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My apologies, I misrembered!

Which is the one who looks like you, Priscellie? I actually asked her if she were you.

Mich - So glad you made it! And I hope your husband is doing well.

I had #17 (we would have chatted in line, I'm sure.)

The lady who was so nice is Jim's publicist, Anne. She's awesome. 

This was such a good time, I'm so glad I went!  Thanks for hanging out MSD and Eyeballkid!  (I was the girl with the poster can.)

OMG! I'm so glad you came!! What a blast! It was great meeting you and Eyeball kid too!
Cenphx, please remind me. I don't remember meeting you, but I probably just didn't put your screenname and you together!

OZ - you missed a helluva good time!

EyeballKid - Can you believe after all that trouble, my pictures with Jim still came out blurry. Stupid phone! Auuugh!

Ok, probably shouldn't admit this, but I am the one person in a group of friends that gets all worked up about not getting a good seat and makes everyone get to the location waaaaaaay too early. I think it's some form of undiagnosed anxiety. :) So, I may be trying to get there a wee bit earlier. I want to miss the dreaded 5 pm driving window. On the other hand, if it's dead at the book store and I have no anxiety about my seat, then I will definitely try to come over to the Coach House. Thanks for the invite!!!

You're very welcome! I hope you get a chance to come by!

Calendar Event Discussion / Re: Jim in Chicago (Skokie), IL - June 4
« on: June 05, 2014, 03:19:39 PM »
Every time you ask Jim Butcher about the next Dresden Files book, George R. R. Martin kills a Stark.

Bwahahahhahahah - *wipes up coffee from keyboard*

So... how was last night? Was it good for you?

Cenphx and Crystril - you're also welcome to join us at that Coach House if you get there early enough. Between 5 & 6 should be a good window if you can make it!

So wish I could be there, but Iowa is lovely at the moment!

WARNING: I showed up for Brandon Sanderson's autograph session at the Poisoned Pen a full 40 minutes early. Barely got the LAST SEAT. My autograph slot was 135 or something. It was live feed so most people were outside on the sidewalk watching and listening. Parking is an issue as well. Some nearby businesses allow evening parking in their lots.

I asked them when would have been a good time to come and was told about 1 hour early.

Great place, lovely people.

(And they have an off-shoot - Poisoned Pen Press. I signed a two book deal with their new YA crime fiction imprint Poisoned Pencil. The first book will be out Jan or Feb 2015.)

Congratulations, Meg! I'm so bummed you won't be in town, but thrilled you got a book deal! Whooo hooo!

THANK YOU so much for posting this, I had no idea they put you in line in the order you bought the book from them!  I just called them and ordered my copy.  I'm 38th in line for Jim's signing!

Oooo... I have a feeling I'm gonna get a good number. I pre-bought mine two weeks ago.

Eyeball Kid, OZ, and Fleegle -

I'm so excited!! I watched Jim's three hour Q & A from Seattle last night. Wow!

Eyeball, Jim's really good about keeping the Q & A's spoiler free. Only one got through in the Seattle recording.

OZ, I don't so much anymore. I've been sucked into the Facebook vortex.

For Thursday, I plan to head over to the Coach House which is on the Southwest Corner of Indian School and Goldwater Blvd, one block north of the Poisonned Pen on the other side of the street. You are all welcome to pop in! Then I figure to head over to the Poisoned Pen at about six-ish.

I'll be the one who looks like Murphy.  ;)

They currently have him asterisked (*) that the 3 book limit will be enforced for his signing.

I am beyond excited! I work about 2 miles from The Poisoned Pen now (since January). This is the first signing I'm actually going to be able to attend!!! Whoooo hoooo!

Anyone want to join me at the Coach House for a bite and a beverage while I burn the two hours between work and the signing?

Author Craft / Re: Addictions - your experiences?
« on: June 27, 2011, 04:43:15 AM »
My character, Niles Harcourt, is a pill-popper. He digs Vicodin and X, acid and heroin. He's wealthy, charming, and incredibly high-profile. The end result is that his CEO father has a standing account with LAPD to keep his ass out of jail. To say he struggles with addiction isn't quite right - it's more like he revels in it.


But it's the urges I needed perspective on. And you guys have helped me with that admirably. Thanks again.

My recommendation: Go to a few Narcotics Anonymous meetings and listen. You have the credentials to be a member if you want to be, and it's completely ok to acknowledge that you're "just there to listen" when your turn comes to speak. Just be honorable about it and don't break the anonymity of anyone you see there in any way.

Good luck.

DF Books / Re: Shirt Quotes: Buy Dresden Stuff!
« on: June 24, 2011, 07:40:19 PM »
I REALLY like that one too, ery13. Just re read it the other day.

Site Suggestions & Support / Re: More Suspect Members
« on: June 22, 2011, 04:34:43 AM »
I don't know if that is an spammer, but there is a username "Suck_it_Butcher".  >:( >:( >:(

*gathers up suspect for future batch of cupcakes*

Move along, nothing to see here... *scurries away*

Calendar Event Discussion / Re: Jim's 2011 Schedule
« on: June 04, 2011, 09:15:12 PM »
When is the San Diego Comic Con? I've been looking for an excuse to spend a weekend there.

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