There's no way at all that that accent and/or turn of phrase is from Hastings era. 

DF Spoilers / Re: Who are minor Characters you want to see again
« on: August 01, 2018, 02:16:37 PM »
I wanna see Rudy in a looney bin with Harry taking a few moments to mess with him. But, that is the sadist in me.
Id be open to a mild redemption arc where Harry turns a corner and discovers that he finally had the CranioRectal Extraction procedure and is now volunteering at the BFS, doing something entirely non-threatening like Day-care.

DF Spoilers / Re: Who are minor Characters you want to see again
« on: July 31, 2018, 02:35:19 PM »
Half that list are major antagonists, not minor characters.
There's a difference between not being able to handle more than a dozen characters in one ongoing sequence and what Mira was describing.

Having Billy and Georgia along for the raid might have made it harder for Jim to keep track of things in that sequence; but having Harry stop by there for a beer and a quick cameo doesn't mean Jim has to later cut a scene involving Mouse and Maggie.
Wasnt Georgia pregnant by then anyway?

DF Spoilers / Re: Zoo Day and the great Masquerade
« on: July 31, 2018, 02:34:08 PM »
A supernatural effect keeping adults from sensing them right then and there maybe. There doesn't appear to be one keeping adults who hear about them as adults from remembering from that point.
It does make people forget as they age though, and we dont know whether adults are capable of retaining the memories. If they could remember then it would not have fallen out the way it did in the Carpenter household because they (the carpenter children) would have been able to just tell their clued in parents rather than having to go it alone and make a secret slayer's guide. 
(click to show/hide)
Which is pretty decent evidence that the Bogeyman not a race of Creeper. There are tons of phobophage species out there, just because that one is classically associated with children doesnt make it one of these things. 

DF Books / Re: Alternatives While We Wait
« on: July 31, 2018, 01:37:48 PM »
All things Brandon Sanderson.  And if you like Audiobooks you might check out the Graphic Audio productions: they're audiobook productions but with a full voice cast, score, sound effects, etc.  It's a Movie without all the distracting pictures...

The English accent is obviously(at least to me) signaling something. But what? Could the guy have been the last warden? Is the backstory related to the Gatekeeper and the and Demonreach's limp?  Maybe the Well has been attacked by the outsiders before, maybe in the same way that Winter was attacked through Lea.
Worth noting that the entire conversation, including the accent, were happening in Harry's head, so the accent could be literal, or it equally could be part of harry's mind interpreting the communication in a familiar way (though the Piss Off slang makes me think it would have to be at least a little bit two-way. 

DF Spoilers / Re: Love Potion, Huge Violation of 3rd Law?
« on: July 31, 2018, 01:26:46 PM »
Mai would not tolerate Harry's lack of etiquette.
Exactly!!  ;D ;D

DF Spoilers / Re: Zoo Day and the great Masquerade
« on: July 30, 2018, 09:37:56 PM »
I think you guys are overselling the "adults don't know" thing.

I really don't think it's that adults are incapable of retaining information on them. Just that they can't normally perceive them, so they forget or rationalize away what happened to them as kids when they grow up.

That happens with totally mundane things. There were games you made up with your friends and played as a three year old that, in the moment, you knew forward and backward, but a few years later you don't remember it even happened.

Again, Harry was well aware of the bogeyman, even though that's the same kind of thing as the haunts and the creepers.
Nope, it's very much a supernatural effect.  Keep in mind that the very authors of that book, the carpenter kids themselves who are entirely aware of the Adult supernatural world, are also forgetting these things as they grow up and pass the book along.  The fact that Mouse has difficulty sensing them also proves there is a supernatural effect at work.  Id have to go digging but Im pretty sure this was even confirmed in one of the older WOJ's when he was first talking about the Zoo Day concept.

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